Control Time in Naruto Chapter 735

“No…this is impossible…how can this kind of thing be done.”

Urudia is talking about her becoming ill after her body becomes smaller. The fit, very spacious clothes covered the body, showing an unbelievable look.

Kaede admired her loss one’s head out of fear, smiled lightly, and said: “Why can’t it be done? How much do you think you have mastered the magic of time?”

As for the ability to control time, no one in this World can surpass him, because even the Supreme God Minkaus who created this world cannot get rid of his Time Freeze.

The Power of Time from Unreal Clock is far superior to the entire world. In this World, Kaede has mastered all magic except One Magic, and it is also the highest rank .

Urutia’s power in terms of time is as immature as a ten-year-old girl in his eyes, and it is unobstructed.


Urudia looked towards Kaede’s eyes with a little fear, holding the large clothes in both hands, and staggering back.

Mastering the arc of time, she can indeed feel her own state clearly, and can sense that her own body is imprisoned by a powerful Power of Time, and her body age is indeed fixed. .


After taking two steps back, because the body became smaller and the clothes were wide, the clothes that were too long dragged on the ground, causing Urrutia to stagger to attire, and then the whole person lost his balance. All of a sudden fell to the ground.

This fell down, and the clothes were torn off all of a sudden. Urrutia sat on the ground, feeling a pain, but still creded out in surprise, and immediately pulled up the clothes again. Wrap yourself and curl up there, shivering looked towards Kaede.

Kaede smiled and appreciated her loss.

The body of the girl after getting smaller is of course nothing to see. After all, he is not abnormal, but the look of Lose one’s head out of fear in Urutia is quite interesting, unlike hers many years ago. It looks exactly the same.

“Look, see what…”

While Urrudia was panicked, he noticed Kaede’s eyes and expressions, there was another strong shame, and could not help but bite Tooth start to talk.

Kaede faintly smiled and said: “Nothing, you can go, or do you want to stay and meet your mother Ulu?”

Urutia was slightly surprised, Said: “…what did you say?”

Kaede turned his head, looked towards the demon Daliola who was frozen not far away, and said calmly: “Your mother is an excellent wizard. I plan to save her life and reverse her absolute freezing.”

“Reversing absolute freezing?”

Urutia looked stunned, and immediately wanted to say impossible, because The ice formed by the absolute ice that Ulu used to perish with Dalioola is life-bearing, and the arc of time cannot release anything that is alive and cannot reverse the absolute ice.

But thinking that Kaede made her body smaller, and even forced her body to be fixed at the age of twelve, Kaede seemed to be able to reverse the absolute freezing!

The relationship between Urudia and her mother Ulu is not good.


It’s just a unilateral bad caused by misunderstanding.

Uludia’s magical power in childhood was so powerful that her body could not bear it, so Ulu had to send her to the Institute of Magic for treatment.

Later, Uludia escaped from the Institute of Magic and went to find Ulu, only to see Ulu, Leo and Gray, two dísciples together, and mistakenly thought Ulu abandoned her, right She didn’t care, so she went into the dark.

Ulu himself did not know this.

After that, the Daliola incident happened. She used Absolute Freeze to turn herself into ice, perish together with Daliola.


Kaede faintly smiled, without speaking, just under Urrutia’s gaze, he went straight to the piece of ice that had frozen Dalioola, Then waved.

The rays of light of time bloomed out, and the huge piece of ice was covered in an instant, and then the time in the entire area was quickly reversed.

crash-bang! ! !

The ice cubes frozen on Dalioola’s body gradually emit rays of light, and then turn into slices of ice. The magic power is stripped off, and converges toward one place, where it gradually gathers into one Human form.


Uludia looked at this scene, could not help but clenched the teeth a little, resentment flashed in his eyes, after biting his lip, took a Deep breath, the clothes were torn apart, half of the clothes were tied to the body, covering the body, and then jumped, jumped up, and quickly disappeared into the distance.

Kaede glanced at in the direction of Urudia’s escape, and slightly shaking ones head, then did not care about her, but turned and looked towards the side.

This time.

Grey, Leo, Elisa, Lucy and the others all rushed over, all appeared above, and jumped off to the side.

In the scene before gazed’s eyes, Gray’s eyes vibrated and couldn’t help saying: “This…what is this? What’s going on…”

“I reversed the absolute freezing. “

Kaede’s easy-going look towards the silhouette where the rays of light converge, said: “Your Master is an excellent wizard. You shouldn’t just die like this.”

Reverse Absolute Ice Knot?

Grey froze for a moment. Leo, who was not far away, was also slightly stunned. The subconscious wanted to refute, but then a huge magical power surged, turning into a tide and exploding towards all directions.


Gray and Leo and the others couldn’t help raising their arms in front of them.

weng!! !

After a brief burst of the vast magical power, it instantly shrank inward and returned to the center where the light beams converged.

The white rays of light quickly dissipated, and a silhouette appeared there, which looked similar to Urutia, but had short hair.

It is the Master of Gray and the mother of Urutia, who unleashes the absolute freezing of Uru!

Under Gray and Leo’s dull eyes.

I saw Ulu standing there, gradually eyes opened, and then looked towards Kaede next to him, with a shock in his eyes.


Absolute freezing is the seal magic that allows the releaser to turn himself into ice, and the seal magic that is perished together with the enemy becomes ice equivalent to death.

But even so, after changing into ice, her consciousness is still attached to the ice. Only when the ice is completely lifted, her soul will ascend to heaven.

Although in the ice, she cannot sense what happened outside, but at this time she knows what happened, that is, the absolute freezing has been reversed!

The wizard in front of you used some kind of magic to reverse the absolute freezing!


She gazed Kaede and couldn’t help but start to talk with some shock.

But without waiting for her to say anything, a violent magic suddenly broke out from the side, interrupting her words and making her was startled.

Absolute Freeze was reversed, she was resurrected, and the demon Dalioula, who was frozen by Absolute Freeze, was also resurrected!

It made a roar.

Along with the explosion of horrible magic, rays of light soared into the sky!

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