Control Time in Naruto Chapter 715

“The strongest…wizard?”

Lizana’s words shocked Lucy, and the other people were all taken aback. Simultaneously looked towards Kaede Back view.

At this time, Kaede was already standing two meters away in front of Elisa, looking at her with such an easy-going gaze.

Elisa looked towards Kaede with a sullen face, and said: “I don’t know you, you are not from Fairy Tail, are you planning to help them resist the King Your Majesty?”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “I should be considered a fairy tail person, but you made a mistake. I am not going to help them fight against your king.”



Elisa browses slightly wrinkle, revealing a puzzled look.

And at this time, Kaede said with a smile: “I only plan to catch you now and make you more honest.”


Elisa’s eyes became cold, coldly said: “It seems that you made the wrong choice. In that case, then I have to send you off! Light particle gun!”

With a shouted, she waved the long spear in her hand, the long spear split second transformed into a dazzling long spear, and then the whole person jumped up and rushed towards Kaede.

In this form, her speed and attack power have skyrocketed a lot!

Although I don’t know what Kaede is capable of making the entire world slow, but in this form, her speed is ten times faster than before!

Even if Kaede can activate that ability, she will not be afraid!


She thought so in her heart, but the reality completely exceeded her expectations.

Almost as soon as she clenched the long spear in both hands and stabs towards Kaede in the sky, the speed of the entire world suddenly becomes slow again.

It is still exactly the same as before. Except that the consciousness has not slowed down and can still see everything in front of me, the body and all movements are slow to the extreme.

Elisa was so frozen in the sky, moving forward with difficulty, inch by inch.

Kaede looked at her actions, just walked over to her with such a faint smile, came to her, and raised her finger at her.

“How could this be…”

Elisa was clenched the teeth in her heart, and she was struggling with all her strength, trying to get rid of this weird deceleration restraint, but It doesn’t work at all!

No matter what she does, she can only make her own fingers move little by little, and simply can’t make any more movements, even the speed of eyeball movement and focus is very slow.

She just looked at Kaede’s fingers and stretched out, but she couldn’t make any resistance.


Kaede’s fingertips overflowed with a gleam of black light, but not at all, the attack was released, instead it was just wrapped around the fingertips, and then hit Elisa’s left cheek.

Kaede looked so leisurely and hovered over Elisa in the sky, and then gently swiped her finger on her cheek, leaving a trace of one after another black, and finally turned into a Clear text.

A black “positive” character.

After writing this word, Kaede raised her finger and flicked her forehead.

Boom! ! !

The entire world instantly returned to normal speed, but Elisa leaned her head back and withstood an unstoppable force. The whole world flew towards the rear and fell to the ground. On the ground a few meters away.

She quickly turned over and stood up, standing with her long spear in both hands, some surprised and angry looked Kaede.

I was humiliated!

Kaede is obviously deliberately humiliating her. In the situation just now, she was completely unable to make any resistance. Even if Kaede did anything more to her, she could not struggle and could only help her. Looked.

But Kaede didn’t kill her at all, and didn’t attack her vitals, but just humiliated her with a few fingers on her face.


Elisa gritted her teeth and looked towards the long spear in her hand. Using the light reflection of the long spear, she saw the situation on her face and also looked To that clear word.

She was angry and gritted her teeth.



This is an absolute shame, no one has ever dared to do this to her!

Although I have realized that Kaede’s strength is a bit terrifying, and even has power that she can’t understand, at this moment, she still burst into extreme anger.

“Holy Spear! Holy Stone World!”

Elisa roared, transforming her weapon into its final form, bursting out with the most powerful and violent magic power, and then towards Kaede roared and rushed over.

The long spear in his hand waved, as if it could smash a world, and shot down at Kaede.


In the face of her spare no effort blow, Kaede just lifted her left hand peacefully, raised her index finger, and pointed upwards, pointing at the long spear gun that she had cut down. On the head.

The holy spear that seemed to be able to tear the earth with one blow, and destroy the town with one blow, was held back by Kaede’s fingers, and could no longer be one step further!


There was an incredible look in Elisa’s eyes.

Kaede has an easy-going manner, pressing the long spear’s index finger upwards.

ka-cha! !

Along with the crisp sound, I saw the part where Kaede’s finger was in contact with the holy gun. Clear cracks appeared on the holy gun, and then it spread quickly.

The entire gun head was finally covered by densely packed cracks, and finally it exploded into countless fragments!

Elisa staggered back two steps, fell to the ground without strength, gazed the broken holy spear, revealing an unbelievable look.

“Why is it like this…”

Kaede looked she who fell to the ground, walked to her step by step, and said calmly: “Rely on strong strength bullying Weakling is your favorite, but now I seem to be a little better than you.”

Kaede looked over, and Elsa’s eyes gradually showed fear.

Elsa of this World, Elsa of Willpower not at all the main world is so firm and not so strong. There is fear in her heart, and there is the magic of the world dying. Fear of things.

Bullying weakling and being cruel to weakling is just a mask she uses to hide her fear and vulnerability.

At this moment.

In the face of Kaede’s incomprehensible strength, that strength that cannot be measured, the fear in Eliza’s heart emerged.

She fell down there, moved backwards, trying to stay away from Kaede, but Kaede’s finger hooked her gently, and she floated silently, and was unable to move.

“You are too similar to Elisa over there, let me make a little difference first.”

Kaede looked she thought a little, then lifted her finger, lightly A light stroke.

Shit! ! !

Her bright red long hair was cut from the position of her chin and changed from long hair to short hair.

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