Control Time in Naruto Chapter 729

Faced with Elisa’s commission, Naz and Gray looked suddenly difficult.

Elisa browses slightly wrinkle and said: “Is there any problem?”

“No! No!”

Naz and Gray are a shivered, Shaking ones head immediately, and then quickly prepare to salute.

Elisa sighed and said: “Then please, we will meet at the station, and I will tell you what it is in a while.”

Yes. After Naz and Gray said these words, she also walked out of the guild and glanced at the street where she lived. After a short hesitation, she still slightly shaking ones head.

Forget it.

It’s better to finish handling your own affairs first, and then go to Kaede.


In the guild.

Lucy sits at the counter, Elisa and Naz and the others who have been looking to leave, can’t help but complain: “Elisa Young Lady’s imposing-manner is quite good, Naz and Gray has become like a hobbit.”

Mira looked thoughtful looking at Elisa’s back. After thinking about it for a while, she looked at Lucy and said: “Lucy, can I ask you for one Is it something?”

“Huh? It’s okay.”

Lucy was slightly surprised and immediately responded.

Mila muttered said: “The three people team up, there is no problem in strength, but I am worried that they will have conflicts, but they will affect each other, causing Elisa to also encounter problems, so Could you please help me coordinate it?”


Lucy almost squirted out the drink, and couldn’t help but say: “This kind of thing is a bit…”


Mila bent her eyes at Lucy and showed a cute smile.

The way Lucy looked at Mira, her throat moved, and she couldn’t say her refusal. In the end, she could only helplessly say: “Okay, then I’ll give it a try.”


Mila was nodded with a smile.

Although she and Elisa have been mortal enemies before, but since Lisana’s incident, she has been a **** gentle kanban girl, and will treat the members of the guild more Or less consider issues for them, including Elsa.

And shortly after Lucy left, Kaede appeared in the guild, came to the bar, and took a glass of juice from Mira, said without thinking:

” You asked Lucy to team up with Elisa?”

“Yes, I think Lucy’s character may be able to coordinate the three people.”

Mira Yin Yin smiled.

Kaede smiled, and said: “She’s almost the same as Tucao, but they can really help Elisa, don’t worry too much.”

Yes. Elsa should be dealing with the dark guild. This is basically a piece of cake for Elsa, and it won’t be too much trouble.

After they came back…

Kaede took a sip of the drink, and a little light flashed in the depths of his eyes.


Elisa accidentally met someone from the Dark Guild on the way to make a commission, but she didn’t realize it immediately, so she remembered it afterwards, so she decided after she came back. Bring Naz and Gray to help her clean up the trash.

The Dark Guild Iron Forest is indeed planning one thing, trying to use the stolen curse magic to attack the guild president’s regular assembly site and kill the leaders of the Great Demon guild.

Of course.

This is actually just a stupid idea of ​​a frog in well of the immensity of heaven and earth. It is enough to easily destroy Makarov, the director of the Saint Ten Great Demon among the president. Their plan.

This stupid plan was of course impossible to succeed. It was eventually defeated by Elisa, Naz, Gray and the others. The only problem was that they played too unrestrainedly, which ruined the case. The venue for the conference.

But this has become commonplace for Fairy Tail.



In the open space in front of the main gate of the Fairy Tail Guild.

You can see a lot of silhouettes gathered here, all of them are fairy tail wizards, and standing in the center of the encircling circle are Naz and Elsa.

As the protagonist of Fairy Tail, Naz is the son of destiny of this World. Of course, he is a character who will never admit defeat. Therefore, although he has been beaten to challenge Elisa countless times, he still does not intend to give up. Trying to become the strongest wizard of Fairy Tail.

Naz VS Elisa!

One is the S-Rank wizard in the guild, and the other is the strongest person among the non-S-Rank wizards. The duel between the two naturally attracted the attention of everyone in the guild.

On the outside of the encirclement, Wendy was standing at the back of the crowd stick one’s head around to look for, she came a little late, so she fell out of the crowd.


Wendy is also very curious about the duel between Naz and Elisa, but she is only twelve years old, she is a bit too small, in the crowd No matter how hard the rear tries to stand up the tip-toe, I can’t see it inside.

And just when she wanted to see but couldn’t see, was a little anxious and was somewhat helpless, one of her hands suddenly hugged her from behind, and then lifted her up.

“Kaede big brother!”

Wendy was startled first, but the keenness of the Dragon Slayer wizard made her react immediately, revealing a surprised look.

Kaede smiled slightly at her, lifted her over the top of the head, let her sit on her neck, and said with a smile: “You’ve grown up a lot, but you don’t That’s right.”

Wendy also showed a slightly sorry gaze, with a slight blush on her cheeks, which looked very cute.

Before in childhood, she always followed Kaede. Whether she was carried by Kaede or sitting on Kaede’s neck, she was accustomed to it. Now she has grown up after all.


Her shyness did not last long, and she was quickly attracted by the battle between Elisa and Naz in the field. Two small hands held Kaede’s head and focused on the hand to hand in the field. combat.

Kaede held her ankles so that she would not fall off her shoulders, and at the same time looked towards the duel between Elsa and Naz in the field with a slightly easy-going look.

Whether it is Elisa or Naz, his current strength is almost so weak that a cell in him is much stronger than the two of them. This kind of duel is for him Naturally, he couldn’t bring up his interest, but the atmosphere in the guild made him enjoy it.

After a while.

The duel between Elsa and Naz came to an end, and finally ended in Elisa’s victory.

Wendy blinked and said: “Elder sister Elder is stronger.”

“Well, Elder sister is indeed stronger.”

Kaede slightly smiled.

Elisa’s strength in normal plots is now a bit stronger than Naz, not to mention his presence. He gave Elisa a lot of things and taught Elsa not to Less magic, so Elisa’s current strength is actually about the same as Laxus.

As for other aspects…Although Naz has Fire Dragon King Igunilu within-the-body, there are only Black Dragon Akunorokia and Jie on this continent. Wolf can fight, but Elisa within-the-body also has his power!

Although he only injected a little bit of strength into Elisa within-the-body to keep an eye on her growth, for him even a little strength will not be better than Fire Dragon King Igunilu Weak!


In terms of strength, Elsa is stronger, and in terms of background, Elsa is also stronger, and Elisa’s victory is natural.

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