Control Time in Naruto Chapter 723

“What a big mushroom.”

Lisana ran into the jungle and quickly looked at a huge mushroom, tilting her head to reveal a cute Expression, and extended the hand pointedly poked.

Feeling that the surface of the mushroom is very soft, she laughed, jumped, jumped to the top of the mushroom, used the mushroom as a trampoline, and actively jumped twice.

But at this time.


The mushroom that she used as a trampoline suddenly made a roar, and then quickly rolled up and turned into a huge monster with a mushroom head. , And showed his fangs.


Lisana was taken aback. The subconscious wanted to use magic, but she forgot that she couldn’t use magic in Adras. Flew out by the mushroom monster.

But the direction she flew was exactly where Kaede was, so Kaede stretched out her hands and caught her.

With the help of Kaede in the position of being held by Princess in the sky, Lisana was suddenly relaxed, her hands wrapped around Kaede’s neck, and looked towards the mushroom monster that was running over with a roar.


Kaede opened his mouth and blew lightly at the rushing mushroom monster.

With this breath, the temperature of the air dropped suddenly, and the action of the mushroom monster suddenly became stiff, and then the action became slower and slower. Then, starting from the teeth, the body condensed inch by inch. The ice was finally frozen in a huge block of ice.

“The mushroom turned into a monster. It’s terrifying, but it’s also a bit interesting.”

Lisana looked at this scene and couldn’t help but exhaled and then blinked.

After all, Kaede is beside her, so she is still not so scared.

“It’s not weird to see anything in the world here.”

Kaede smiled easily and put Lisana down.

Lisana also obediently landed in Kaede’s arms, but a little bit of dismay flashed in her eyes, then she smiled again, and took Kaede’s hand and said: “Kaede big brother , Let’s go over there and have a look, there seems to be a valley.”


Kaede smiled softly without resisting, let Lisa Na pull He ran forward.

Lisana’s vitality gave him a rare sense of lightness. The activity of this young girl is also a good remedy for him to relieve boredom, and he has not been so dragged and run for a long time. , I could feel Lisanna’s little hands warm and soft, which made Kaede smile.

After running for a while.

Lisana stopped in front.

Looking forward, what you can see is the piece of mountain valley. In the middle of the valley is a magnificent huge lake. Standing on a high place, you can see the clear blue water, like the sky. A piece of falling dust.

“It’s so beautiful.”

The scenery in front of Lisana’s bright gazed reveals an immersive look.

Kaede also came to the edge of the cliff, standing with his hands in his hands, looking forward with a little appreciation. Compared with the world such as the Soul World and One Punch Man, the scenery here is indeed too beautiful. Up.

Probably only the sky islands of One Piece world and the dreamy places of Murloc Island can compare with the scenery of Fairy Tail.

Lisana folded her hands on her chest, intersected her fingers, her eyes flashed with ripples, after a while, she looked towards Kaede and smiled, saying:

“Kaede big brother , Let’s go down and take a look.”


Kaede smiled easily, then waved forward slightly.

Shua! ! !

I saw an arc of light spread from his palm, turning into a rainbow-like bridge of light, spreading all the way to the bottom of the valley.

Then he took a step forward, stepped onto the bridge of light, and said:

“Let’s go.”

Lisana opened her mouth, and then Cautious and solemn stretched out their feet, stepped on the light bridge, and found that tenacious was incomparable, then slowly walked up, but still pulled Kaede’s arm forward.

Kaede let her pull, and the light bridge of underfoot quickly passed a piece of light and shadow, and the two of them fell along the light bridge from the top of the valley, all the way into the valley.

Lisana just stood next to Kaede, holding Kaede’s arms with two little hands, her eyes were full of blur, and she hoped that time would stop forever.

The scenery within the valley is different.

Overlooking the lake from the top of the valley, and looking at the side of the lake, the different perspectives will feel different. If you look down from the top and feel like a corner of the sky, stand Looking forward at the edge of Amber, it felt like a blue cloud spreading on the earth.

“It’s so beautiful.”

Lisana came to the edge of the lake, showing her admiring gaze, looking forward from the underfoot, holding her hands behind her, her fingers Cross together.

Suddenly, she jumped on the shore, turned over gently in the sky, and then suddenly jumped into the lake, splashed and disappeared on the water.

In a few seconds.

Ripples splashed on the water again, Lisana showed her head and smiled at Kaede with a lovely smile, saying: “Kaede big brother, come and swim together~”

Kaede shaking ones head laughed and said: “What do you do if your clothes are wet?”

Lisana laughed indifferently and said: “Anyway, Kaede big brother will use dress-up magic. And the Kaede big brother will also have the magic to dry the clothes.”

In the past, Jubia sometimes got Kaede’s clothes wet, but Kaede only needs to reach out and swipe the water on the clothes. The stain will be pulled out.


Kaede chuckled slightly.

There was once a time when everyone went to the seaside vacation together. After he completed a commission with Wendy, the client gave a bunch of free tickets for seaside vacation. In the end, everyone went together. He finally Was dragged into the water by Mira, Lisana and the others.

“Come together.”

Lisana laughed, continue to invite.

But at this time, a dark shadow appeared silently on her underfoot, and then with a sound of oh la la, she saw a huge catfish, swallowing it towards her, instantly She swallowed it whole.


When Kaede saw this, he couldn’t help but helplessly shake one’s head and stretched his hand forward a finger pointed.


a beam of light penetrated the huge catfish, and then pulled Lisana out of the catfish’s mouth and let her fall to the shore.

Although Lisana was taken aback, she knew nothing to worry about because of Kaede, so she said helplessly: “Why are there so many strange creatures in the world here.”


“The reproduction of different world creatures is still different.”

Kaede laughed, then stretched out his hand and waved forward, a magical power poured into the lake, and then turned into a vast expanse The terrifying coercion, split second acts in the entire lake.

Almost all the fish of various sizes in the lake stopped swimming at this brief moment, and all shuddered, feeling instinctive fear, and fell to the bottom of the lake one after another.

“Okay, it’s okay now.”

Kaede waved the huge catfish to the bottom of the lake.

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