Control Time in Naruto Chapter 712


Here is one of the many worlds parallel to Aslant. Aslant and Aslant were originally parallel with no intersection, but because of the super-subspace magic, the two worlds appeared to be connected.

Looking down from the sky, you can see this World is a magnificent world composed of countless large and small islands floating in the sky.

Compared with Aslant, the world here looks more like a magical world. The appearance and style of the world are very fantasy world colors, just like the arrival of Alice in Immortal Realm The world looks extremely gorgeous and beautiful.

On one of the floating islands.

In the middle of a piece of soft grass, Lisana is lying here quietly.


A drop of water gently fell along the edge of a huge petal above, dripping on the tip of her nose, making her frown and gradually waking up.

Lisana rubbed her aching forehead, sat up, looked towards all around and looked all around the strange scenery a little dazedly, and said: “Here is…”

Previous memories flashed quickly in her mind.

I recalled being hit by Elfman, who was unable to control the soul of the Beastmaster, and I recalled that my body gradually became transparent and flew in the sky and finally disappeared.

“…Is it the world after death? Heaven?”

Lisana stood up supporting her body, still a little confused in her eyes, she looked at this place , While walking out along the bushes with confusion, all the way to the outside.

And when she went around a huge mushroom, the scene in front of her made her startled, showing a little stunned look.

See you!

Below the straight wood plant in front of tall and erect, reaching through the clouds, a huge guild building appeared, and she was really familiar with the signs on the guild building.

That is the logo of the Fairy Tail Guild!

This is the Parallel World Fairy Tail Guild of Adras.


Lisana showed a little stunned look.

She can’t remember where Fairy Tail is building a branch.

After a short period of hesitation, Lisana stepped towards the guild and walked all the way to the door of the guild, and then cautious and solemn pushed the door open.


The door was pushed open, and Lisana stood at the door and looked inside. The scene in the guild also made her shocked.

I saw the familiar Naz, Mila, Gray… The guild partners who look exactly the same despite their different clothes are gathering in the guild.

This time.

Mila and Naz and the others in the guild also stopped their movements. When they looked towards the door, they all saw Lisana’s silhouette, and then they were all silent. .

And after a short silence, there was a cheer of surprise!


Mila was the first to rush over, showing a cry of joy, and directly rushed to Lisana, holding her tightly Hugging and saying: “very good, very good…you are still alive, I thought you were…”

Naz and Gray and the others also cheered in surprise, the voices of the entire guild Resounded in the building: “Ohhhhhh! Lisana is back!!!”

“elder sister……”

Lisana was hugged tightly by Mila After a brief stun, what vaguely thought of it, it seemed that the previous events made everyone think that she was dead, so she was so surprised when she appeared again?

It seemed like this, but Lisana soon discovered something that surprised her, and that was that all her companions in the guild seemed to have some problems.

Naz character is timid!

Gray wears like a cotton ball!

Elfman turned into a bum, shivering reprimanded by Doler and the others.

If the huge changes in these characters are strange enough, then there is another point that makes her more convinced that this is not the world she was in before, that is Wendy in this world, It looks surprisingly about the age of Mira!

I’m already about seventeen years old!

The curvaceous figure is exactly what Wendy looks like when she grows up!

“This…what is this…”

There was a trace of cold sweat on Lisana’s forehead, and she was held in the arms by Mira, Lucy Wendy and the others, in the Heart whispered suspiciously.

At this time, a familiar voice sounded from behind.

“This is Adras, the world parallel to Aslant.”


Lizana turned her head in amazement.

I saw Kaede appear at the door of the Fairy Tail Guild, opened the door and walked in, and smiled at her easily.

“Kaede big brother!”

Seeing Kaede’s split second, Lisana was sure that it was the Kaede she was familiar with, so she struggled a bit and immediately turned towards Kaede Ran over and rushed towards Kaede.

Kaede looked her way, smiled mildly, didn’t step back and avoided, stood still and let her hug her, and extended the hand to touch her head to calm the panic in her heart.


Lisana jumped immediately, and the other people were different.

Mila and Elfman and the others looked towards Kaede in surprise. Many people even took out their weapons silently, gazed Kaede who was extremely vigilant.

“Hey! Who are you! Tell me honestly!”

Lucy walked to the forefront with a magic whip, vigilant and vicious gazed Kaede.

Kaede does not belong to this World, so Edrass naturally doesn’t exist parallel to him, so Kaede is a completely strange existence to the people here.

It is worth mentioning.

On Aslant’s side, Lucy will not join Fairy Tail until two years later, but on this side Lucy is already a member of the guild at this time, and also Became the strongest big sister in the guild.

Also, in the parallel world of Adras, the characters and images of most people are reversed, just like Naz and Gray, Lucy and the others.

In addition.

There are also age changes like Wendy.

But apart from these, the names and physical appearances of most people are basically indistinguishable.

When Kaede calmed Lisana, he briefly looked at Lucy standing in front of him and Mila who was closest to her. The two of them had no within-the-body of Mila who was not Aslant. Except for the same source of magic power as Lucy, there is indeed no difference in other aspects inside and out.

“Lisana, who is he? Is he the one who saved you?”

Mila looked towards Lisana, from Lisana’s actions It is judged that Lisana and Kaede have a very good relationship and trust Kaede very much.

When Lisana heard Mira’s words, she was completely sure that this was indeed not the world she lived in. She let go of her arms and lifted the head from Kaede’s arms, looking towards Mira, Said:

“Mira elder sister, I may…not the Lisana you are familiar with.”

“It’s not the Lisana we are familiar with, what do you mean?”

Lucy browses frowned and asked, looking towards Lisana.

Kaede slightly smiled, patted Lisana on the shoulder, looked towards Lucy, and said in an easygoing way: “I will explain it, in short, the situation is like this…”

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