Control Time in Naruto Chapter 718

“Elder sister, what is this…”

After being hugged by Mira for a while, Lisana of Edras gradually recovered. Hugged Mila, and then some hesitation said: “I remember I fell off a cliff, as if I fell all the way down, how could I be okay.”

She looked at her I didn’t feel any abnormalities in my hands and body. I didn’t even feel any pain in my body. My eyes were more surprised and confused.

Mila hugged Lisana tightly for a while, and then gradually recovered her emotions, showing a touched look, then turned her head and looked towards Kaede, bowed hard at Kaede, and said:

“Thanks, thank you…”

Kaede slightly smiled, stretched out her hand to block her body, made her bend down, and said: “You are welcome, Li After all, Shana is also Lisana of this World.”

Lizana of Adras looked at Mira for a while, and then suddenly noticed that she was standing next to Kaede and herself exactly the Lisana, who was the same, was suddenly surprised.

I thought it was a mirror immediately.

But after a closer look, I realized that it was not. Suddenly couldn’t help but say: “You… are you, me? How come with me…”

“hehe, I am indeed you.”

Lizana of the main world laughed and blinked at Lisana of Adras.

She ran to Lisana in Adras and quickly explained it to her.

After a while.

After understanding the whole story clearly, Lisana of Adras opened her eyes wide, showing a look of shock, then looked towards Kaede and said: “Is the magic of your world so magical? Really It’s so strong.”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “The world whose magic power is losing is of course still different from the main world, but my strength is not just for this reason.”

Lisana of Adras gave a grateful look, and then looked towards Elisa next to her.

Elisa noticed Lisana’s gaze and closed the eyes without saying a word.

Mila calmed down and said: “She killed Lisana before, now Lisana, you can ask her for justice.”

” ……”

Lisana was nodded, then walked to Elisa, and raised her fist.

But when everyone nearby thought she was going to punch her down, Lisana just touched her little fist on Elsa’s forehead.

Elisa slightly startled, eyes opened looked towards Lisana.

Lisana looked towards the ground, and said: “Although you killed me before, I am still alive now. If every such hatred will kill you in revenge, then It’s not enough for you to die a hundred times, but it doesn’t make sense anymore. The hatred will continue.”

“You have lost the ability to fight us now, so I will not hate you. , Let this all end here.”

After Lisana pursed her lips, she finally showed a sincere smile.

Elisa startedled, her emotions surged, she couldn’t help squeezing her fist.


Kaede looked towards several people with an easygoing manner, and said: “Now I will take you back first, and then work with you to solve the problem of the kingdom of this World .”

As the voice fell, Kaede raised his hand, as if a performer was conducting, and gently waved his finger, the nearby space was isolated by split second, and then moved instantly.

Shua! ! !

Kaede, two Lisana, Mila, and Elisa, a total of five people, all moved from the edge of the cliff back to the guild.

Lucy and the others in the guild were clearing up the previous mess. Seeing Kaede and the others came back, everyone stopped for a short while for a while, and then noticed two exactly the Lisana, who is the same, showed a surprised look.


Lucy showed a happy face, rushed towards Lisana, and after distinguishing it, noticed Edras’ side Lisana’s clothes were more familiar, so he recognized which Lisana was here and hugged her tightly.

Lisana of Adras said sorry for a while: “Lucy…everyone…worry you, I’m back!”

“Oh oh oh Oh!!!”

There was a cheering sound from the entire guild.

Lizana of the main world stood next to Kaede, showing a little nostalgic smile looked at this scene, hugging Kaede’s arm, and said: “It’s the same atmosphere as our guild over there, it seems this The guild on the side is indeed a great guild.”

Kaede glanced at Lisana. Although she felt that she was suspicious of taking the opportunity to get close, she didn’t withdraw her arm and hugged her. Replied with a smile:


“Next is the problem of the kingdom.”

When I heard Kaede’s words, stood next to Kaede Mila smiled, and suddenly took Kaede’s hand and said, “Don’t worry, let’s have a banquet first, let’s come together!”

“Yes, let’s have a banquet first. !”

“Come to have a banquet!”

Wendy, Lucy, Rebbi in Fairy Tail and the familiar Nazgray and the others all looked Kaede exposed With a smile, cheered start to talk together.

Lisana, who fell off the cliff and suffered misfortune, is back. This is more important than anything. It is undoubtedly worth having a banquet, and Kaede who rescued Lisana is undoubtedly theirs The benefactor of the Fairy Tail Guild, but Kaede is the wizard of the Fairy Tail of another world, so the benefactor is somewhat inaccurate. It should be said that it is a partner of another world.


Kaede looked at the enthusiastic everyone, and finally smiled softly and said: “There is nothing wrong with handling the affairs of the Kingdom Army one day later.”


Everyone in the guild cheered, and then immediately ran to the various places of the guild, moving tables, preparing ingredients, preparing ingredients, quickly Get busy.

Kaede walked to a table in the middle, pointed her finger to the side, and said:

“Sit here.”



Elisa who followed next to her was taken aback.

Kaede said in an easygoing manner: “Yes, you are Elisa of this World after all, I still don’t treat you like that, do you think I will kill you?”

Lizana of the main world looked towards Elisa with short hair, slightly smiled, and said: “On our side, Elsa and Kaede big brother have a very good relationship, better than my and Kaede big brother. The relationship should be good. I heard that the Kaede big brother once saved her in childhood.”


Elisa was startled again, and then looked at Kaede, Biting his lower lip slightly, after a pause, he lowered his head and walked over to Kaede to sit down.


another side.

In the kingdom of Adras.

King Fauster is sitting on his throne, holding his scepter in his hand, with anger on his face, looking towards a man kneeling in front of him, saying:

“What…what did you say? Elsa, was defeated by the guild and captured by them?!”

“Yes, yes.”

A kingdom army there tremblingly said: “A powerful wizard has appeared in the fairy tail, and Elisa is not an opponent.”


Method Uster stood up, started to talk angrily, and said, “It seems that Elisa is also only this, and also loser… to convey my order and immediately gather all the members of the Kingdom Army, the First Demon Team, the Third Demon Team, and The Fourth Demon Team, give me ready to go!”


The Kingdom Army tremblingly responded, and quickly ran out.

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