Control Time in Naruto Chapter 742

Above the dim sky, a round of bright moon shed its brilliance, laying a silver screen for the earth, but if you look closely, the moon seems to be stained with a little unknown The blood color seems to indicate that today’s night will not be safe.

Nether Ghost’s dominator guild.

This is still brightly lit. A large number of Nether Ghost’s guild wizards are gathering here. Not only the Nether Ghost’s wizard, but also other wizards with different guild chapters. They come from two other guilds-Black Crow and blood red banners.

These two guilds are not well-known compared to Nether Ghost. The overall strength level is one level weaker than Nether Ghost, but the two guilds combined are also equivalent to Nether Ghost’s fighting strength. .

“Did you say that the wizard of Fairy Tail will really fight over?”

Someone looked towards the Nether Ghost and lifted his chin to start to talk.

Earth Element, one of the four elements, Thor shaved off his beard and smiled hehe: “No! No! No! Don’t worry, Jajru’s shot will definitely irritate them, as long as they Break the peace treaty and take the initiative to fight with us, then our counterattack is very legitimate.”

“As long as your people have no problem, if the wizard who seduces the fairy tail fights over, then we will also I can justify your reinforcements.”

Black Crow’s wizard grinned, raised his hand, and eager to get into action or start on a task, said: “This time must be fiercely for the fairies A lesson from the tail! Hit their names, and we will be able to receive more commissions afterwards.”

The wizards of the many Nether Ghost rulers gathered in the main hall of the guild are all in a while. eager to get into action or start on a task, each grinned with a smile, and began to rest after a banquet.

The night is getting darker.

The sky was gradually shrouded by dark clouds, the moonlight was gone, and the earth was plunged into darkness. In this darkness, it was very abrupt, and a light beam appeared.

Look carefully, you can see that it is a white light curtain, like a banner, and above the beam is the logo of the Fairy Tail Guild.

Walking in the forefront is Makarov, the Third-Kage president of Fairy Tail!

Follow closely from behind are Laxus with a bad look and Mistgang with a face mask, and on both sides are Elsa with Kinoe armor and a combat outfit. Mira.

Except for Kildas’s absence and Kaede’s left-behind guild, four Fairy Tail S-Rank wizards gathered here to declare the war to the ruler of the Nether Ghost!

“It’s a fairy tail!”

“They are here!”

There have been people in the Nether Ghost Guild watching the situation at all times. See you now After arriving at Makarov and the others baleful aura, he immediately looked towards and reminded loudly in the guild.

A large number of wizards gathered in the hall of the guild were scattered in small groups, or chatted or closed their eyes to rest. At this time, after hearing the movement, they all stood up together, their eyes There is a turbulent fighting intent in it.

“It’s finally here.”

“It’s so hard for us to wait!”

“Ahhh…why do I feel so sad, because A powerful guild will be crushed here today…”

The four-element Dakong Alia kept tears, but there was a surge of magic power all over her body, and many wizards were all in the main hall. Standing and gathering inside, the wizards of the three guilds were gathered into three groups. The wizards of the Nether Ghost were more numerous, and the other two guilds were less.

And just then.

There was also a sound of footsteps on the stairs above the guild, and I saw Joseph, the leader of the ruler of the Nether Ghost, walking at the top of the spiral staircase, step by step came to the main hall below, and came to At the forefront of everyone, looked towards the outside of the guild, revealing an evil gaze, saying:

“Go, come with me out to meet the fairies!”

“All members Keep up.”

The presidents of the two wizard guilds with the Black Crow and blood red flags were also commanded by their respective start to talk, and walked out of the main gate behind Joseph, and many wizards in the back also One after another went out.

In the open space where the Nether Ghost’s guild is up ahead, you can see a wizard with a black fairy tail coming over. Everyone or magical power surges, or carrying various weapons, There were cold eyes and angry expressions in his eyes.

Makarov saw the people of the Nether Ghost come out, stopped, raised his left hand to signal everyone in the back to stop, Mistergang, Elsa and the others also stopped Come down.

shua shua! ! !

The wizards of the three guilds on the Nether Ghost are also quickly displayed in front of the guild. Standing at the front of the queue is the president of the three guilds. Joseph stands in the center and leans slightly. A little before.

He looked towards Makarov and slightly raised his face and said: “Long time no see, President Makarov, it should be a few years ago, I really miss it.”



Makarov coldly looked towards Joseph, and said: “You must have a degree of instructing people to come over and provoked. You must attack the children of my guild. What does it mean? Joseph!”

Joseph spread his hands and said innocently: “Is there? I don’t remember that I did such an instruction. Maybe it was just a challenge between the wizards? So you want to fight with our Nether Ghost for the children’s fight?”

Makarov glanced at Joseph and did not respond, but turned to look towards the other next to him. The two presidents, said solemnly: “Are you also involved?”

The president of Black Crow and the president of the blood red banner looked at each other, and calmly looked towards Makarov. , Said: “No, we just happened to be a guest at Nether Ghost. We don’t like to participate in any wars, but if President Makarov insists on breaking the rules of the council and setting off a guild war, then we can only help The Nether Ghost stopped you.”


Makarov lowered his head slightly.

Nothing is heard.

His body began to swell and grow gradually, accompanied by the surging magic power belonging to the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level, turning into a giant bathed in faint golden light, and both eyes radiated photography. The enchanting light of magic power, looked towards Joseph and the others ahead.

“Then no more nonsense, dare to take action against old man’s children, don’t think that human law can protect you, pay the price for your stupid provocation!!”

With the voice falling.

Makarov slammed a punch, Fiercely’s strikes were on the up ahead ground.

Along with the terrifying and turbulent magical explosion, the power of the giant hits the earth, and the whole earth trembles and roars suddenly. The earth of his fist up ahead bursts piece by piece, towards the dominance of the Nether Ghost. The direction of the person spread over.

Along with Makarov’s outrageous shot, Naz and the others at the rear could no longer hold back. Simultaneously roared and roared, and rushed forward. This kind of magic soared to the sky, split second kicked off the guild battle!

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