Control Time in Naruto Chapter 720

Until Shaggett finished speaking, Lucy and the others remained sluggish.

Kaede didn’t wait too much. After Shaggett finished speaking, he waved his hand and rolled up all the transcendents in the guild, threw them into the space channel, and threw them all at once. In the world of Aslant.

“The transcendence is actually made up…”

“We have been cheated for so long.”

Lucy only then gradually recovered. , There are still some unbelievable start to talk.

Even Elsa was a little sluggish, she always thought that the transcendant was a god who could control life and death, didn’t expect was easily pierced in front of Kaede.

Kaede smiled easily and said: “It’s normal, the king of your world is still kept in the dark, including this Elsa.”

“… “

Elisa lowered her head silently.

The Elsa of the world here is still different from that of the main world. Even if the Elsa of the main world encounters powerful existence, she will not easily succumb, but the Elsa of this world Sha believes in experts are respected, so she never dared to neglect those who transcended.

As for now, after seeing the power of Kaede, and seeing Kaede easily tearing the veil of the transcendence, the question of position in Elsa’s mind has become a bit blurred.

Kaede’s strength and what she knows are beyond her imagination.

“The King…”

Lucy exhaled, then suddenly thought of something, showing a little worried gaze, Elisa next to Kaede glanced at Kaede, saying: “Elisa I was defeated by you, but the kingdom will definitely send more people over. It should be gathering troops now.”

Kaede said indifferently: “Well, it should be gathering, but no need Care, when the banquet is over, I will take you with me to help you solve this problem.”


Lucy nodded.

Everyone ignored this matter temporarily, re-entered the banquet, chatting and laughing, until an hour later, the banquet finally came to an end.

“Can you really deal with the entire kingdom army on our side?”

Rebby looked towards Kaede with a little worry and said: “The teleportation magic will teleport us to After the capital is near, there is a cooldown period. It cannot be activated again during the cooldown period. If you are in danger, there is no way to escape.”

Lucy suggested that she activate the teleportation magic and directly teleport the guild. Go to the royal capital and follow Kaede to solve the problem of hunting down the guild on the kingdom’s side, but she still has a little worry.

“Don’t worry.”

Kaede couldn’t help but laugh, and said: “Seeing you are so worried, I will use teleportation magic. If you all want to take a look, then I’ll take you there.”

As the voice fell, Kaede raised his hand and waved forward. A huge array of monsters suddenly appeared, and then the entire fairy tail guild building cover.


In the gazes of Lebby, Lucy and the others in a daze, they felt that the whole building was shaking abruptly, and when they looked towards the window, it was already a completely different scenery.

Rebby and Lucy and the others glance at each other. After reacting, they immediately ran to the window and door, looking towards the outside scenery somewhat shockingly.

Can see.

The world outside is indeed the royal capital that has come to Adras, but it is located at the outermost periphery of the royal capital!

Kaede moved their entire guild out of the kingdom with bare hands!


Lucy and Lebby were a little shocked.

Even Lisana from Aslant was also slightly shocked. Although she had experienced Kaede’s space magic, this time she moved an entire guild building!

I can’t believe how deep and powerful Kaede’s Attainments in space magic are. The key is that Kaede also shows bottomless ability for other magical lines.

“Actually, I don’t want to deal with them anymore.”

Kaede walked out from behind everyone and came to the forefront, looking towards the royal capital of Edras in front of him, With a smile, he really has no interest in dealing with the king here.

So after a brief consideration, he gently raised his hands and folded them toward the middle, flowing out about the width of a palm, and leaning together virtually.

“Then, do it like this.”

After making this pose, Kaede slightly smiled.


In the kingdom.

Except for Elisa’s second demon warfare unit, the other three Great Demon warfare units have all been assembled. The Captains of the first, third, and fourth demon warfare units are also outside the palace. set.

At this time, the expressions of the three people were a little surprised, and they had just received the news that Elisa was defeated. It was a little unbelievable that Elsa would be defeated.

“After so long, there are still people who dared to resist the king’s orders, and Elisa was defeated, so I am ashamed of her name as a hunting fairy!”

The king Faust walked out, holding the scepter, his eyes started to talk with anger, looked towards the Captain of the three magic warfare troops in front of him, and said: “I want you to find the fairy tail guild and hit it thoroughly. Destroy them and destroy them completely in this world!”


The three Captains of the magic war force all bowed their heads.


At this time, the entire earth shook abruptly, making the nearby Kingdom Army a little unstable, and King Faust also suddenly lean unsteadily from side to side.

“What happened!”

Fauster supported the ground with the scepter in his hand, barely keeping himself from falling down, looked towards all around with some uncertainty, And loudly asked loudly.

Nothing is heard.

The sky suddenly became dark.

The Captains of the three demon warfare troops were all stunned, and then they looked up towards the sky, first for a brief period of sluggishness, and then showed a look of horror and unbelievable.

“That…what is that!”

Look at the sky.

What you can see is a huge face that covers half of the sky!

King Faust also looked up, and then he shuddered in fright, and sat back on the ground with a look of horror and fear.

“The face…is the face of a human…”

Captain Panshalili of First Demon team was covered with cold sweat on his forehead, and said unbelievably: “Is it… a human? How could it be so huge…this is impossible…”

A face has already covered half of the sky, and one hand can crush half of the entire capital. Compressed into dust!

And then.

Something that made them even more horrified happened, because the huge face in the sky gradually increased a few more. You can see three or four huge faces hiding the sky and covering the earth .

And these faces showed some shocking and incredible gazes.

The angle of view is pulled up quickly.

I can see those huge faces hiding the sky and covering the earth in the eyes of Faust and the others. They are from Lucy, Lisana, Mira and Rebbi and the others Yes, but it is not that they have become bigger, but that King Faust and the others have become smaller, including the entire king!

Quality magic!

Magic to rewrite the size and shape of matter at will!

Brantish, one of the twelve shields of the West Continent, can split a country into a small model in the palm of the Small Accomplishment. Kaede can undoubtedly do it easily!


The scene presented to Lucy and the others is that the magnificent and vast capital city is covered by a huge Great Demon array hiding the sky and covering the earth, and then split second. Zoom out!

In the end, the entire King Capital, together with the humans in it, shrunk Small Accomplishment into a cake-sized model, and was received between Kaede’s hands and suspended there!

Hand over China!

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