Control Time in Naruto Chapter 724

Two days later.

Kaede takes Lisana back to the main world.

Lisana talked about what happened to Edras in the guild, which also caused a lot of surprise. A large number of guild wizards gathered.

“Then, am I that big over there?”

Little Wendy raised her head and looked at Lisana, weakly start to talk.

Lizana looked towards Wendy, blinked, and then couldn’t help but suddenly stepped forward and opened her arms to hug Wendy up.


Wendy exclaimed, her small face was blushing, and she said shyly: “Lizana Elder sister?! “

Lisana hugged Wendy, then smiled hehe and said: “Yes, but Wendy on our side is more cute.”

” ……”

Wendy blushed and lowered her head. The cute appearance of Lisana in her arms also caused laughter among other people nearby.

Elisa said with a smile: “Wendy is indeed the cutest.”

Naz curiously said: “That Lucy is who? In our guild It seems that there is no Lucy.”

Lisana tilted the head and said: “It is indeed.”

She couldn’t help looking at Kaede who was sitting not far away. .

Kaede slightly smiled and said: “If there is no Lucy in the guild here, it means that Lucy has not joined the guild. Sooner or later there will be such a companion.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Lizana looked thoughtful nodded, then smiled and said: “Lucy over there is fierce, then Lucy on our side should be more gentle I’m looking forward to it.”

Kaede smiled easily, did not answer, just took a sip of fruit wine from the wine glass next to him, and then looked out the window with his head looking away.


Time flies.

In a blink of an eye, another two years passed and came to X784.

This year is also the starting point of the original work plot, but there is a slight difference. Because Lucy’s mother Layla not at all died, Lucy also not at all was oppressed by Father Jode. , Just came out because he wanted to be a wizard and got the support of Layla.

Because she didn’t sneak out alone, she also easily came to Magnolia and found the Fairy Tail Guild.

“This is the fairy tail…”

Lucy opened the door of the guild and walked in. The scene in the gazed guild, the big eyes could not help but sparkle rays of light.

She first saw Naz and Gray who were fighting, showing a look of excitement, and then she saw Mila walking from a distance with a plate in a long skirt, and couldn’t help saying “It’s Mira Young Lady, oh!”

Mila placed three glasses of beer on the tables of a few people next to him, then looked towards Lucy, smiled, and said, “May I ask what’s the matter? Is it?”

After two years of events.

Mila is no longer the big sister of the underworld, but has become a sweet and gentle girl who has appeared on the cover of Magic Week magazine several times.

“Ah…that, I, I am a wizard, I want to join your guild.”

Lucy faces Mira who is a star in the magical world, with big eyes The fans became stammeringly talking when they saw the light spots of the admired object.

Mira was slightly surprised when she heard Lucy’s words, and then said slightly sorry: “Sorry, this requires our president’s approval. The president is not here now.”


Lucy was not so disappointed, but said with a smile: “Then I will wait.”

Mila smiled sweetly. , Said: “I am Miraj, what is your name?”

Lucy showed a cute expression, took out a key of her own, waved in the sky, and said: “I’m Lucy, the Protoss wizard.”

“Huh, Lucy?!”

Mira was suddenly surprised when she heard Lucy’s words.

Naz and Gray who were fighting next to them also stopped, and at the same time they turned their heads to look over here, both showing a look of surprise, and said in unison: “Lucy?!”

Looked at the scene in front of her, Lucy opened her mouth and said in a bit of astonishment:

“Why…Do you guys know me?”

“no, I didn’t know him before, But…well, the situation is not easy to explain in short, but we know you, then it seems that you will definitely become our companion.”

Mila smiled.

Without waiting for Lucy to think of anything in shock, all the other people in the guild heard the voice from here. Turning their heads one after another, they all looked at him.


“Lucy… West!”

Including Lisana, Wendy and the others are all paying attention.

Being watched by everyone’s gaze, Lucy’s forehead was covered with sweat, and she became a little nervous for a while, unable to cope with this scene, she couldn’t help but step back and said:

“Why, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, anyway, welcome you to Fairy Tail. Can you date me?”

Grey stood up and used magic He made an ice flower and handed it to Lucy with a smile.

Lucy’s eyes widened and spit out: “This is too fast! And can you put on clothes?! Exhibitionist!”

“Don’t scare the future My companion.”

Naz fist hit Gray.

The ice flower in Gray’s hand was smashed, and suddenly looked towards Naz with an annoyed look, and said: “Should you take care of it? Idiot fire-breathing scoundrel!”

“You What are you talking about, abnormal exhibitionists, we haven’t created a victory yet!”

Naz also gnashing one’s teeth looking towards Gray, and then rushed up with his fist, and the two were rustling sound again. When they came together, it caused chaos throughout the guild.

Alfman and the others, who were affected by the battle between the two, also joined the battle group.

One time.

The whole guild was beaten up, tables and chairs flying around, glass splashing.

“wa Ahhh…”

Lucy looked at this scene, suddenly she was surprised, and couldn’t help but looked towards Mira and said, “Well, that, don’t you need to stop them? “

Mila showed a gentle smile and said, “It’s the same, don’t worry about them, someone will come to the end soon.”


Just as Mila’s voice fell, a bottle of wine that was hit into the sky flew through the chaos and hit her head.

But just when the bottle was about to hit, a hand suddenly stretched out and caught the bottle accurately in the sky.

Seeing the silhouette of the bottle holding the bottle, Mira blinked, and then she showed a smiling face with big eyes and crescent moon, and said:

“Kaede! You are here!”

“The guild will be torn down again.” Kaede smiled softly and said: “Not to mention that there are newcomers today. It’s really unreasonable to be labeled like this.”

Mila The words made Lucy freeze her whole person in place, and then turned her head little by little cautious and solemn, looking towards the silhouette of Kaede next to her.

It’s him!

It’s the wizard! The benefactor that saved her mother Layla!

Moreover, it is also the most famous wizard of Fairy Tail. It is also the undisputed first place in the “wizard who most wants him as a boyfriend” in Magic Weekly!

“Long time no see.”

Kaede gently put down the hand holding the wine bottle, and glanced at the blond girl Lucy, smiled at her easily, and said : “I’ll take care of this side first.”

With these words, Lucy couldn’t help but open her mouth, her hands clasped tightly in front of her chest, and her eyes appeared even more. After a little moving rays of light, I feel my heart is shaking.

Kaede still remembers her!

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