Control Time in Naruto Chapter 732

Garna Island.

On the coast.

You can see Aquiya, the Protoss of Aquarius, floating in the sea. She used her water bottle to pick up a piece of sea water, causing the nearby sea to roar and turn into a tsunami, towards the shore The direction of the side impacted the past, impacting the two entangled silhouettes in it.

Two silhouettes are fighting. One of them is Lucy, and the other is a girl with rosy hair. Both of them screamed that they were hit by the current of Aquiya.

crash-bang! ! !

The sea roared back and forth, treating Lucy and Shirley as clothes in the washing machine, and then swept and swayed to the shore.

Lucy stood up reluctantly, her whole body still in a state of dizziness, her eyes full of dizzy ripples, she swayed and said: “Aquiya, whether it is an enemy or a friend , It’s all the waves greet.”

Shirley: “so that’s how it is… I hit you, but you haven’t beaten me yet.”

Lucy : “Didn’t you already lose?”

Shirley: “What stupid thing are you talking about, don’t you stand still?”

Both of them are already dizzy Until the magic cannot be released, she still staggered towards the other side and fought together. Finally, Lucy, based on the experience of being often washed by Aquiya, first recovered from the vertigo, and hit Shirley with one blow. Knocked to the ground.

Shirley fell to the ground weakly and said:

“I actually lost…ah…Angelika, take revenge for me…”


As Shirley’s voice fell, I saw a huge mouse leap up and pounced towards Lucy, which was raised by Shirley pet.

Seeing this huge mouse rushing forward, Lucy suddenly showed a trace of panic in her eyes, trying to escape, but she shook her body and couldn’t move. Instead, she knelt on the ground. .

The battle with Shirley just now has exhausted her magic power, and her body has completely lost power.

“Well, I can’t move…”

A look of fear appeared in Lucy’s eyes.

There was fierceness in the huge mouse eyes, and the huge rat claws fiercely tore Lucy’s body, tearing Lucy to pieces.


Just as its huge claws could touch Lucy’s body at an instant, a white glow suddenly appeared from Lucy’s body.

The white fluorescent forcibly contained Angelica’s pounce, forcibly blocking its huge body from the outside, so that its claws could not touch Lucy’s body!

Immediately afterwards, the white fluorescence suddenly burst, condensing into a big naked eye visible hand, bending the index finger, and ejecting it at Angelica.

Boom! ! !

The huge mouse uttered a scream, and then the whole body was like a small paper ball that was bombed out, flying out of the sky, cutting through the sky, and disappearing into the horizon.

“This, this is…”

Lucy looked at this scene in amazement, her chest was violently ups and downs, and her eyes were still a little frightened, no Understand what just happened.

And just when she was uncertain, a slightly indifferent voice came from not far away.

“Fortunately, Kaede’s power saved your life in time.”


Lucy was surprised, Looking in the direction where the sound was coming from, there was a hint of surprise. What she saw was Elisa walking here from the coast.

She first had a short surprise, and then she asked in a little surprise:

“That was…Kaede’s power just now?”

“Yes. “

Elisa approached, pierced the sword in her hand into the beach, and gazed, holding her sword, knelt on the beach. Lucy, who was weak and weak, said calmly: “Kaede’s magic is very powerful. Moreover, he is proficient in various types of magic, among which is included guardian magic.”

“He has injected a magic power into each of us within-the-body, condensed into guardian magic, usually Hidden in the imprint of the guild, it will be automatically triggered when encountering danger.”

I heard Elisa’s words.

After a brief startled, Lucy slightly relaxed and said: “It turned out to be like this.”

She looked towards Elisa again, and was about to say and so on, but suddenly Noting that Elisa looked at her with sharp eyes, this was a shivered, and suddenly reacted that she was involved in the S-Rank mission stolen by Naz and broke the rules of the guild!

“Do you know why I am here.”

Elisa looked towards Lucy with a stern look.

Lucy sweated like rain, her body trembling, and weakly said: “Then…that…you are here to catch us…”

Sha said indifferently, “It seems that you are still very clear about the matter, then, where are Naz and the others?”

Lucy slightly clenched the teeth, and then couldn’t help saying: “Wait a minute, Ellu Sha! Listen to me, it’s wrong for us to come here without authorization, but something terrible happened on this island! A group of people wanted to resurrect a frozen demon, and the villagers on the island were also affected. The situation is very dangerous! We must save this island first!”

Elusa browses slightly wrinkle, coldly said: “That has nothing to do with me. The problem now is that you have violated the rules of the guild! President! The rules are made to protect everyone. Without strength, you cannot accept the S-Rank mission without authorization. If Kaede’s power was not protecting you just now, do you know what you will encounter?!”


Lucy opened her mouth, unable to respond for a while, and was also frightened by Elisa’s aura.

Recalling the dangerous situation just now, and Elisa’s harsh and scary imposing-manner, a little fear appeared in her eyes, and a little tear appeared in her eyes.


Just at this time.

A hand suddenly came over from behind her and stroked her little head, making her split second feel a warm stream of heat pouring into her within-the-body.

This warm stream of heat in a instant filled the whole body, quickly alleviating her body’s weakness, and let her feel the sore limbs regained strength.

“Okay Elisa, don’t be too harsh with her.”

Kaede appeared behind Lucy, gently retracted her hand, and looked at Elisa to be easy-going Smile.

Elisa saw Kaede appear, her serious expression suddenly slowed down, she closed the eyes slightly, then opened again, exhaled, and said: “You are too indulgent to them.”


“Kaede…Kaede big brother ……”

Lucy turned her head slightly in amazement and looked towards the back, looked at Kaede’s sunny and easy-going face as usual, mixed with grievances and moving emotions After standing up, he couldn’t help but rushed towards Kaede, hugged Kaede with both hands, and burst into tears.

“Yes, I’m sorry…I broke the rules without holding back for a while…”

Kaede shaking ones head lost a smile, reached out and held her away, fingers on her face I scratched it, scratching a ray of tears, and said, “Why cry like in childhood? Okay, let’s go. It’s time to clean up the mess you made.”

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