Control Time in Naruto Chapter 726

The Protoss key of Virgo was obtained by Kaede some time ago.

This key was also left out, and then fell into the hands of a strange aesthetic existence. Kaede looked towards the future and took it in advance after seeing this.

Lucy and Baluge exchanged quickly for a while, and they signed a contract with Baluge, then with a ruddy face, bowed to Kaede excitedly and gratefully, saying:

“Thanks, thank you…”

“No thanks.”

Kaede slightly smiled.

Lucy lifts the head, looked Kaede’s sunny smile, eyes full of light.


At this time, a face suddenly appeared in front of her, blocking her sight towards Kaede, and also shocked her and couldn’t help but step back two steps .

Look carefully, the blue curly-haired Jubia appeared between the two. She was staring at Lucy with a vigilant look, and said: “Are you going to be a rival in love?!”


Lucy’s expression froze, and the corners of her mouth trembled, revealing helpless eyes.

Kaede chuckled lightly and didn’t care. After drunk the juice in the cup, he walked out of the guild and waved his hand: “I will go back first.”


Makarov returned to complied.

Seeing Kaede going here, Jubia, who was staring at Lucy vigilantly, turned his head, slid to the side of Kaede, hugged Kaede’s arm, and said: “Kaede Lord, Why don’t we go to eat something together… or eat Jubia.”

In the second half of the sentence, he spit out a blush in Kaede’s ear in a very small voice.


Although the voice is very small, Wendy, who is standing not far away, is a dragon-killing wizard and possesses the sense of hearing of the dragon, so she still hears it. Her small face turns red with a sigh. She didn’t know what this meant before, but she just learned it recently.

“Eat…eat and so on…Jubia’s elder sister is too…”

Little Wendy lowered her head and shivered, and the two hairs of the double ponytail were also It trembled lovely.

And at this time, Lisana patted her shoulder from behind.


Wendy was taken aback, her whole body shook, but she quickly reacted and said weakly: “Lizana elder sister ……”

Lisana showed a cute smile at Wendy, and said: “Go, Kaede big brother has been away for so long and only then came back. We should go to a party together!”


Wendy blushed a little bit, but she was still cleverly nodded when she heard Lisana’s words.

President Makarov looked at Jubia and Wendy, Lisana and the others surrounded Kaede and left. They couldn’t help but took a mouthful of cigarettes and said, “Really, it’s too much for girls. Welcome.”

“Chairman, I have to get off work early today.”

Just as Makarov was complaining, Mira not far away did not know when. He packed his belongings and waved his hand at Makarov with a smile.

Makarov’s face suddenly collapsed, and he said: “Mira, even you…”


Mira revealed A cute smiling face said: “How can I miss it, then I will go first, and you can trouble the president to manage other things.”

As the voice fell, Mira also turned towards Lisana and rush in the direction of the others.

Lucy next to it looked at this scene, she couldn’t help but opened her mouth, and then showed a little helpless gaze. In fact, she wanted to go, but Kaede was a bit too popular.

There is a cute girl like Lisana, and Mira, who has appeared on the cover of Magic Magazine several times. With such a gorgeous lineup, it is too difficult to beat them.

And just then.

Gray quietly came to Lucy and sat down, wearing only a pair of shorts. Gentlemanly handed over an ice flower and said: “Want to have dinner together?”


Lucy looked like a gentleman, but she stripped off her clothes and looked like an exhibitionist Gray, with a stunned look, and said: “No…no! “

Then she ran out quickly, chasing Mira and the others.


Grey’s expression froze, and the ice flower in his hand cracked.

Naz next to him looked at this scene, couldn’t help covering his mouth, then rolled around laughing, saying: “hahahahahahaha! hahahaha!!!”

Grey fly into a rage Out of humiliation said: “Laughing! Spitfire scoundrel!”

Naz spit fire in his mouth, while rolling said with a smile: “Laugh at you, abnormal exhibitionist.”

“It just seems that you haven’t suffered enough!”

Gray took a breath, rolled up his sleeves that didn’t exist, and put on a fight.

Naz also stood up, hey, grinned: “Who would be afraid of you, Frozen! Watch me burn your hair out!”

“Look I’ll freeze your head!”

Naz and Gray fought together again.


another side.

Kaede came to the door of his house, and with a wave of his hand, a magic array of rays of light lit up on the door, and then automatically unlocked and opened.

Just walked in here, and Jubia, Lisana, Mira and the others over there have already swarmed in. Everyone almost entered Kaede’s house as if they were familiar with the road.

In fact, Wendy is still the only one who lives in Kaede’s house, but almost all other people come to Kaede frequently. Among them, Jubia is overwhelming, and it often turns into a stream. , Slipped through the door into Kaede’s room, and slipped onto Kaede’s bed.

However, because there is no excessive behavior of one step further, Kaede sometimes let her go. As a rain girl, Jubia can control her body temperature, and her body becomes cold in the summer. Lying on the side is also a kind of comfort.

As for other people, Jubia is not so bold.

Like Lisana, at most Kaede is invited to take a bath. Kaede doesn’t mind, but occasionally a Jubia who changes into a stream of water will pop up in the bathtub.

Mila often comes to Kaede’s home to cook. Since the incident two years ago, she has transformed into a gentle and pleasant appearance, and her culinary skills have quickly become a must.

Elisa seldom gathers. In the past two years, she has often brought some tickets from outside, such as tickets for sea park and hot spring vacation, and invited Kaede to go alone.

“Are you going to have a banquet together?”

Kaede looked Wendy and the others ran in, then turned around and looked towards the back, Lucy laughed and said:” It just so happens that we should celebrate your joining the guild together.”

“Ah…then…then bother.”

Lucy was still a little restrained, but looked Kaede with a warm smile After a short stutter, he sent a polite greeting, and then walked in.


Mila smiled and looked towards Lucy who walked in.

Jubia stared at Lucy, and silently said: “Rival in love…”

Lizana smiled and said: “Come and celebrate your joining, welcome to join Fairy Tail~”

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