Control Time in Naruto Chapter 730

Until Elisa knocks Naz down and Lucy has forgotten about it, she arrives slowly.

“Ahhhhhhh, is it over?”

She opened her mouth, showing a trace of helplessness, patronizing home to write to her mother, forgetting that Naz wanted Challenge Elisa to this matter.

Wendy, who was sitting on Kaede’s neck, was slightly surprised when she saw Lucy walking by, and then waved at Lucy and said hello: “Sister Lucy.”

” Morning Wendy.”

Lucy was a little surprised, then immediately greeted Wendy with a smile, and at the same time waved at Kaede: “Good morning, Kaede big brother.”


Kaede slightly smiled.

Lucy looked a little curious about the appearance of Wendy and Kaede, and said: “You are…”

Kaede slightly closes the eyes, and her body quietly turns into a beam of light and disappears , And then appeared about one foot behind.

Wendy slipped down from his neck, was caught by both of his hands, and placed it on the ground.

“Wendy is a little too cute.”

Kaede reached out and touched Wendy’s little head, and started to talk with a chuckle.

Lucy blinked, looked Kaede’s movements, as smart as she thought of something quickly, and made up her mind. Wendy was blocked behind the crowd, waving her arms and jumping around without seeing it. Puchi couldn’t help but laughed.

“Who won?”

After a short laugh, she looked towards inside, she could see that Naz had been helped by someone, and Mira was also leaving A towel was handed to Elisa in the past.

Wendy said: “Elisa won, Nazge is still close.”

“Sure enough.”

Lucy also not at all is too unexpected, it is not difficult to guess that Naz is so scared of Elsa at ordinary times, and it is certain that Naz can never beat Elsa at ordinary times.

After a while.

Everyone has returned to the guild.

Kaede didn’t go up to the second floor. Instead, he sat down casually beside the counter on the first floor, sipping a glass of juice leisurely, and listening to the small talk of Lebby and the others who gathered.

Rebby, Mila, Elisa, Lucy, Wendy, Lisana… all the lively, lovely, gentle and beautiful girls in the guild gathered at Kaede’s table, and naturally let others Many male wizards are envious, but they can only sigh silently in the heart.

Not only young girls like Kaede, but male wizards are basically convinced of Kaede, without any challenge or provocation.

cracking a joke!

The mountain not far from Magnolia is still being cut off!

On the second floor of the guild, Laxus leaned out half of his body, dangling a cigar and looked towards Naz below, grinning said with a smile: “Ah, I’m back, Naz, It seems that I was taught by Eliza Fiercely again.”


Naz heard the voice of Laxus, and immediately surged again. I jumped up and looked towards the second floor, and said: “Come and decide the winner with me!!”

Laxus heyed and said: “You were not beaten by Elisa just now Did you have a meal? Can’t even beat Elisa, and still want to fight with me?”

Elisa put down the water glass, stood up and looked towards the second floor coldly.

“What do you mean?”

“It means Laozi is the strongest!”

Laxus heyed and said, “Except for Kaede, Laozi is the strongest S-Rank, and I will defeat Kaede sooner or later. The strongest position in the guild must be mine!”

These words made the guild a brief silence.

Lucy at the counter on the first floor opened her mouth, and looked towards Kaede who was sitting opposite, saying: “That…Kaede big brother…”

Kaede looked calm. Without the slightest displeasure, he smiled indifferently, and said: “No one is born to be the strongest. It is through hard work from the weak step by step, little by little hard training, and I am included. The struggle for the strong is human. Very good nature.”

“Kaede, you are always gentle.”

Mila sat next to Kaede, showing a gentle smile.

Having the status and strength of the strongest wizard in the guild, she is not arrogant or rash, and the character is gentle and sunny. She really likes Kaede the most.


Elisa also heard Kaede’s words. After exhaling, she sat down again and picked up her tea cup, disinclined to pay attention to Laksas , Said: “meaningless quarrel.”

She is interested in who is the strongest, not at all. Naz challenged her, she just accepted the challenge. As for whether to fight with Laxus now In each case, she is not at all interested.

Those things are not important.

Elisa looked towards Kaede, showing a soft gaze, and said: “Do you have time to watch a drama together today?”


Kaede smiled easily.

On another side, Naz was still angrily squeezing the fist at Laxus on the second floor, and said: “Damn, you come down!”

“You come up. “

Laxus said contemptuously.

Naz couldn’t bear it anymore, so he rushed to the second floor and said: “You wait for me!”


President Makarov suddenly shot, fist zoomed in, hammering Naz to the ground in front of the stairs leading to the second floor, and said: “You can’t go up to the second floor, you can’t. , Naz.”

Laxus looked at this scene, hey, and then sat back on the chair on the second floor, drank refreshment leisurely, and ignored everyone below.


Lucy looked this scene a little surprised.

After a little hesitation, she looked towards Mila and curiously asked: “Mira Young Lady, not going to the second floor refers to…”

Mila smiled and said:” This is too early for you. The missions on the second floor are all those above S-Rank. Only the S-Rank wizards in the guild can access them, so only the S-Rank wizard can go to the second floor. “

Lucy’s eyes flickered with rays of light, and she was surprised: “S-Rank?”

Mila smiled and said: “Yes, the current guild There are only six people in the S-Rank wizard.”

Lucy’s eyes narrowed slightly, carefully glanced at Kaede next to him, and said:


“Well, there are Kaede, Laxus, Kildas, Mistgang, and Elisa.” Mira introduced the S-Rank wizard in the guild with a smile.

Lucy counted, and asked in confusion: “Aren’t there only five?”

Wendy sat next to her with a cute smiling face and interjected: “There is one more It’s Mila’s elder sister.”

“Huh? Mila Young Lady too?!”

Lucy looked towards Mila with a bit of surprise, completely unexpected. The gentle Mira is also the S-Rank wizard of the guild.

Mila smiled nodded, and said: “Well, Mira is too.”

“Mila Young Lady turned out to be such a powerful wizard.”

After a brief stunned Lucy, she finally showed a slightly surprised look.

Mila smiled softly and said, “That’s all in the past. Will Lucy have another glass of juice?”

“Okay, okay.”

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