Control Time in Naruto Chapter 725

Lucy herself has a strong sense of admiration for Fairy Tail, otherwise she would not come here, plus Kaede once rescued Layla, still when she was very young , So Kaede is undoubtedly the existence she admires most in her heart.

At this moment, I saw Kaede again and found that Kaede still remembers her. The joy and joy in her heart is naturally irresistible, making her big eyes flashing with rays of light, and her eyes trembled like this Looked Kaede walked forward carrying the bottle.


I saw Kaede raising his hand, gently tossing the wine bottle, and waving his finger.

Silentlessly, the fight in the entire room is solidified in the split second, whether it is Naz and Gray who are entangled together, or Elfman who is affected, or Lisana The little Wendy who was protecting and the others were all immobilized at once unable to move.

Shua! Shua! !

Kaede flicked his finger upwards slightly, and everyone who was stopped screamed and floated one by one and came to in midair.

Then a shocking scene appeared, and I saw the broken tables and chairs in the guild, and the broken wine glasses, all of which seemed to be back in time, quickly gathered together to recover.

The cracked floor quickly healed.

The overturned tables and chairs rise by themselves.

In just a few seconds, the entire guild was completely restored, and there was no trace of damage.

When the building in the guild was completely restored, Kaede waved his finger again. Naz, who was floating in the sky, and the others also groaned that they fell down and hit the ground. .


Kaede still deliberately distinguishes between boys and girls, throwing Nazgray and the others aside, while Lisana and Kana and the others pile up on the other side.

Wendy was caught between Lisana and Kana. Because she was only twelve years old and still little loli, she happened to be buried in the middle of the two, and her face became flushed and stiff. Don’t dare to struggle.

The topic of breasts is what she wants to avoid most.


The chaos split second in the looked guild was cleaned up by Kaede. Lucy couldn’t help but exclaimed. As expected, Kaede was the same as her in childhood. That Idol-like existence.

Naz and the others piled up and fell together. Although Lisana and the others on the other side were also piled up, they were all gently put down, so they immediately jumped away.

“Kaede big brother !!!”

“Kaede Lord !”

Lisana, Jubia and the others looked Kaede, all revealed surprises His gaze, and then simultaneously rushed towards Kaede, and everyone directly buried Kaede in the middle.

Kaede stood there, one in front of him hung one behind, and one more right hand in his left hand. Only Wendy looked a little shy, only blinked next to him.

“You guys, really.”

Kaede let out a helpless laugh, and said: “It’s only been out for three months.”

Three months Before, he went out, went to other parallel world and walked around, but got very little, calculated that today is the time for Lucy to come, so this time to return.

This scene also saw a trace of sweat on Lucy’s forehead, and said nonchalantly: “Kaede is too popular in the guild.”

“Of course. “

Mila stood next to Lucy, her big jewel-like eyes bent into crescents, revealing a gentle smile, and said: “Who doesn’t want to be Kaede’s girlfriend.”



Lucy opened her mouth and looked towards Mila, saying: “Mira Young Lady, you too…”

Mirawan Nodded, who closed his eyes and smiled, said without concealment: “Yes, I like Kaede too.”

Lucy’s mouth trembled, and silently complained: “Although I know his popularity It will be very high, but it’s a bit too high.”

And just as she was in the heart vomiting.


Another silhouette walked into the guild, and it was the president Makarov who had returned.

Makarov mouth hold tobacco pipe, he jumped to the bar, glanced at the scene in the guild, and said kindly: “Oh, it seems that you are very difficult to deal with again. , Eh, that lovely Young Lady over there is who, is it a commission?”

“Don’t stare at Lucy with that kind of gaze, I will be angry, President!”


Mila started to talk with a smile on her face, and said, “This is Lucy, the Protoss wizard, I want to join our guild.”

“Oh! Lucy! Ah!”

Makarov showed a stunned look, then glanced at Lucy, showing a kind smile, and said: “Ok, no problem, I approve.”

Makarov’s words also made Lucy stared wide-eyed, saying: “Oh…oh?! It’s so easy, why does the president know me too!”

“hahaha, the situation is actually That’s it.”

Mila looked Lucy with a smile, then pulled Lucy over and explained.

Lucy was stunned for a long time after listening to Mira’s explanation about the parallel world Adelas, but after all, she was also a wizard, and she was still in contact with the Protoss, so she was very receptive. I quickly understood it and said in amazement:

“The world is really amazing.”

“Well, the world is quite amazing.”

Mila smiled and started to talk, then picked up the seal of the guild and stamped it on the back of Lucy’s hand, leaving the imprint of the fairy tail guild, saying: “Alright!”

Lucy’s big eyes appeared in the rays of light, raised her right hand, and said: “So I am also the wizard of the fairy tail…”

Just then.

Kaede’s gentle voice came from the side.

“Well, you are welcome to join Fairy Tail.”


Lucy was taken aback, and immediately turned around to see Kaede. I don’t know when I have come to the counter, leaning against the counter and taking a glass of juice from Mira.

She looked Kaede, she felt the pressure suddenly, and said a little stammeringly: “Then, that…Do you remember before…”


Kaede smiled easily and said: “I have been to your manor to treat your mother’s magic deficiency, and you have grown up.”

Hearing Kaede’s warm words, Lucy felt the whole person immersed in the warmth, a little slightly red appeared on her cheeks, and she bent her eyes nodded and said:

“En! Thank you so much at that time!”

“It’s just the completion of the commission.”

Kaede smiled easily, and then thought of playing the role of Lucy father when he was renovating Jiude. After thinking a little bit, he stretched out his hand and gently dived into the void .

He took out a key from the virtual in the sky and shook it. A magical array bloomed on the key, and then a girl about Mo Shisan was four years old in a maid costume flashed out.

Wearing handcuffs on her body and holding a whip in her hand, the girl turned to Kaede and said seriously: “Master, do you want to punish me?!”


Lucy almost spit out, looking a little sluggish Kaede.

Kaede laughed out of her hands and said: “This is the Virgo’s Protoss Baru song. It is a trembling M, and it looks very small. In fact, she just changes her appearance according to the Master. You add the fairy tail. I’ll give you the key to Virgo.”


Lucy opened her eyes immediately.

She seems to know why Kaede is more popular than she thought. The Protoss key of the zodiac is undoubtedly the most treasured thing for her as a Protoss wizard!

Baluge was surprised, and then showed a little aggrieved look, and said: “Master, don’t you want Baluge?”

Kaede looked helplessly: “Just let you Lucy is only doing the work of the Protoss, and I can Gate of Opening even if I don’t have the key. You don’t know.”


Baluge immediately nodded, then looked towards Lucy and said: “Princess, do you want to punish me?”

Lucy: “…”

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