Control Time in Naruto Chapter 719


Kaede sits on the floor next to a table in the center. On the left sits the low-eyed short-haired Elisa, and on the right sits Lisana from Aslant.

In order to make the distinction easier, the hair of Lisana of Aslant was slightly extended, making Lisana of Aslant’s hair look longer.

The one sitting next to Lisana with long hair is Lisana with short hair, that is, Lisana from the parallel world of Adras. The two of them are wearing almost exactly the same Clothes, apart from the difference in hair length, hardly any other abnormalities can be seen.

“The magic of your world does sound more powerful than ours.”

Short hair Lisana is listening to the long hair Lisana’s narration from Aslan Especially the story of the main world over there, listening to it for a while with keen interest pleasure.

Long hair Lisana laughed, and said: “The form of your magic attached to the existence of objects also makes people feel amazing, and I don’t feel that our magic is stronger, but Kaede. The big brother’s personal strength is too strong. The Kaede big brother once cut a mountain with one sword.”

“Cut off…a mountain?”

Sit opposite When Lucy heard Long hair Lisana’s words, she couldn’t help but froze for a while, showing a little unbelievable gaze. This kind of power sounds too ridiculous.

Lisana with short hair curiously looked towards Kaede and said: “Kaede big brother, can you really do that kind of thing?”

Because it is Lisa from the parallel world Na, plus it was Kaede who rescued her and gave her life again, so her name to Kaede also imitated Lisana of the world, and her nickname Kaede was the big brother, and Kaede also not at all refused.


Kaede smiled easily.

Lebby was sitting on another side and couldn’t help but vomit: “A little isn’t this too ridiculous.”

Mila looking thoughtful said: “But look at dealing with the Kingdom Army before It should be true that the fairy tail over there is indeed stronger than us.”

Kaede chuckled and said, “The magic of the world over there is in its prosperous period. The magic is in the dying phase, and there are naturally some differences overall, but relatively speaking, if you don’t carry out this cross-world comparison, you are still a very strong wizard here.”

Lisa Na and Lucy and the others are ignorant and nodded.

At this time, Wendy, who was sitting on the other side, suddenly walked over, holding a glass of fruit wine, blinked at Kaede, and said: “I heard that I am still a little bit over there?”



Kaede smiled, and said: “Wendy over there is only ten years old now.”

Wendy of Edrass Slightly regretful said: “Unfortunately, I really want to see me in childhood, do you look the same as me in childhood.”

Long hair Lisana laughed at hehe and said: “We Wendy over there is very cute, everyone likes her very much.”


Wendy from Edras is blinked, showing a slightly playful There is a clear difference between Wendy’s smile on the character and Wendy on the other side.

Kaede smiled and looked at Wendy here, and then flashed the image of Wendy on the main world side in his mind. After comparing it, he made a judgment, whether Wendy is more cute .

Although he is not controlled by Lolita, Kaede feels that there is nothing wrong with controlling Lolita.

After all, Wendy is so cute, even Lisana and the others like it, and Lolita control is nothing wrong, after all, Lolita will grow into a girl sooner or later.

Kaede basically has his own appreciation and affection for the young girls around him like Fairy Tail. Otherwise, they won’t indulge in various ways, like the ones next to him. Lisana hugged his arm from time to time and he didn’t mind at all.

“But having said that, we also have a very powerful existence here.”

The short-haired Lisana showed a thoughtful look, looked up and said: “In the sky Above it is the existence of transcendants. It is said that they have the power to rule humanity and control our life and death. The world on our side is regarded as a god-like existence.”


Kaede’s complexion flashed strangely, and then suddenly couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing Kaede suddenly laughing, Lucy looked towards Kaede strangely, and said: “What’s wrong? Is there anything wrong with the Transcendence?”

Kaede smiled slightly: “Controlling life and death. This is indeed the power of gods, but this power does not belong to them.”

“What do you mean?”

Lucy was a little surprised Asked.

Kaede said with a smile: “The transcendents are actually just a relatively weak race, but some of them have some’foreseeing magic’ and can predict a part of the future, they just saw some people Deaths, but those deaths themselves have nothing to do with them.”

“This…how is it possible?”

Short-haired Lisana said in a little astonishment: “They are not legendary Life?”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “Their deception is indeed of a certain level, which can convince you all persons to believe in it. If you don’t believe it, I will let you see it. “

While talking.

Kaede raised his hand and swiped lightly towards in the sky above.

Shit! !

He cut a gap in the void silently, and the other side of the gap leads to Extania where the transcendence lives, and then I see a large number of transcendences being sucked over by the crack , The crash-bang fell into the Fairy Tail Guild.

The so-called transcendors, that is, a group of magical cats, belong to the same race as Naz’s pets, Hobby and Xia Lulu, whom Wendy picked up not long ago.




Various voices spread from all directions Come.

In the entire Fairy Tail Guild, piles of cats soon fell, including the Queen of Extalia, Shagut, and many Elders.

“This…here is…”

Abruptly moved into the Fairy Tail Guild, Shagut and many Elders were dizzy and dazed, no Know what happened.

Kaede slightly smiled, glanced at Shagate, a gleam of light flashed in his eyes.

weng!! !

Siaget’s gaze froze for a moment, and then it was as if he had seen a lot of pictures in the split second, and then a cold sweat on his forehead fell to the ground.

It looked towards Kaede with some horror and horror.

What it experienced just now was a short period of’Tsukuyomi’, but Kaede not at all tortured it, only to show it some process of world construction.

Kaede said indifferently at it: “Okay, tell the truth, and then I will send you and all your people to Aslant to live, here The magic of the world is dying, and it’s no longer suitable for your survival.”


Shagut’s face was a little pale, and he didn’t dare to disobey Kaede’s orders, shaking with complied , Then turned around, looked towards the many people who were at a loss and Lucy Mila and the others who were sluggish not knowing what to do. After taking a breath, she revealed her wings with only half of her wings, and she trembled slightly ‘S voice tells the situation about the transcendence again.

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