Control Time in Naruto Chapter 717

Along the road.

Mila recognized and led the way, leading Lu Leng all the way to an open hillside, and all the way forward.

The rocks here are rugged, and some traces of battle can be seen. Obviously, the people of Fairy Tail had a fierce battle with the Kingdom Army led by Elisa at that time.

Lizana looked at the scars of the battlefield near Elisa and couldn’t help but looked towards Elsa: “How can you deprive others of their magic power to make up for yourself because you want to lose magic? Is it cruel?”

Elisa has been understood. Lisana is Lisana from another world. She looked up towards her and said: “How do you know our fear, and weakling is not You should be eligible to use magic.”

“Compared with the Kaede big brother, you are also weakling.”

Lizana shake one’s head.

Elisa lowered her head and did not respond, and walked forward behind Kaede.

The entire group came all the way to the edge of the cliff.

“It’s here.”

Mila stopped, a little sadness appeared in her eyes, and she looked towards Kaede with a trace of hope, and said: “Lisana is here It fell off the cliff here.”

Kaede gently nodded and said: “Well, I am understood.”

After thinking a little bit, he looked at the deep valley below the cliff. His eyes have been penetrating the dark fog, reflecting the scene in the valley floor.


He shakes ones head slightly, then extends the hand, with a light flick.


A drop of golden halo emerged from his fingertips, and then turned into a golden raindrop, falling towards the deep valley below the cliff, reflecting a golden light and shadow all the way.

Mila stood on the edge of the cliff, looking towards below tensely, while Elisa frowned slightly, revealing a look of disbelief.

The girl named Lisana, if she falls from here, is probably impossible to survive. Even if Kaede is strong, can she still resurrect the dead?

Just when she had doubts and unbelief in her heart.

See you soon.

A golden spot of light disappeared at the end of the field of view, until more than ten seconds later, a beam of light reflected from the bottom of the valley an instant, shining toward the sky.

In this golden beam, masses of things rise from the bottom of the valley, and these shadows quickly fly into the sky under the cover of the beam.


Seeing the masses of things flying up, Mila couldn’t help covering her mouth, tears suddenly burst into her eyes.

Although I can’t see what I can clearly see, the clothes that Lisana wore that day can be seen on the broken things!

Lisana has indeed suffered misfortune!

“Kaede big brother…”

Lizana of Aslante saw this scene and couldn’t help but mutter her mouth.

Looked at the invisible part of Lisana after Lisana’s death, Kaede gazed the sky, and raised her finger peacefully, shining a white light beam.

“The Arc of Time.”

Shua! ! !

The white beam penetrates the golden beam.

In the white light beam, you can see the scattered broken parts, quickly gathering toward the center, and quickly returning to the original shape.

Just a few seconds.

I saw a girl who was almost exactly the same as Lisana, appeared in the sky, covered in white and golden two light beams.

The girl closed her eyes tightly. Although her body was completely restored to the time when she was still alive under the action of the arc of time, there was no vitality in her body.


This scene made Mira a little bit stunned, and then revealed an incredible look, Kaede was able to restore Lisana’s body!

Although she didn’t feel alive in Lisana’s body, Kaede could do such an incredible thing, so could it be… he could really resurrect the dead? !

“The arc of time can restore matter to its original state, but if the soul is not there, it cannot be reversed, so the dissipated soul needs to be called back.”

Kaede looked The girl floating in the sky started to talk with an easy-going voice, then raised her hand again and pointed at her a finger.

“Soul Reshaping.”

weng!! !

Another light beam shot through the girl’s body.

This time the light beam looks hazy, like a ball of mercury, and after penetrating the girl’s body, it quickly exerts a certain power in the dark.

The little remaining soul fragments that dissipated between Heaven and Earth were summoned by this power and turned into rays of light, quickly injected into the girl within-the-body.

These remaining soul fragments are few, but under the entanglement of Kaede’s magic, they quickly repair themselves. In just ten seconds, they recovered into a mass that cannot be described in words. shape.

“The soul is reshaped, and then the reshaped soul and the body need to be reunited. This requires life magic.”

Kaede speaks in a Start to talk with a gentle tone, and then point out again.

Shua! !

The fourth light penetrated the girl’s body.

This time is the emerald green color, which represents the power of life. This magic power reshapes the soul of the girl and once again closely integrates the body.

Under Kaede’s subtle control, the little by little girl’s soul penetrated into every corner of the within-the-body, and once again merged with her restored body.


After finishing all this, Lu Leng waved his hand.

The four light beams covering the girl faded quietly, and gradually disappeared, and the girl in the sky also silently drifted downward.

Mila, who was standing next to her, quickly extended the hand and caught the younger sister who had fallen from in the sky.


The girl caught by Mira, browses slightly wrinkle and then opens her eyes a little bit, still with a little confusion in her eyes.

She looked towards Mila. After a brief period of confusion, she said: “Sister, elder sister?”

Mila held the girl in her arms, her arms trembled slightly, her face Shang also showed unconcealed excitement, she had a thousand words to say, but in the end she didn’t say a word, just put the girl down, and firmly hugged the girl in her arms.

Next to it.

Elisa was already staring.

Although this World also has magic, magic is similar to the existence of props, like this thing to resurrect the dead, there is no legendary at all.

“Divine Vestige…”

Elisa couldn’t help muttering in shock.

For her, the power that can resurrect the dead is Divine Vestige!

Lisana was also shocked by the process of Kaede’s resurrection of Lisana of this World, and she couldn’t help looking towards Kaede, saying: “Even this kind of thing can be done…Kaede big brother, yours The ability is the same as that of the gods.”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “There is still a gap.”

Although Kaede said so, Lisana still squeezed Mouth, looked Kaede with a look of admiration.

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