Control Time in Naruto Chapter 736



Seeing Ulu’s resurrection, Gray and Leo both revealed The dull gaze, some unbelievable looked at this scene.

But before they were sluggish for long, the huge wave of magic power not far away awakened them, and Elisa and the others could not help but look simultaneously.


Gray saw the silhouette, and the pupils shrank violently, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead almost instantly, recalling the fear long ago.

Ulu has been resurrected, and the demon Dalioola has also revived!

He almost clearly remembers that he used to try to find Daliola for revenge, and was almost killed. It was Ulu who arrived in time to save him and then fought Daliola. , But it was lost, and finally had to use absolute ice to perish together with Dalio La.

Although Ulu was resurrected by Kaede’s inexplicable ability to reverse the absolute freezing, but the demon Dalioola also recovered, which made his body tremble violently!


Leo looked at this scene beside him, and his body trembled violently.

He wants to use the moon drops to dissolve the absolute ice and release Dalioola, the purpose is to defeat Dalioola to prove that he has surpassed Uru, but Uru is resurrected , The faith that supported him and Willpower dissipated. At this time, seeing the resurrected Daliola, he felt the terrifying magic and terrifying imposing-manner, and he felt his body tremble constantly.

There is an emotion called fear growing in my heart.

Killing, tyranny, ravages, torture, massacre, death…

Various kinds of terrifying aura erupted from Daliola’s body, and it made a shock to the sky. With a roar like the earth and the earth, he raised his huge hand and grasped it into a fist, and violently hammered down towards Kaede, Ulu and the others below!

“Not good!”

Ulu saw this scene, the pupils suddenly shrank, cry out in surprise, and immediately rushed forward to release magic to try to stop.

But she only took a step forward here, and she was suddenly blocked by Elisa who was standing not far away.

Elisa stood in front of her, stretched out her hand to block her, and calmly looked towards Daliola, who exudes terrifying magic, not at all, showing any look of fear, and said:

“Don’t worry, just leave it to Kaede.”

Kaede told her that he can deal with Daliola, and Elisa naturally believed in Kaede’s words. Because Kaede never lied, and Kaede character is also very humble, can say that it can deal with Daliola, then it must be not only a little bit better than Daliola, can only barely win the kind, but far better than Dai Leola is much stronger!

Ulu was blocked by Elisa, she looked towards the front, and saw Kaede had turned around, facing Dalioola and her back.

“Watch out!”

Although Kaede reversed the absolute freezing and resurrected her with a certain ability, she did not sense any powerful magical fluctuations in Kaede, so Seeing Daliola’s fist hit Kaede, she couldn’t help but remind her in surprise.

But at the moment of herself, her expression split second freezes.

Grey and Leo, who were standing not far away, both had their eyes dull at the same time, especially Leo, feeling that the whole mind seemed to be blank by the impact of split second.

See you!

In the face of Dalioola’s turbulent magic power, stronger than the magic power of the Saint Ten Great Demon, and the fist that was shot down, Kaede just made a fist with a simple right hand and greeted him. , As if casually, punched the air.

Compared with Dalioola’s huge fist, his fist is like a small stone against a tall stone statue, but after this fist falls, it is like a paintbrush, and the split second places the fist directly above it. Everything was wiped out!

You can see it!

Daliola’s upper body disappeared directly, and the upper half of the entire ruins almost instantly turned into powder and disappeared, revealing the darkened sky outside!

What’s more shocking is that you can see the sky above the sky, where I don’t know how high, there are traces like ice fragments, as if the entire sky is penetrated by this fist !


Lucy looked this scene dumbfounded, she couldn’t help holding her face in her hands, staring and spitting out: “This is too strong, too exaggerated. Hey!”

Even Elisa looked at the top of the disappeared ruins, including Dalioola’s upper body, and looked towards the sky where there were countless cracks, showing a trace of consternation.

“This is…giving the sky…”


Kaede slowly put down the fist, turned around and smiled easily, and said:” It is not a crack in the sky, but a crack in the moon drop. These people gather the power of the moonlight, but some of the scattered moonlight power forms a barrier above the island, and what is broken is that thing.”

Elisa showed a daze, and said: “so that’s how it is.”

Lucy is also patted her chest, relaxed, and showing a little scared gaze, she said: “I Just say… how could it have broken the sky, that is too ridiculous, this kind of thing is still impossible to do.”

Kaede glanced at her, smiled softly, and did not Without explaining, he can easily penetrate the sky as long as he thinks about it, penetrate the Star Spirit Realm with one blow, and even penetrate the entire sky of the Star Spirit Realm.

Doing that will bring world disasters, just a random shot, it is completely unnecessary to make such a big movement, after all, he is not trying to pretend.


Kaede puts down his hand, ignoring Daliola’s half body behind him, directly looks towards Ulu, and said peacefully: “You should return not quite clear What happened, so the specific situation, let your dísciple Gray explain it to you.”

Speaking of which, he looked towards Gray and gestured.

Gray gradually recovered from the shock, and after looking at Kaede, he took a deep breath, calmed down forcibly, and looked towards Ulu.

Under depression, he saw the mood swings of Master again. He quickly told about what happened here, making Ulu stunned for a short time, and then looked towards Leo, helplessly sighed.

Beyond her.

This is not Leo’s personal goal, it is also her goal for Leo to move forward, but didn’t expect to become Leo’s bondage after her death, making Leo paranoid. This made her want to scold Leo very much, but seeing that Leo was beaten by Elisa was hurt, she could only stop and sigh for a while.

Kaede didn’t pay attention to Ulu and the two dísciples. Instead, he turned his attention to Naz, who was arriving slowly. Faint smile said: “You are a commissioner of S-Rank, you can steal it. Is it comfortable? Naz.”


Naz ran all the way, but he didn’t figure out what was going on. Hearing Kaede’s words, suddenly his expression became stiff. , And the flying next to Hobby was suddenly sluggish.

The two looked at each other, and then nodded, simultaneously turned their heads and ran.

dong! dong!

Kaede didn’t take action, but Elisa’s eyes were cold, and one stepped to catch up, swinging the big sword, fiercely with the blade Knocked both Naz and Hobby’s heads, knocking them all to the ground, and then grabbed Hobby’s tail with one hand and Naz’s scarf with the other, dragging them up, Flicked from the back and threw it to the ground.

“The matter has not been resolved yet, Naz! Come with me back to see the chairman!”

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