Control Time in Naruto Chapter 737

“So what are your plans next?”

Kaede looked Ulu easy-going start to talk.

Grey also stood by, looked towards Ulu, and couldn’t help saying: “This is the world ten years from now, Master, if you have nowhere to go, you can come to our guild…”


Ulu’s eyes blinked and said: “Is it Fairy Tail?”

Although it has been frozen for ten years, Fairy Tail was Fiore’s most famous guild ten years ago. , Is also recognized as the strongest guild, because in the first five of the Saint Ten Great Demon, there is a fairy tail veteran-Volod Sinken.

After thinking for a while, Ulu still gently shaking ones head, smilingly said: “It’s still not, you have grown up, Gray, with your guild and companions, the apprenticeship has been successfully completed. I don’t need me to be with you anymore.”


Gray couldn’t help starting to talk.

But before he finished speaking, Ulu smiled and interrupted: “I have been in a frozen state for ten years, and I don’t know the world today, but I still want to do it. Things.”

Speaking of this, she paused, looked towards Kaede, and said with a serious look: “You saved my life. Do you have anything you need me to do?”


Kaede gently shaking ones head.

Ulu said resolutely: “Then if you have any needs, you can come to me at any time, and I will definitely do my best to help.”

Kaede slightly smiled, Said: “Go and start your new journey. After you finish what you have to do, you can join Fairy Tail.”

Ulu paused for a while, and then nodded with a smile, Said: “Well, since you also invited me, then I will.”

Perish together with Daliola is a sudden occurance. She will recover after ten years, and there are still many things in the past that have not been resolved. Including her daughter Urutia, she also wants to find her.

Kaede glanced at Ulu, as if seeing through her thoughts, chuckled, and reminded: “If you want to find your daughter, she is now a member of the Magic Council.”


Ulu was surprised, and said: “A member of the council? She has reached that height.”

The Magic Council is above the guild and is the center of the magic of the entire Ishugar continent. There is a speaker and several councillors who determine the future direction of the magic world.

The strength of the councilors may not be all strong, but their status is almost the highest in the magic world.

“Okay, that time is almost the same, let’s not live here.”

Kaede did not reveal any more information, only smiled at Ulu nodded, and then Bring Lucy and Elisa and the others to the village in the distance.

Ulu smiled and waved at the back of Kaede and the others, then looked towards Leo beside him, and said:

“What are your plans?”

“I…I will continue to train and take risks, in order to exceed your agreement.”

Leo started to talk slowly after hesitating for a while.

“That’s good.”

Ulu smiled slightly, then walked in the other direction, and disappeared quickly, leaving only Leo and him down. The land’s companions and subordinates are still in ruins.


another side.

Elisa looked towards Nazgray with an indifferent gaze, and said: “By the way, don’t consider the reward of the mission. This time you stole the mission commission temporarily, not officially accepted by the guild, so you I am not eligible to receive the reward of the mission.”


Natz and Gray both suddenly became stiff eyes.

7 million J!

The reward for this mission is 7 million J!

But as I think about it, this mission was completely completed after Elisa and Kaede joined. From this point alone, they are indeed not eligible for the reward of the mission.

Lucy’s expression was also a bit stiff. After a short hesitation, she dragged Kaede’s attier with her little hand, showing an imploring look. The two little hands closed in front of her and said: “The official reward is It shouldn’t be taken, but there is a key to the zodiac in the extra reward, that, can you…”


Elisa retorted.

But Kaede smiled here. Although he knew that Lucy’s pitiful appearance was pretended, he didn’t hate this naughty, cute and lively Eldest Miss.

“It is true that I am not qualified to receive the reward from the mission, but I have also completed the commission. From this perspective, I also have the right to ask for a certain amount of remuneration. It is not too much for a key.”

“Oh!! Kaede big brother, you are very good!”

Lucy suddenly cheered when she heard Kaede’s words. She was emotional for a while, and suddenly hugged I took Kaede and kissed Kaede on the cheek.

Elisa looked at this scene, helplessly sighed, and said: “You are too used to them.”

Kaede laughed, let Lucy hang on her body, and said:” After all, it’s not really an unforgivable mistake of betraying the guild and hurting your companions.”


The entire group arrived at the village on the island and took the reward for mission and the key to the zodiac Sagittarius from the village. After that everyone left the island and returned to Magnolia.


On the street.

Lucy smiles and feels very happy.

Although Makarov may be reprimanded and punished by President Makarov in the future, Kaede is not angry here, and she has also obtained the key to the zodiac she wants, so her mood is naturally very active.

“How about a trip to Fernos in a few days. I heard that the hot spring there is famous in the world. I have always wanted to go but never had a chance to go.”

“Well, hot spring? It would be nice to have a leisure time besides the mission.”

Kaede groaned and touched his chin.

Elisa next to her helplessly shaking one’s head, said: “I got the free travel voucher over there before, and I planned to invite Kaede to go with you in two days.”

Grey looked over and said, “Hot spring vacation? It sounds great.”

Elisa said blankly: “The free coupons are only two, so don’t you I thought about it.”

Lucy couldn’t help but smile when she saw this, and shrank her neck, always feeling like she had somehow ruined Elisa’s plan.

And just at this time.

Naz suddenly uttered a shocked voice and said: “What is that?!”

Elisa and Gray and the others are simultaneously turning their heads and looking towards The fairy tail guild in front was where the guild was pierced back and forth by the huge iron pillar, as if it had been attacked!

“Really did some excessive things.”

Kaede looked this scene and started to talk with a dull look.

After Naz realized that the guild had been attacked, he immediately became disabled to restrain one’s anger, and flames ignited on the fist, and gnashing one’s teeth said: “hateful…who is it?! “

Elisa sullenly, looked at this scene, and said: “The legacy pattern on it is… the chapter of the Nether Ghost’s Guild of Dominators!”

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