Control Time in Naruto Chapter 728

Gathering together, chatting, watching TV, playing poker, bathing, sleeping…

One night passed quickly.

Early morning.

Kaede woke up from sleep and noticed that the door of his room was open, and Jubia was lying on top of him all over, hu hu sleeping, with a Lisana lying next to him.

Since Kaede has been accustomed to this situation for a long time, so there is no surprise, only exhaled, the body quietly fades into a light spot disappears, and then regroups next to it.

gu lu.

Jubia was originally lying on Kaede, because Kaede disappeared, the whole person immediately gulu fell on the bed, but because she was originally the body of Water Element, so she just swayed, not at all woke her up.

Jubia, who was still asleep, reached out and grabbed it, just to catch Lisana next to him, and then he pulled Lisana over with satisfaction and hugged Lisana together.

Kaede looked at this scene next to him and let out a laugh.


The rays of light on her pajamas flashed and changed to a shirt.

He came to the window and opened the curtains with his hand to let the morning light outside shine into the room, dispelling the slightly charming atmosphere in the room.

At this time, Mira’s very small voice came from the living room outside.


I saw Mira was looking for Lisana and walked all the way to the door of Kaede’s room, glanced at the scene in the room, suddenly startled, Then his eyes flashed with helplessness.

Looking like this, it must be that Lisana sneaked into Kaede’s room last night. As for what Kaede did… it obviously didn’t exist because Kaede wanted to seek pleasure. If you love it, probably none of the girls here will refuse, and you don’t have to do anything strange.

“Mi, Mila’s elder sister…”

Because Lisana was pulled over and held in her arms by Jubia, she regained consciousness, rubbed her eyes and looked Arrived Mila coming in from the door.

She was not at all the panic of being caught in bed, but laughed and said: “You woke up so early, and so did the Kaede big brother.”

Kaede glanced at her and said, “Sneak into my room again?”

Lizana got out of Jubia’s arms, hehe smiled and said, “Lucy I slept in the upper room. It’s too late and I don’t want to go home. Kaede big brother won’t blame me~ Besides, Kaede big brother, you didn’t lock the door.”

” Has the door become my fault?”

Kaede couldn’t help but smile when she heard Lisana’s words, extend the hand fingers to pinch her cheeks, and tugged to the sides.

Lisana did not resist. She folded her two small hands with her fingers crossed on her chest, and closed one eye, showing a playful look. She stuck her tongue out and said, “Yes, boy child. You must be careful to lock the door when you sleep at night.”


Kaede rewarded her with a brain collapse, bounced her forehead, then looked towards Mira, and said: ” All other people wake up and have breakfast together.”


“Good morning, Lucy elder sister.”

“Good morning, Wen Wendy.”

Wendy, who got dressed and walked out, met Lucy who had walked out of the other room in the living room. She greeted Lucy politely, and Lucy responded with a smile.

Many young girls were woken up scattered, and then came to the table to have breakfast, and then started to talk about the topics that were not finished last night.

Because of Lucy’s participation, and Lucy character is more lively and good at complaining, so it also makes the atmosphere very lively, just one night and one morning, she has completely integrated into the group Among them, the relationship with Mira and the others has become much closer.

Have breakfast.

Mila looked towards Lucy, showing a gentle smile, and said: “Lucy, you probably don’t understand the guild, you can ask me.”

“Hmm, okay.”

Lucy politely nodded, and then suddenly thought of something, whispered: “Well, sister Mira, where do you usually live, Is there a dormitory area for the guild?”

Although a group of people moved into Kaede’s house last night, it seems that everyone is used to being harmonious, but this is obviously not the usual situation.

Mila’s eyes were bent into crescents, and said: “The association has a special dormitory area, but only male children live. There are very few people living in girls. Most of them will rent nearby or Shared rent, but I suggest that you rent it. There is no one renting the house in the east. Other people renting it for a month cost 80,000 J, but the guild’s companion only needs 20,000 J a month for rent.”

“Rent of 20,000 J?”

Lucy was surprised, came to the window, pointed to the house on the east side that Mira just mentioned, and saw that it was a set of 2. -Layer’s small villa with attic.

Mila’s gentle nodded said: “Well, because this block has been bought by Kaede, there will be discounts for the guild’s companions.”

“So Do you all live in the vicinity too?”

Lucy said in surprise.

Mila smiled and said: “Yeah, I live there with Lisana, then Elisa lives there, Jubia is over there, Lucy, if you live in I can be a neighbor.”

Lucy tilted her head, and then suddenly reacted to something, her instincts broke out, and she vomited: “Isn’t this just completely surrounding the place where Kaede lives? So this Actually, it’s the point!”

“Yes, a waterside pavilion gets the moonlight first.”

Mila was nodded with a smile.

Lucy endured the thought of complaining, and after thinking about it again and again, she decided to adopt Mira’s suggestion. After all, other people also live in this neighborhood. It is indeed suitable here, and she is also satisfied with the house.



Lucy lived in a block of Magnolia town, and officially became a member of the Fairy Tail Guild, and started working excitedly on the 2nd day.

The Fairy Tail Guild has joined Lucy, and it has become more active.

Two days later.

Elisa returns from her commission.

“Queen of the fairies, Elisa, it’s me…”

Lucy sat at the counter, looked at Elisa who returned to the guild, her big eyes flashing a little Admiringly, the person she admired most in the guild was Kaede, followed by Elsa.

After simply saying hello to the guild everyone, Elisa came to the counter and noticed Lucy. She was slightly surprised to see the guild logo on the back of her hand, and said:

“Are you new here?”

“Yes, I am Lucy, please advise.”

Lucy greeted Elisa politely.

Elisa slightly startled, and then said with a slight smile: “So you are Lucy…well, I am Elisa, please advise.”

He Lu After Xi said hello, she looked inside the guild, did not see the president Makarov, then looked at Mira and asked, “Is the president not there?”

Mila startedled slightly. , And then his eyes were somewhat serious and said: “The president has gone to the regular meeting, what happened?”

Elisa nodded, said: “Well, it’s a bit troublesome.”

Mila thought for a moment and said: “If it is troublesome…Kaede came back a few days ago, you can go to him and ask.”

“Kaede is back. Already?”

Elisa was surprised, but after a little thought, she still shaking ones head slightly, saying: “No, although it’s a bit troublesome, it’s not a big trouble. He just came back. , Don’t bother him.”

After muttered for a while, Elisa turned around, looked towards Naz and Gray, and said: “Naz, Gray, I have something to ask You guys, come with me.”

Natz, Gray: “…Huh?!”

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