Control Time in Naruto Chapter 739


Just as Jet and Troy were fighting, a voice came from the darkness.

A man with black messy lion hair and multiple earrings on his face walked out of the darkness slowly and looked towards Jet and Troy, grinned at them.


Jette and Troy, who were scrambling, immediately stood up, instinctively felt threatened, both simultaneously looked towards the man who walked over from the dark.

The one who emerged from the dark street lamp is one of the members of the Nether Ghost’s Dominator’s Guild. He also came across the Eclipse Protoss Gate with Naz, Wendy and the others. One of the five dragon-killing wizards-Iron Dragon Gajru!

“If you didn’t recognize the wrong person, you should be the wizard of Fairy Tail?”

Gajiro looked at Jet and Troy and raised their fist, grinned , Showing a look that looked very vicious.

Jet wrinkled frowned and stared at Jajru and said, “You guy…it looks like the iron dragon Jajru of the Nether Ghost? so that’s how it is, you did the guild thing before Come on!”

“Yes, it is this Sir.”

Gajiro was grinned and said: “You have very bad luck today. You met this Sir, and this Sir Now I’m trying to find someone to beat me up.”

Hearing what Gajiro said, Jeter glanced at Troy next to him, and then sneered, and said: “Is it up to you? Only dare to sneak in at night Attack the mouse.”

The iron dragon Jagiru is also a very fierce wizard in the magic world. It is one of the four elements of the Nether Ghost, “Wind, Fire, Rock and Iron”. If you encounter other alone When it comes to side, Jet and Troy will most likely be afraid, but at this moment, there is a companion beside him, and there is only Gajiro on the opposite side, so they don’t have that many fear in their hearts.

It is worth mentioning.

If there is no Kaede to interfere with the plot, Jubia, the rain girl, should now be the Water Element, one of the four elements of the Nether Ghost, but because of Kaede, Jubia could not join the Nether Ghost, so Nether The water in the four elements of Ghost is replaced by Jajru.


Gajiro hey, not too much nonsense, he came up with a punch.

Jett and Troy immediately began to fight together.


Although Gajru’s current strength is not much different from Naz, it can only be said to be close to S-Rank but not up to the S-Rank standard, but this level is also better than Jett It’s much better than Troy.

In addition, the dragon-killing wizard itself has a variety of strong characteristics, within-the-body also has the power of the iron dragon Medalicana, and it can be opened suddenly under a desperate situation. In this case Jett and Troy are obviously impossible to be the opponent of Gajiro.

Only supporting a few moves, the two were defeated and knocked down by Gajiro.

“merely this.”

Gajiro looked at Jet and Troy’s patted hands, who were knocked out by him, started to talk with a hint of mockery, and kicked out , Kicked the two of them to the tree next to him, then shook his hand, and threw a pile of steel nails out, nailing the two to the tree.

After finishing, he turned his head and looked towards the direction Lebby had left, and stepped to catch up.

Lebby is walking on the path leaving the park.

She is now in the heart and starts to struggle again. She always lacks self-confidence in herself. Although Kaede treats her very well, she is still hesitating if doing something’excessive’ will cause Kaede is disgusted and so on, but when you think about it, Jubia’s behavior doesn’t seem to be that serious. The worst result should be that Kaede’s favorability does not increase.

It’s worth taking the courage to try.

While thinking like this in her heart, Lebby’s footsteps suddenly stopped because she heard a heavy footstep coming from behind, and she was very synchronized with her, on this quiet path It is very clear.

When she stopped, the footsteps behind her also stopped.


Lebby turned his head a little bit and looked back, and saw the silhouette of Gajiro standing ten meters away.

The moment she saw Gajiro, her pupils shrank slightly, and immediately recognized the identity of the other side. When she thought of the previous incident of the guild being sneak attacked, she immediately felt the crisis.


I was targeted by the Nether Ghost people!

Her expression became tense in an instant, and her breathing became a bit stagnant. After she took a breath, she immediately started to run away, and ran away quickly.

She has no confidence in strength. The main reason is that her usual research direction is technique formula magic and text magic, which belong to the type of’tool man’, and the intensity is not high in frontal combat. Moreover, the other side is a wizard with a fierce reputation. Of course, she has no idea of ​​recklessly.


She only ran a few steps here, and a black shadow slashed across in the sky, and slammed in front of her with a bang. It was a thick iron pillar above the iron pillar. The silhouette of Gajru squatting.

“Flee when you see someone, is this the wizard of Fairy Tail?”

Gajiro looked towards Lebby, he let out a look of disdain and mockery.

Rebby’s footsteps stopped and took two steps back. He looked towards Gajiro and slightly clenched the teeth and said, “Sneak attack in a sneaky ambush at night. You Nether Ghost can only do this. Is something wrong?”


Gajiro raised his fist, patted his palm, made a muffled sound, then jumped off the iron pillar, raised his head and said: “No, I don’t have a sneak attack behind me. This is a head-on fight, are you ready to take the move?”

Lebby knew that it was difficult to escape, slightly clenched the teeth, put his fingers in his pocket, touched his magic pen, and then fiercely. He raised his hand and scribbled a word in the sky.

“Three-dimensional text——flame!”

bang!! !

In the sky, the word “flame” appeared, and then turned into a piece of flame and strikes towards Gajiro. It looks gorgeous, but in fact the formidable power is very ordinary.

Gajiro let out a hey, without going to dodge, he waved the fist forward and forcibly broke the flame, and rushed to the front of Lebby.

“It seems that you only have this ability.”

As the voice fell, he lifted his leg and swept towards Lebby, kicking Lebby away. Get out.

Rebby rolled to the left with difficulty, avoiding Gajiro’s foot.

Gajiro took a slow step to reach Lebby’s, then raised his left leg, the split second leg turned into a huge piece of steel and smashed it down towards Lebby.

“Three-dimensional text——Guardian!”

Lebby faced this blow, because she was rolling on the ground just now, she couldn’t avoid it at this time, and she was forced to go as fast as possible , Released a text magic.

The text instantly turned into a white magical barrier, blocking her right above.

ka-cha! ! !

Gajiro’s foot fell and kicked on the magic barrier, split second made the magic barrier appear ice-like cracks, and spread one by one.

Lebby held the pen, gritted his teeth, desperately inspiring the magic within-the-body, trying to maintain this magical barrier, but only persisted for two seconds before being forcibly crushed by Gajru !


The barrier shattered, and Jajiru’s iron dragon stick continued to fall towards her top of the head.

Faced with this blow, panic appeared in her eyes, but she had no choice but to stretch out her delicate arms to block the top of the head while lowering her head, trying to reduce the impact The injury she caused.

One second…

Two seconds…

The heavy blow that was envisioned did not come, and the air suddenly fell silent inexplicably.

Lebby’s eyes opened a little bit, showing a dazed gaze, then slowly put down her hands, looked up, and saw a pale-gold magic barrier. Shi appeared in front of her and blocked Jajru’s blow!

“This magic is…”

She was stunned for a short time, and then she showed a look of joy. She is very familiar with this magic, it can be said to be too familiar——

This is Kaede’s magic!

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