Control Time in Naruto Chapter 727

In the spacious living room.

Many young girls in small groups sit together.

Lucy and Wendy huddled together on a single sofa. Although it is a single sofa, because Wendy is very small, Lucy is also a slender girl, so she doesn’t look It’s crowded, and it’s close together.

Once in Lucy’s childhood, Kaede brought Wendy with her mother Layla to treat her magic deficiency, and during that time Lucy and Wendy had a good relationship. So apart from knowing Kaede, the one she is most familiar with in Fairy Tail is naturally Wendy.

Wendy blinked her eyes and said curiously: “How come Lucy Elder Sister came to our guild as a wizard? I remember Lucy Elder Sister, you seem to have a big business in your family.”


Lucy showed a girlish smile and said: “It’s so boring to be busy with those industries. I have always wanted to take risks, so I ran out this time, saying Wendy Chan, you have grown up a lot. Yeah.”

While talking, Lucy touched Wendy’s little head.

A trace of sorry pink appeared on Wendy’s face, saying: “Lucy’s elder sister has grown up too.”

Lucy laughed and said: “I am Since then, I have been following your news and collected a lot of news on you.”

“Really? It turns out that Lucy Chan has been following us for a long time. It seems that we are all from I knew each other a long time ago.”

Lebby walked over with a tea tray and put the tea tray on the coffee table. There were three cups of hot tea in the tray, and she picked up one by herself. And looked Lucy with a cute smile.

Lucy was a little surprised for the nickname Lebby brought on her, but not only did she have no dislike, she also added a lot of favor to Lebby, and said with a smile:

“Yes, I always thought that only I knew you and you didn’t know me, didn’t expect you knew me a long time because of the story of Edras.”

“This is fate, you are destined to be our partner.”

Lebby laughed, then eyes blinked, and said: “But if you want to pursue Kaede brother too, it is very difficult. “

Listening to Lebby talking about this topic abruptly and teasing her, Lucy suddenly stiffened and turned her head to look at all around with a bit of shock. She didn’t see Kaede beside, so she was relaxed and blushed slightly. “Don’t… don’t crack a joke! I don’t have…”

Lebby squinted her eyes, took a sip of tea, and said leisurely: “Xiao Lu, you are lying, you If I followed us a long time ago, I’ve seen Kaede before, and it is impossible to dislike Kaede.”

Lucy blushed a little bit by Rebby, but she is not Wendy after all. Soon her cheeks bulged and said: “It’s clear that Leibi is you.”

Lebby exhaled and said with a smile: “Yes, almost all girls in the guild like Kaede brother. , But some people don’t get close because they feel hopeless. I’m actually the same, so I just mixed in to play.”


Lucy tilted the head, showing a looking thoughtful look.

She has made up a brief but relatively complete relationship diagram in her mind. The person at the top is undoubtedly Kaede, and then Jubia and Lisana are down.

Jubia is clearly pursuing Kaede, it should be the most motivated and hardest, and Lisana is almost the same.

The tree to the left is Mila. Although Mila’s actions are not that many of Jubia and Lisana, she does not conceal her love for Kaede and maintains a gentleness. The image of his elder sister is regarded as the second echelon of action.

According to her previous chats with Wendy and Mila, she probably guessed that Elisa should be the same as Mila, and is also the second-tier activist. Now she seems to be performing missions outside.

After that is Lebby here, the third echelon, because I know that even if I work hard, it’s hard to beat Mira and the others, so basically there is no actual action, but because of my love and Worship, they will still come together, but they belong to the type of’hunzi’.

The last one is Wendy.

Little Wendy’s situation is quite special. If you ask her if she likes Kaede, she probably blushes and cannot answer, but the answer to this question is clearly visible, but her “no Action’ is a bit different from Lebby again, maybe I still want to wait for myself to grow up?

And little Wendy is a bit too cute, so that the popularity in everyone seems to be second only to Kaede, and many girls including Lebby will take care of her.

Lucy from Lebby looked looking thoughtful, tilted her head and said:

“What are you thinking, Xiaolu?”

“Well, who am I thinking about The most hopeful.”

Lucy poked a finger on her cheek, thinking about start to talk.

Lebby smiled cutely, took another sip of tea, and then spit out a sigh of heat, and said, “Well, this is not easy to say, anyway, I am definitely the hopeless.”

“Why is there no hope?”

Kaede’s voice suddenly came from behind her.

Lebby was stunned, and then immediately looked back, and saw that Kaede didn’t know when she got here, with a faint smile on her face, and then gently threw a golden one at her. Rhombus stone.

The golden stone radiated a halo, traversed an arc in the sky, fell in front of her, and floated in the sky, being caught by her.

“This is…”

Lebby looked towards Kaede in a little shock.

Kaede smiled easily and said: “This is the elemental stone I accidentally obtained when I went to another parallel world. Combining it with my own magic power and wearing it on my body, I can almost completely immune to that. One series of magic, and absorb the magic of that series for her own use.”

Hearing Kaede’s explanation, Lebby’s eyes trembled suddenly, and her fingers shook slightly. It was surprising and somewhat surprising. overwhelmed by favor from superior said:

“This…this is too precious…I can’t ask…”

“Come on, I’ll give Lucy back this trip I have prepared the Protoss key of the zodiac, how can I forget the gifts for you.”

Kaede laughed and said: “I brought back all the elemental stones of the world. There is a total of light, The nine types of darkness, wind, thunder, water, fire, earth, life, and soul give you the stone of light, which is helpful for you to study rune magic.”

As he said, he opened his hand and could see Blue gems like drops of water, scarlet gems like flames, white gems like wind, floating in the sky one by one.

Lebby was taken aback, holding the light stone in his palm, and then showing a warm smile.

Although Kaede has prepared gifts for everyone, it is the first one to give gifts to her, which shows that Kaede has not ignored her at all, which has made her very satisfied for her .

“Thank you Kaede brother!”

Lebby held the warm stone of light on her chest with two little hands, and then smiled at Kaede.

Kaede smiled easily, touched her little head, then looked towards Mira and the others, and said: “You all come to choose one too.”

“Okay Beautiful!”

Wendy stood up and looked suspended in the sky. Those colors have nothing common with each other, but the crystal clear and near-transparent elemental stones have amazing eyes. look.

Without waiting for her to choose, Kaede waved her finger to let Green’s life stone fall towards her, and said with a smile: “Wind Element’s fits best with you, but you are the Sky Dragon Wizard , It’s not a special need for Wind Element’s element stone, life system would be better.”

“For Mila, Dark Element is the most suitable, Jubia, you are more afraid of Earth Element, so Earth Element’s It’s most suitable for you, Lisana, it’s better to choose the soul if you choose…”

looked Kaede gave one after another elemental stone to Mira and Lisana and the others, sitting next to Lu Xi held his cheek in one hand, tilted his head slightly, and finally showed a smile.

The character is gentle, sunny and handsome, and strength is the wizard with the strongest fairy tail…no wonder it is the most popular male wizard in magic magazines, and is admired by many people.

She reached into her pocket and touched the Virgo Protoss key, and then the smile on her face became warmer.

She is included.

At this moment, she even suddenly understood why Mila, Rebbi and the others who were clustered around Kaede hardly used the same eyes of rivals to treat each other, even Jubia only occasionally reveal.

Probably everyone knows that although who can get Kaede must be the happiest thing, no one here can enjoy it alone.

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