Control Time in Naruto Chapter 741

Magnolia Park.

A large number of silhouettes gathered here, all of them are fairy tail wizards. Elsa, Mira and the others all arrived, all gathered in front of a big tree.

Everyone looked up at the big tree in front of gazed, their expressions were all depressed, and the atmosphere in the whole field was vaguely felt as if layers of explosives were gradually being ignited.

Elisa said nothing, her eyes filled with anger.

Mila also looked cold.

And just then.

The sound of a cane leaning on the ground came, and the crowd behind step aside a road, and saw Makarov walking over with a wooden staff, step by step.

He looked up glanced at Jet and Troy who were hung on the tree, then slowly lowered his head, raised his left hand to cover his face, his fingers and body were tight.

After a brief shaking.

His suppressed voice slowly starts to talk: “If it’s just destroying the guild, I can bear it, but it is absolutely unbearable to start with the children of my guild as a parent…”

ka-cha! ! !

As the voice fell, Makarov’s fingers pressed hard, and the wooden staff in his hand was suddenly crushed into countless sawdust.

He lifts the head suddenly, and a terrible anger appeared in his eyes. The short body is not tall, but like a, it brought up an angry fire that soared into the sky. !

“Go to war!”

As Makarov’s voice fell, Naz and the others, who had already been so angry next to him, naturally could no longer be contained, simultaneously. There was a roar into the sky.

Makarov turned his head, looked towards Kaede, and said: “Kaede, you and Lucy stay with the guild, take care of the wounded and the children of the guild, this time the old man will personally lead the team!”


When he heard Makarov’s words, Kaede started a little bit, but didn’t care. It didn’t matter whether he went or not. It didn’t matter where he went. His eyes could see the end of the world and he could take a step. Leap to the end of the world.

“Let’s wait.”

Kaede closed the eyes slightly after thinking a little, then opened it again, a pale-gold gleam appeared in front of her eyes A lot of pictures of the future flashed through.

After seeing these pictures of the future, he was slightly surprised, in the heart chuckles “interesting”, and then stopped predicting the future, looking towards Makarov: “This time Fighting is not simple, I will call you Laxus and Mistgang.”

With the voice falling.

Kaede didn’t wait for Makarov’s response, so he stretched out his hand directly, put his hand into the void, and then casually tugged, two spaces were immediately pulled over by him.

What fell out of the two spaces is the silhouette of Laxus and Mistgang. It is worth mentioning that because of Kaede, Mistgang is still in the world. .


After Mistgang landed, he staggered and quickly stood firm. He was not very surprised when he saw Kaede, because he knew he could be separated by several It is estimated that only Kaede is the country that moved directly with space magic, so his eyes are more solemn, saying: “What happened?”

If it didn’t happen If anything, Kaede It shouldn’t be moved him over all the way.

Kaede calmly said: “Several guilds have united and done some excessive things. Now I have to go to them to settle accounts, and you will pass together.”

Laxus frowned , But after a glance with Kaede, he moved his irritation away, looked towards other people, and said: “What’s the matter?”

Makaou next to him quickly explained a few words to him. .

Hearing that the ruler of the Nether Ghost destroyed the guild, and then carried out a sneak attack at night, Laxus frowned, and a touch of irritation appeared in his eyes.

Although he does not recognize other people except Kaede too much, because in his eyes other people are too weak, and the atmosphere and style of the guild are not strong enough, but they are used by other guilds. He was provoked by means, and then was pulled over by Kaede a long distance away, inevitably being angry.

“Nether Ghost? Very good…”

Laxus coldly-snorted, glanced at Makarov, and said: “This time it is a rare plan to move It’s true once, Old Master.”

Makarov has always been a little uncontrollable with the grandson of Laxus, but at this point in time he has no intention of thinking about those things, only said with a sullen face:” Let’s go, Laxus.”

As the voice fell, he strode forward directly.

On the side of the guild, the other wizards who received the summoning gathered together one by one under the simple command of Makarov, leaving a small number of people to take care of the injured Jet and Troy. The two guarded the guild together, and the other people all attacked and rushed to the Nether Ghost’s dominator guild!


In the guild.

There are a total of four wizards left, namely Kaede, Lucy, Rebby and Wendy. Lucy is a newcomer. Rebby has just been attacked. Wendy’s character is too weak, and she His magic is also more towards healing, so Makarov chose three people and Kaede to stay together.

Of course, the other three people stay behind because they are not suitable to participate in frontal combat. In fact, Kaede is the one who Makarov asked to stay behind because Makarov, as the president, knows the fairy tail. There are very important things in the underground bottom of the guild that cannot be lost.

If the other side suddenly attacked the guild while all of them were dispatched, and destroyed the upper part, it would be fine. If it destroys the underground and steals the underground things, then the trouble will be big. , Makarov was unable to explain to President First-Kage and President Second-Kage.

Kaede stayed behind and he was at ease.

After all, Makarov knows that Kaede’s strength is not weaker than him.

Wendy is standing next to Jet and Troy, and stretches out a small hand to release Green’s healing magic to heal their injuries.

After treatment for a while, she looked towards Kaede and said hesitantly: “Kaede big brother, my healing magic is still a little bit…”

Kaede smiled warmly and said : “You still need to grow.”

As the voice fell, he flicked his fingers, and a ray of green light flew out, split into two halves in the sky, and fell to Jie Te and Troy’s body, with a faster speed, instantly healed the injuries on the two of them.

Seeing this scene, Lebby standing next to him called out:

“Jett? Troy?”

“Stop calling them, I will add With a little sleep magic, let them sleep.”

Kaede patted Lebby’s shoulder lightly.

Lebby is nodded and looks back.

Lucy stood beside, looked towards the guild window, bit her lip slightly and said: “The people of Nether Ghost are really too much, doing this kind of thing…”

Wendy also looked towards the window, with a little worry in her big eyes, and came to Kaede next to him and said: “Will the president be in danger?”

“Believe in the strength of the president.”

Rebby looked towards Wendy and said to Wendy: “President Makarov is the director of Saint Ten Great Demon, and there are Elisa and Laxus, there are four S -Rank wizard is here.”

Lucy also sighed lightly and said: “Yes, I don’t think anyone can beat them at all.”



Kaede gently shaking ones head and looked towards the window, gazing at a long distance, and said: “This battle will indeed be quite difficult. The opponents should be three guilds.”

Lucy, Lebby, and Wendy were all surprised by the three people. Lucy cry out in surprise:

“Three…three?! Isn’t there only Nether Ghost?”

“Nether Ghost has joined forces with the other two guilds, otherwise they would not dare to provoke Fairy Tail easily, but in fact, these two guilds are fine. The real trouble for them is that they do not belong to these three. Another wizard in the guild.”

Kaede started to talk casually.

Heavenly God Serena!

In the absence of Achlea, he is the strongest wizard on this continent. His strength is far above Volod and the others, and he will meet with the Dark Guild Eternal Night Church. The same length, in the case that the plot has not changed, they are all members of the Twelve Shields of the Albarez Empire in the Western Continent.

The current fairy tail, unless it can play the “Magic of One”, or Naz within-the-body Fire Dragon King Igunilu comes out to save the field, otherwise, together with Makarov Together, they can’t beat Heavenly God Serena alone.


Kaede is also trying to see if Fairy Tail faces such a crisis this time, whether it can exert the power of’One Magic’ in the crisis, this is also a rare opportunity, after all If the entire guild is condensed together, it is still very hopeful if you encounter a strong enemy with an extremely terrifying strength.

“If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to save the field… No, it’s a bit too disqualifying if just a Serena asks me to come to the field, um…or wake Ike Leia is done.”

Kaede thought a little, then snapped his fingers lightly.


Far beyond a thousand li.

In the palace of the Phoenix Heart Guild.

A ball of light is floating above the palace, and two naked girls can be seen curled up, almost close to each other, floating quietly in the ball of light, closes the eyes asleep.

At the moment Kaede snapped his fingers, one of the young girls’ eyelashes trembled slightly, and then slowly opened her eyes.

A little bit of confusion flashed in Aikleia’s eyes, and then she started to receive the message that Kaede had awakened her and passed it on to her.

She glanced at Mebis, who was still sleeping close at hand, her body gently moved backwards and flew out of the light group without awakening Mebis.

After landing silently.

The fiery flame hovered around her, and then turned into a phoenix Priestess costume, which she wore on her body, then she turned her head and looked in the direction of the palace’s main gate, and walked forward , Quietly left the palace.

Only a slightly dimmed light group remained in the palace, and Mebis was still asleep.

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