Control Time in Naruto Chapter 711


Mira finally supported herself and stood up, she looked towards Lisana being beaten up In the direction, strode hard to go there, staggering step by step.

Supporting her sore body, she didn’t know how far she had walked, and finally saw Lisana lying on the ground, and then ran over quickly through her teeth.


“Mira…elder sister…where are you…”

Lizana turned her head and looked towards Mila said in a difficult tone: “very good, elder sister, you are okay, what about Elfman big brother, how is he.”

Mila looked like Lisana, biting Lips said: “Alfman is okay, he has recovered his appearance, how are you Lisana…”

“I should be…it’s okay…”

Lisana Zhanyan smiled, and said: “When I was just beaten into the air, there seemed to be a force in my body that did not belong to me that helped me withstand the attack. I am familiar with that magic power. If I feel right, it should be the power of the Kaede big brother. “

Mila was taken aback, looked all around, but did not see Kaede’s silhouette, and said: “Is it Kaede?”

Lizana looked at Mi Shake one’s head like pulling, saying: “Kaede big brother should not be here…that should be what he left in my body before…”

“Kaede big brother’s magic is very powerful, I I remember he said before, because Wendy and I are weak and prone to danger, so Wendy and I have left special magic in their within-the-body, which can protect our safety at the critical moment. “

After hearing Lisana’s words, Mira finally relaxed a little, slightly relaxed, and said: “That’s it, that’s good…”

Nodded, but then he showed a little difficult look, and said: “But my state seems to be a little bit wrong. Although there is nothing wrong with my body, I seem to…”

The voice fell.

Lisana’s body began to gradually become illusory.

“This, what’s going on.”

Mila was stunned for a while, then looked at this scene in shock, and said: “Is it the influence of the magical power of the Beastmaster? No… No, Lisana…”

looked Lisana’s body gradually became illusory and flew towards the sky. Mira showed an unacceptable look, her eyes showed fear, and she stretched out her hand hard ‘S hugged Lisana tightly.

This is clearly a scene of death!


Lizana looked at her own state, and she also showed a little bewildered look, saying: “Can the magic of the Kaede big brother not protect me? “

After a brief period of confusion and astonishment, she realized that she might be dying and ascending to heaven soon, feelings of loss and sorrow quickly flashed in her heart, but seeing Mira’s appearance, she was still strong I endured my emotions and tried to show a smile, saying:

“Mila elder sister…I…I always like elder sister the most…elder sister you…If you can be more gentle , I will get along better with everyone…”

With the fall of this sentence.

Her figure has completely faded and disappeared.

“No…no!!! Lisana!!!”

Mila felt that the person in her arms gradually disappeared, and finally disappeared completely in the air In the middle, she made an unacceptable sound, and tears couldn’t stop falling.

At this moment, her heart is full of regret.

It is her reason.

It was her own reason. She was too self-confident and too proud. She came over so hastily to defeat the Beast King, but in the end she couldn’t win and put the younger brother and younger sister into danger.

It was her recklessness and arrogance that led to the way she is now and Lisana’s departure. All of this is her fault!

And just as she was kneeling weakly on the ground, supporting the ground with her hands, and tears were constantly falling, a voice sounded from her ears.


The voice was very calm, which made Mira’s crying stop briefly.

She lifts the head a little bit, and she sees a familiar silhouette appearing in front of her, standing there quietly, gazed her with a flat expression.

Kaede just stood there, looked weakly at Mira, kneeling there, and said flatly, “There is not enough power to protect important people, but they take them lightly. Circumstances, this is the price you have to pay for your fault, Mira.”


At this moment Mira no longer has the usual arrogance. She looked at Kaede with difficulty, as if looking towards the last hope in her heart, saying: “Save Lisana…Save her…”

Kaede’s magic is so powerful, there should be a way to save Lisana, she should be able to save Lisana, she thought in her heart, as if holding the last straw and support.

Kaede didn’t start to talk,

Just looked at her so quietly.

Until the gaze made Mira feel that the last rays of light in her heart seemed to disappear completely, Kaede started to talk gently and said: “Lizana is still alive, but this time You have to reflect on the matter after you go back.”

“I will replace the president, and I will punish you for your reckless behavior that caused Lisana to be in danger. I will punish you for a full month, within a month, no Be sure to leave your room.”

Kaede’s words caused the desperate Mira to suddenly lift the head again, revealing a surprised look again, and said: “Is Lisana still alive? “

“She was drawn to a different space, I will go find her now.”

Kaede’s plain start to talk, said: “You remember what I said just now. Huh?”

Lisana is still alive, of course it’s more important than anything else, Mira stood up with difficulty, and said: “I know, it’s my fault…you go save Lisana soon ……”

Kaede glanced at Mira, then looked up to the sky.

Neither Mila nor Lisana noticed that there was a cloud of light in the sky, and in the center of that light, between the space and the world, there was a huge magic array.

That is from one of the many parallel worlds-the super-subspace magic created by Adras. Its name is Fuck, which means’soul’.

Its function is to absorb and swallow humans or other things with magical powers in this world, and then transfer them to the world of Adras.

Lisana was just absorbed by this magic.

He saw the whole process, but in order to make Mira more clearly aware of the mistakes he made, he didn’t stop it.


Kaede took a step forward, a little forward with her finger, and the magical array of space magic opened.

The space channel connecting the two worlds was easily opened by him. Then, after he fell in one step, he disappeared in front of Mira’s eyes, following Lisana’s movement trajectory, and going to this side Parallel world Adras.

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