Control Time in Naruto Chapter 716

“Ai, Elisa Captain…”

Behind, the pieces of the Kingdom Army, at this time, are somewhat unbelievably looked at the scene in front of them.

That is Captain Elsa of the Second Demon Team in their kingdom. She has defeated many powerful enemies, and even defeated many guilds!

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In front of that man, he was beaten so miserably, his weapon broke, shame was written on his face, and his hair was cut off by the other side.


Elisa looked at her cut hair, felt those gazes from behind, and couldn’t help but clenched the teeth, saying: “I lost You, you can kill me, but don’t humiliate me like this.”

Kaede looked at her calmly, smiled softly, and said: “You tell me why I am chasing Fairy Tail.”


Elisa said with clenched teeth: “That is the order of His Majesty, and they also violated the rules of the world. They abused magic in this way, and the magic of this world will disappear faster.”

Kaede calmly said: “What about the disappearance of the magic?”

Elisa stared at Kaede and said: “You are… from the world over there, no wonder you don’t Tools can use magic, how do you know our fear of losing magic!” Kaede extend the hand pointed, gently drew Elisa’s chin, and gazed her condescendingly, calmly said “Aren’t you afraid of death? Can losing magic be compared to losing life?”

Elisa’s chest was ups and downs, she wanted to struggle but was unable to move, but she didn’t know how to respond , Can only look towards the ground, and said: “It is indeed not comparable…”

Kaede let go.

He looked towards the kingdom army soldier who was holding weapons in the distance, gritted his teeth and rushed over here, and breathed out gently.

Huh! ! ! !

The magic array swayed away, and a violent wind exhaled from his mouth, turning into a monstrous hurricane, swept away toward the front.

Hundreds of army soldiers in the kingdom were swept by the wind, all yelled in horror, desperately trying to grasp something to stabilize the figure, but none of them had the power to resist. Rewind into the distance into pieces.

Lucy and Mira and the others looked this scene, all shocked.


After blowing away all the kingdom troops in one breath, Kaede stopped exhaling, and the magic array converged.

He looked towards Elisa and said: “I can understand your fear of losing magic, but magic does not mean everything. Humans in Ancient Times don’t use magic. They are like that. It still survives under the environment.”

The fear of losing magic in this World is probably the same as the sudden loss of electricity in the modern world. It does make people feel uneasy, but in fact There are still many happy things to do without electricity.

Many primordial exercises and happiness do not rely on foreign objects such as magic and electricity at all, and the pleasure it brings is no worse than the things that electricity and magic bring.


Elisa’s eyes were shaken, she didn’t know how to respond for a while.

Kaede gave her an easy-going look and said: “Well, no matter what, what you have done requires you to be a prisoner now.”

Say this After saying this, Kaede pointed at it casually, and Elisa fell from in the sky, while a pale-gold rope quickly wrapped her hands and tied her hands behind her back, making her unable to break free.


Kaede looked towards everyone of Fairy Tail, and said in an easygoing way: “Okay, now she is a prisoner, I want to ask her for something and so on can come, but only for girls, boys I can go back.”

Although Elisa is responsible for the crimes she committed, she is a girl after all, and it is also a copy of Elisa from the main world. Kaede will naturally not let her be Other people ask for justice, but girls are fine.

This time.

Lucy and the others gradually recovered from the shock.

The recovered Mira, first bowed her head and walked over to Elsa, she fist clenched, and then looked towards Elsa fiercely, fiercely punched her in the face , And flew her back.


After hitting this fist, she didn’t do any more beatings, but tears appeared in her eyes, biting her lip and looked at Elsa who fell to the ground.

“You killed Lisana… but Lisana is dead, no matter how much I beat you, what’s the use.”


Lucy also walked over with her head down, punched Elisa, bit her lip and said, “This is for our companions who were killed by you.”

She grabbed Elisa by the shoulder, looked at her through gritted teeth, and said: “You…do you know how many of our companions you killed?!”


Elisa was silent.

She wanted to say that weakling was not qualified to survive, but now she is also a loser, and she is also weakling in front of Kaede.

Speaking such words is tantamount to denying her own existence, so she could not respond to Lucy’s questioning and could only remain silent.


Lucy took a deep breath, looked towards Kaede, showing a slight look of admiration, and with a hint of pleading to start to talk: “From another world Fairy Tail companion, can you help us again so that we will no longer be chased by the Kingdom Army?”

Kaede defeated Elisa like a crush, and swept the entire Ellu with a single breath The strength of the army that Sha brought was completely beyond her imagination.

“I will do this without you saying it.”

Kaede laughed and said, “After all, they have made a very excessive magic, wanting to get from our world While taking away the magic power, I also absorbed Lisana, but before that, I have one more thing to do.”

Lucy looked towards Kaede, slightly startled, and asked carefully:” What’s the matter?”

Kaede glanced at walked to her side, curiously observed Lisana with short hair Elisa, and then looked towards Mira who had glistening teardrops in her eyes, and said:” If it is me, I should be able to help you rescue your Lisana.”


Lucy was startled, and Mira next to him was also startled. live.

Mila looked towards Kaede, and there was hope in those depressed and sad eyes. She couldn’t help but rushed over, holding Kaede’s sleeves with both hands, looking up Kaede , Said: “Really, really? You can save Lisana…”


Kaede pointed at her gentle nodded and said:” But you have to tell me where Lisana fell from the cliff first.”

Mila took a deep breath, wiped away the tears from the corner of her eyes, and quickly recalled in her mind, and said: “I know Where, I will take you there now.”


Kaede nodded, then glanced at Elisa, pulled her up from the ground, and said:” You can keep up.”

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