Control Time in Naruto Chapter 722

After reducing the capital city and giving it to Mistgang, Kaede brought Lisana and Elisa back to the Fairy Tail Guild, the Guild here Stayed there for two days.

Two days later, Kaede separated from the Fairy Tail Guild here, took Lisana and Elisa on the road, and thought about how to deal with Elsa here.


Kaede releases Elisa.

The capital of the king is gone, Elsa naturally lost the goal of obedience, and will no longer have any hostile relationship with Fairy Tail, and Fairy Tail and her have resolved their enmity.

So it doesn’t make much sense to continue to restrain her, and Kaede doesn’t have any abnormal habits.

However, after being released, she fell into confusion instead of knowing what she should do. After a long hesitation, she instead asked Kaede to become a follower of Kaede.

“Follow me?”

Kaede started slightly and then said with a smile: “Forget it.”

Elisa one-knee Kneeling on the ground, half kneeling in front of Kaede, biting her lip slightly and said: “But I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Kaede laughed at her and said: “How can I not know what to do? What, you can still maintain the order of this World, the king is lost by me, this World will become chaotic next, if you don’t mind, you can try to conquer those towns and become the new queen.”

“Female, queen?”

Elisa was shocked, then immediately shaking one’s head, and said: “I, I can’t.”

Kaede asked rhetorically : “How do you know if you haven’t tried it?”


Elisa couldn’t find words to refute for a while.

Elisa in the main world has no problem becoming a queen who opens up a new dynasty. Although Elsa in the world is weaker on Willpower, there is no problem.

“Didn’t you untie the heart knot? Your goal has always been to make this World better. If that’s the case, then you should try to do it.”

Kaede smiled easy at Elisa.

Then he thought for a while and pointed a finger at Elisa.

weng!! !

A white beam of light split second gushes from his fingertips, falls on Elisa’s top of the head, and directly flows into her within-the-body, filling her body Full of Dangdang.

This white light beam is Kaede’s magic power. At this moment, it quickly enters Elisa’s within-the-body, surging in her within-the-body, tumbling around, to her body Make a transformation.


Elisa felt the heat flow continuously in the within-the-body, she felt a little intolerable for a while, and wanted to try to struggle, but The whole person is set in place, completely unable to move.

Fortunately, the whole process did not last long.


The white light beam gradually disappeared, and she regained her control over the body, stood up and fist clenched, couldn’t help but said: “What did you do to me?”

Her tone of Kaede has been changed to honorifics, because in her understanding, the existence of Kaede is not at all different from the gods.

“Reformed your body.”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “Don’t worry, I just helped you shape the source of magic and gave you a part of my power. , You will have a stronger strength than before.”

Elisa sensed the changes in her body, and said: “I can indeed feel your strength within-the-body flow. Thank you for your gift…”

She took a deep breath and bowed to Kaede on one knee.

Kaede smiled easily and didn’t respond. Instead, she stretched out her hand to hold Lisana next to her, and took a step back. The scene changed instantly and disappeared beyond a thousand li.

Elisa lowered her head and didn’t get Kaede’s response. After a short period of hesitation, she raised her head and looked forward, only to see that Kaede’s silhouette had disappeared.

She opened her mouth.


I wanted to say something, but in the end I didn’t say it, and raised my hand to fist clenched, and sensed the surging in her within-the-body She is more powerful than before.

In the end, she fist clenched and took a deep breath, with a touch of faith in her eyes.

In her body, there is Kaede’s power, then Kaede hopes that she can become the queen of this world and maintain the order of this world, she will do her best!

This is the mission Kaede gave her.

After firming up her Willpower, Elisa turned and disappeared into the distance.

Somewhere in the canyon.

Kaede pulled the split second across several hundred li’s distance. Lisana who came here was not too surprised, because she had long been used to Kaede’s space magic.

She took Kaede’s hand easily, smiled, and said: “Elder sister Elder is indeed very suitable to be a queen. Elder sister here should be suitable too.”

“Well, I think so too.”

Kaede laughed, and then with a light wave, he threw Lisana into the sky, stretched her body, and then reached out to catch it. Lisana dropped from in the sky.

He looked towards the front, showing his admiring eyes, and said: “Next, let’s travel in this World. The scenery here is much better than Aslant.”

Lisana grabbed Kaede’s neck, and then she thought of something, and said:

“By the way, how about elder sister?”

Come here After that, Bian was always attracted by things here, and with Kaede in it, she didn’t think about the situation of Mira in the original world in a subconscious way.

Now that things are resolved, she immediately remembered.

Kaede patted her little head lightly, patted her off her body, and said, “It’s okay with Mira, and your big brother is okay, but Mira made a mistake this time. It’s very serious, too arrogant and put you in danger, so I punish her for a full month.”

“I believe she should grow up after experiencing this lesson.”

When I heard Kaede’s words, Lisana stuck out the tongue and said: “Mila elder sister is a bit impulsive sometimes, if only it becomes the same as the Mila elder sister here.”

“Probably it will change like that.”

When Kaede heard Lisana’s words, he couldn’t help but laugh.

In fact, he has seen some of the future, and he is sure that after this incident, Mira will eliminate the irritable character and the bad girly style, and become a gentle and lovely kanban girl. Same as Mira on the parallel world side.

“That would be fine.”

Lisana blinked, then turned to look towards the distance, with a cheerful expression, waved: “Kaede big brother, look over there , A big mushroom, let’s go there and take a look.”


Kaede’s easy-going response.

Lisana immediately ran forward actively, and he followed behind with his hands behind ones back, admiring the fairy world-like scenery of the floating island on the side of Adras.

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