Control Time in Naruto Chapter 721

“King Your Majesty, King…It doesn’t seem to be a monster… It looks like a human. I remember those faces, they seem to be the escaped prisoners of Fairy Tail.”

The Captain of the Third Demon Team of the Kingdom Army started to talk with a trembling sound, and the eyes were a little bit unbelievable.

King Fauster slumped to the ground, and started to talk with trembling, “Hu, talk-nonsense, how could the escape from Fairy Tail be like that? This, this is clearly…monster …Huge monster …”


Captain of the Fourth Demon Team had cold sweat on his forehead and said: “It’s not like that. Look there, that person, no Elsa?!”

As the voice fell, everyone simultaneously looked at a corner of the sky, and saw a huge silhouette standing there, although the blood red hair was shorter. , But the face can still overlap with Elisa in memory.

Elisa was also looking at the smaller capital at this time, with a little shock in her eyes, looking towards Kaede with a slightly trembling gaze.

Such power…

She doesn’t think that such power can be possessed by humans, and can be achieved by magic. This is no longer human power, but god’s power. force!

Is Kaede the real god? !

“Kaede big brother.”

“Is this…quality magic?”

The long hair Lisana could not help but her voice trembled. Shrinking the entire king to the size of the palm of her hand, this kind of magic is too shocking even for her, leaving her heart blank.

She has heard of this kind of magic, but basically it can only change the size of some small objects. It is unimaginable to shrink a country like this. The magic of Kaede within-the-body How powerful is it? !


Kaede nodded, and smiled easily, and said: “It’s not such a profound magic.”

After responding, he looked The kingdom in his palm again showed a contemplative look, wondering what to do with this kingdom.

And this time.

People in the kingdom have also heard the dialogue between Kaede and Lisana and the others. Although the voice is like a thunder, it can still be heard clearly.

Captain of the Fourth Demon Team’s forehead was covered with cold sweat, and his body trembled, and said, “It’s not that they have become bigger, but we have become smaller… Our entire country has been reduced! But in this world How come there is such a magic……”

“……God’s Force?”

Captain of the Third Demon Team also trembled and started to talk.

And at this time, Kaede thought of something, showing a looking thoughtful look, and said: “Well, just do it.”

While talking.

He raised his hand and waved forward, a golden spatial door penetrated, opening up the space channel connecting the main world and Adras.

The space channel is spread out in a field, and you can see a small river behind the space door, beside the small river is sitting a silhouette in a cloak.


silhouette noticed the space door, suddenly surprised, split second took off the magic wand from his back, and started to talk loudly asked vigilantly.

That silhouette is the S-Rank wizard of Fairy Tail, Mistgang, which is Geral of Adras.

He is the Prince of Adras. Because he does not support King Fawster’s approach, he came to Aslant in order to stop the super subspace magic soul and became the wizard of Fairy Tail. .

“It’s me, Mistgang.”

Kaede looked towards Mistergang through the space gate, and started to talk easy-going.


Mistgang saw Kaede behind the space gate, slightly startled, his expression relaxed a little, and said slightly puzzled: “What can I do? “

Kaede smiled easy-going, and gently stretched out his hand with a wave. The kingdom of Adras, which was shrunk by him, was sent out of the space gate and flew to Mistgang.

Mistgang caught it slightly puzzled.

“This is the royal capital of Adras, their super-subspace magic affected Lisana, I came here, and then this king was reduced by me with quality magic, I I think it’s more appropriate to leave it to you.”

Kaede pointed at Mistgang slightly nodded and started to talk.

This sentence left Mistgang’s whole person in a daze.

Then he bowed his head somewhat shocked and looked towards the thing in his hand that looked like a precision model, showing an incredible gaze, and said: “You shrink the entire king of… It’s…unbelievable, how did you do it?!” He has heard of quality magic, but it is unimaginable to shrink a capital city, even the director of the Saint Ten Great Demon should be impossible Do this kind of thing.

Kaede lost said with a smile: “My magic power is a little bit stronger. Okay, I’ll leave the rest to you. Anyway, you have a way to return to Edras, anyway, I don’t care. Now, I believe you can handle it.”

As the voice fell, Kaede closed the space door.


Mistgang looked at the space door closed and couldn’t help but shout, but before the words were finished, the golden space door in front of me disappeared. .

His face was slightly stiff, then he lowered his head and looked towards the Kingdom of Adras in his palm, showing a headache for a while.

It’s a bit too much to leave it to him…

But this is indeed what he should be responsible for, and he can only slowly figure out what to do.

However, carefully recalling Kaede’s power, he was also a little shocked. He flattened the mountain with a sword, and a magic shrank the entire capital.

“You should, it’s not just the S-Rank wizard of Fairy Tail, Kaede.”

Mistgang murmured in the heart with a deep gaze, but In the end he took a deep breath and said to himself: “But I didn’t sense any hostility on you.”

As the fairy tail, perhaps the most intelligent person, he is better than Laxus and Gere. Das and the others perceive more, and their judgments of Kaede are different from everyone’s. They have long concluded that Kaede’s identity is definitely not simple.

But Kaede is indeed not hostile to Fairy Tail.

So he did not deliberately investigate Kaede.

“Let’s take care of my business first.”

Mistgang is exhaled and looked towards the capital of Adelas in his hand.


The other side.

The original address of the capital of Adras.

You can see the entire area showing signs of depression. The royal capital originally located here has completely disappeared, and the earth seems to have been hit by a meteorite.

After throwing the entire capital of Adras to Mistgang, Kaede closed the space door and patted his hand, saying:

“Okay, that’s it. Now.”

“Want to play more in this World? Lisana.”

Kaede looked towards Lisana, and smiled gently at her.

Lisana hasn’t fully recovered from the shock just now. At this time, she heard Kaede’s words and slowly recovered, saying: “Then, is that person the mysterious Mistgang? Why give it to him…”

“Because he comes from this World, and he is the Prince of Adras.” Kaede casually said: “It would be more appropriate to give it to him.”


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