Control Time in Naruto Chapter 734

Elsa and Leo, who were fighting each other, stopped, both showing a look of surprise, simultaneously looking towards the underground in the center of the ruins.

And Lucy, who was fighting on the other side, also stopped, looking towards the center of the ruins with some shaking eyes, and said a little startled:

“This…what a terrifying magic… …”

The other side.

Naz, Gray, and the others who were fighting with Leo’s other companions on the island also stopped and looked towards the central ruins of the island together, revealing a little shock.

A trace of cold sweat overflowed on Gray’s forehead, and said: “Is this…Is Da Liola resurrected? No, this magic is not Da Liola’s feeling, who is this?!”

Leo Impossible has such a magical power.

This magic power is almost comparable with his Master Ulu, and the most important thing is that this magic power gives him the feeling that it is so similar to Ulu!

Below the ruins.

Kaede stood there wearing a loose magic robe, looked at Urutia, who burst out of magic power, and said in an easygoing manner: “You have indeed grown up. Seeing you have such faith, I will accept Your challenge is over, come on.”


Kaede’s attitude made Urrutia’s eyes heavier.

She knows that her magical power is definitely not worse than the lower ones in the Saint Ten Great Demon guide, but even if the magical power bursts like this, Kaede does not have any nervous look or even much attitude. Changes.

This made her wonder what level of Kaede’s strength was.

In fact, her due diligence on Kaede in the past few years has never found out Kaede’s true strength. The current limited information is that Kaede’s personal strength is at least at the Saint Ten level.

Anyway, at this moment, she has to make an attempt. Regardless of Kaede’s strength, she will always have to fight once to determine the true level of Kaede’s strength.

One thought of this.

Urutia lifted his palm, and the crystal ball in his palm suddenly transformed into countless afterimages, which floated up into the sky instantly and turned into countless balls of light.

This is the arc of lost magic time. The crystal balls that are transformed are all’futures’ manipulated by time magic!

“The gods…brilliance!!!”

Urutia raised his palm and made an imposing-manner shouted, and accompanied by a surge of magic power, that one A crystal ball from the future all bloomed rays of light.

The rays of light gathered together, with Kaede as the center, focusing on his strikes in the past, using the power of the future to annihilate his body strikes into pieces!


Just when these rays of light were about to approach Kaede’s body, he kept a light look on his face, and raised his left hand with a casual wave.

With a certain force blooming instantly.

The magical one after another beam, in this brief moment, is all frozen in the sky!


All the beams collapsed silently!

Those phantom crystal balls also broke and shattered one after another, together with the original one, were also broken into countless fragments and flew towards all directions and disappeared.

Urutia groaned, feeling a heavy blow to her magic power, shaking her body, taking two steps back, and her face suddenly turned pale.

She looked towards Kaede with a look of horror.

“This…this is the arc of time. Impossible…”

The power that Kaede waved just now, out of thin air, is exactly the exact training she worked with. The same magic, the arc of lost magic time!

Wan divine light Yao is not broken, but disintegrated!

Disintegrated by the same magic!

“The future flashes!”

Urudia’s eyes are a little bit unbelievable. She clenched the teeth and put her hands together again, the broken crystal ball reappeared, Kaede is surrounded in the center.

But Kaede just looked at her casually, and then waved it casually again, and the power that also belonged to the arc of time burst out, stronger than her, and more profound than her!

The countless crystal balls shattered once again!


Urutia once again felt the power of Kaede and was completely sure that what Kaede used was the lost arc of magic time, and not only Magic is far more bottomless than her, and even the depth of understanding and mastery of the arc of time far exceeds her!

There was a little fear in her eyes, she stepped back in small steps, then jumped up suddenly, trying to escape.

But when she just jumped up, Kaede extended the hand and pointed at her.


A simple imprisonment magic, released in the hands of Kaede, like a god Willpower, split second freezes Urutia in the sky, letting She seemed to be frozen!

Her body can no longer move, but her consciousness is not at all frozen.

Kaede slowly walked to her front, looked at her with a faint smile, and then extended the hand gently hooked her chin.

This time, her facial confinement was lifted, allowing her to move her eyes and speak, but her body was still in confinement, no matter how hard she struggled, she could not break free.

“You…what do you want to do…”

Kaede looked in front of him, Urrutia’s eyes trembled.

Kaede said in an easy-going manner: “You challenged me and I accepted it. If you win, I will erase the words on your body, but now you lose, how can you just run away like this? , You should accept the punishment you deserve.”

Kaede rested her chin with her hand, looked at Urutia, showing a thoughtful look, and said: “Well… the words have been written, then write It seems too boring once again, oh yes, it seems good.”

While talking.

Kaede showed a slight smile, suddenly raised his hand and pointed at Urutia’s brow.

Urutia was frightened, bad thoughts emerged, and wanted to avoid it, but the body was imprisoned, unable to move even a little bit, so I could only watch Kaede’s finger point on it. Her eyebrows.

Nothing is heard.

She felt an inexplicable force covering her body.

This power made her within-the-body’s huge magic power rapidly diminish and decay, and her body quickly lost power.


Kaede retracted his finger and waved his hand gently, releasing the imprisonment magic.

Urutia fell to the ground, her first reaction was to escape, but before she could move, the clothes on her body slipped off.

It’s not that the clothes were untied, but that the clothes became a big circle inexplicably – no, to be more precise, she should be a circle smaller!

“This is…”

Urudia’s subconscious hand wrapped his clothes and covered his body. At the same time, he noticed that his hands had become much smaller, and his eyes There was an incredible look in it.

She touched her cheek, and she could feel that she was indeed getting smaller. It was not just her body getting smaller, but her age getting younger, returning to the age of about twelve years old!

This is impossible!

The arc of time cannot go back to the time of a living object! Otherwise, this magic is almost absolutely invincible!

But his physical condition is clearly back to the age of about twelve years old!

“Well, this look is much more cute.”

Kaede commented with great interest, “Then the punishment this time is that the body stays at twelve forever. ‘S age is better.”

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