Control Time in Naruto Chapter 731

Magnolia pedestrian street.

In a clothing store, Kaede is standing in front of a hanger, putting one hand on his bus, showing thinking, as if thinking about something.

At this time, the door of the dressing room not far from the side opened, and I saw Elisa walking out of it. She changed into a black dress with a wavy skirt And the tight-fitting upper half perfectly showed Elisa’s figure, and red’s supple long hair was also tied up with a belt.

Now nineteen-year-old Elisa, can be said to have a part of the charm of a girl, but also has a somewhat mature and beautiful temperament, even Kaede can’t help but show a hint of appreciation.

“Does this suit look good?”

Elisa looked towards Kaede softly, spreading her arms gently for Kaede to appreciate.

Kaede praised: “It suits you very well.”

“Boss, this set is also bought!”

Elisa exhaled, she appeared golden rays of light, and then replaced it with the casual clothes he usually wore, and put away the black dress.

Lady Boss from the clothing store immediately followed and took over the black dress with a smile, and nodded and said: “Okay, this one really suits you. It seems that your boyfriend also Very satisfied.”


A tinge of blush appeared on Elisa’s cheeks.

She wants to explain that Kaede is not her boyfriend, but Lady Boss has turned around to sort out the clothes she just bought, and opened her mouth without explaining it.

She turned her head and looked towards Kaede, and saw that Kaede was also looking towards her. At the same time, she gave her a chuckle and said: “There is a new store over there that seems good, go there Look.”


Elisa looked towards Kaede’s chest and gently nodded.

Although she didn’t explain, Kaede didn’t refute it either, which made her feel as if she was immersed in a soft and warm sunshine.


This is already very good, and it can stay like this.

She is not struggling to get an absolute answer, because not at all is necessary to do that. She believes that her heart will be connected to Kaede sooner or later, and silence is the best confession.

The two came out of the clothing store, Kaede accompanied her to visit two other clothing stores nearby, and Elisa from’rich and imposing’ bought several new sets Clothes.

In fact, she doesn’t usually wear these very much. Basically, she wears them for appreciation when she is alone at home, or when she has the opportunity to go out with Kaede.

After visiting several shops, Elisa used her dress-up magic to exchange her usual clothes, quietly following Kaede, and strolling on the crowded streets.

Unconsciously between.

The two came to the bell tower of Magnolia, and boarded the top of the bell tower, standing on the window edge of the bell tower, overlooking the town of Magnolia.

Kaede hands behind ones back, facing out the window, sighed slightly: “A hundred years ago, this place was still a ruined village with few people living in it. Now it has become the Kingdom of Fiore. It’s one of the most prosperous towns.”

Elisa stood beside, slightly astonished, feeling Kaede’s tone as if she had seen the scene a hundred years ago with her own eyes, and she couldn’t help but look towards Kaede and said: “You also have a history Do you understand this?”

“Well, because I experienced that period of time.”

Kaede turned his head and looked towards Elisa, and whispered: “In fact, you don’t know me , The time I have experienced is far more distant than you think. You don’t understand my past at all. In fact, the me you like is only a very small part.”

Elisa was stunned for a while, but she did not at all show some confusion, but seriously looked towards Kaede and said: “Even if it is only a small part, isn’t it still you? I actually… guessed you should There is an unknown past, after all, even the president doesn’t know you, but I don’t think those are important. At least you are our companion now, that’s enough.”

Kaede smiled softly and said: “Even if what I am carrying is more than the entire world, do you still think so?”

“Of course.”

Elisa did not hesitate.

Kaede’s eyes showed a sigh, turned to look towards the sky outside, and said, “This is actually the reason why I joined in.”

The Fairy Tail Guild That’s it. No matter the members of the association have nothing common with each other, their mentality towards the association is pure and can transcend everything.

Even if he tells Elisa the truth about this world, tells stories about the world outside of the world, Elisa’s answer will not change-as long as Kaede still recognizes the fairy tail, then They also agree that Kaede is a member of Fairy Tail!

Elisa looked Kaede and stepped forward gently.

She stretched out her hands, hugged Kaede from behind, and leaned her body against Kaede’s body, her eyes softly said: “When you want to tell me the story, tell me Let me listen.”

The body is close together, Kaede can feel Elisa’s body temperature, can feel her heartbeat, can hear her breathing, and can clearly feel her right Own emotions.

Don’t care about the past.

Only chase now.

No matter what his past is, the girl’s emotions towards him will not change. This is what Elisa expressed.

Emotion may be the worst thing for human beings, but it is also the most fundamental thing. Because of emotion, human beings are humans, not programmed machines.

Kaede shuttles between multiple worlds, has the power to easily collapse the world and create the world, but still does not lose himself, precisely because he can be integrated into each world.

“Then I will tell you about it when I have a chance in the future.”

Kaede gently looked into the distance.

Such pure, without any impurities, any request, any desire for emotion is very rare, although there is a vast Star River-like gap in life essence between him and Elisa, but this He will not refuse his intentions.

Elisa hugged Kaede tightly from behind, and the two were close together. After an unknown period of time, she recovered from the immersion when a voice rang from her body. .


Elisa released Kaede and took out a magic ball for contact from her pocket.

After the magic ball is activated, the projection shows the image of Mira.

“Elusa? Are you and Kaede there?”

“What’s the matter?”

“Naz stole an S-Rank The mission was commissioned by Lucy and went to join the team. Gray went to stop them, but now there is no news. The situation is a bit bad.”

“These idiots.”


Elisa’s face turned black in an instant, and she said, “Lucy turned out to be…”

Not to mention the wizard who has not been promoted to S-Rank, even if she is already promoted S-Rank wizard, when facing S-Rank entrustment, there is also the risk of losing your life if you are not careful.

Mila once made such a mistake!

Naz stole an S-Rank mission commission, Lucy also violated the rules, and Gray also ran over, which of course made Elisa instantly annoyed.

And most importantly, these people interrupted her date with Kaede! Finally, I had a chance to really get close to Kaede’s heart. Maybe it can happen again today and so on!

“Is it a commission from Devil’s Island?”

Kaede stood beside, looked towards Mira, who came out of the magic ball projection, chuckled and said: “Lucy will join If it’s not, maybe only the commission can let her take the risk. I remember that the commission’s remuneration contains the key to the zodiac.”

Milan nodded, worried: “Yes, it is indeed That commission now needs someone to bring them back. I still have to be responsible for the guild’s affairs. I can’t go. Laxus is unwilling to do this kind of thing, so I can only ask Elsa to you.”

“Okay, I’ll drag them back!”

A magical power surged over Elisa.

But at this moment, Kaede patted her shoulder, smiled easily, and said: “Okay, don’t be so angry, I will go with you to have a look.”

Here he glanced at Mira, slightly smiled, showing a profound look.

Mila’s projection gazed Kaede with a smile, acting like “I don’t know anything”.

This is the time.

Elisa also reacted, looking towards Mila strangely, frowning: “This kind of thing is more important than the guild, and the guild leader is also in the guild, you can go Yes, Mira.”

This is suspected of deliberately sabotaging her date with Kaede.

Mila smiled and said: “I do have a meddlesome feeling to be busy.”

“Forget it.”

Elisa is too lazy to care, Anyway, Kaede agreed to accompany her, just as it is to continue dating, maybe I can stay with Kaede longer.

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