Control Time in Naruto Chapter 743

“It seems that you are really determined to go to war, Makarov, let’s start.”

Joseph saw Makarov break out The surging magic power also revealed a wicked look, and his body was also surging magic power to the sky.

Makarov’s magic tends to light, while Joseph Bola’s magic tends to dark. The magic of both of them is undoubtedly the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level, compared to today’s Ai Lusha, Laxus and the others are even stronger!

another side.

“All horses come here! See if I won’t blow you up!”

Naz is also filled with flames in his fists, roaring towards the many wizards of the Nether Ghost It rushed to the past, and after a short pause, the wizard on the Nether Ghost side also roared, releasing various magic attacks in the past.

“Less proud of it! Fairy Tail!”

“Don’t want to defeat the ruler of our Nether Ghost!”

bang!! !

The fairy tail headed by Naz, the magic released by the Nether Ghost and the magic of the three guilds on the Nether Ghost collided in the sky, and various colorful rays of light splashed, for a time The terrifying wave that broke out also caused the nearby air to burst.

Laxus’s eyes were cold, and the whole person was bathed in lightning, and he rushed into the crowd instantly, swaying a simple ordinary punch and directly causing four or five Nether Ghost’s wizards to be overturned.

“Dare to provoke Laozi’s guild with this ability?”

The horror might of this blow, coupled with the lightning of Laxas, suddenly let the nearby wizards They all showed a look of horror, and for a time there was horror in their eyes.

But just then.


A beam of dark magic split second entangled and bound Laxus’ body.

This dark magic comes from a small wizard not far away, who is one of the other two guild leaders in alliance with Nether Ghost!

“I’ve heard about Daimyo, the S-Rank wizard of Fairy Tail Laxus. It’s a bit unkind to bully those weak wizards. Let the old man come and play with you.”

As the president of the Black Crow guild, although he is not one of the Saint Ten Great Demon guides, strength is also the second only to Saint Ten Great Demon guide, which is almost equivalent to the magic of Laxus.

“hmph! ”

Laxus is coldly snorted, and the lightning on his body bursts out instantly, forcibly the dark magic that binds him will disintegrate, and at the same time look proudly towards Black Crow’s The president said: “Then you have to be careful, don’t be beaten to death by my punch!”

“Arrogant words.”

The president of Black Crow lightly snorted, with a wave of both hands, the dark magic power of the sky looked towards Laxus surging away, and Laxus was also without showing weakness, the magic power was accumulated in his mouth, and the “Thunder Dragon’s roar” hit the front and collided Came together and fell into a stalemate.

Here Laxus confronts the chairman of Black Crow, and the chairman of the blood color banner takes the initiative to find Mistgang. He is tall and thin, holding a rod in his hand. The red magic banner, with an evil look on his face, gazed Mistgang said:

“Mistgang… Fairy Tail’s most mysterious wizard, let me see your magic. What’s your standard?”


Mistgang wears a mask, looks towards the guild leader of the blood color banner with a calm gaze, then stretches out his hand and waved on his back The wand he was carrying was thrown out by him and inserted in a vertical row in front of him.

The four magic wands are connected together, and the rays of light converge from the top into a string, and then into a group of blue beams, and strikes directly towards the president of the blood color banner.

“Hehe, it’s really extraordinary.”

When the leader of the blood color guild saw it, he let out the magic banner in his hand and put it on the ground with blood color. The barrier opened instantly in front to block Mistgang’s attack, and the two sides also fell into a stalemate.

another side.

Dakong Alia, the head of the Nether Ghost four elements, took the initiative to find Elisa.

“Elsa, the queen of fairies, I am a little sad at the moment, because I feel a powerful guild will be shot down here…”

Elisa looked coldly Towards Alia, there is no fear in the eyes, and some are just plain, saying: “Within two ten moves, you will lose to me.”

“Hoho 嚯, full of confidence.”

Alia made an evil sound, then tore off her blindfold, revealing a pair of terrifying eyes, and then she patted her hands in front of her.

The turbulent magical power an instant swayed towards all directions, turned into a domain-like thing, all of a sudden, enveloping Elisa.


“Dress up, Sword of the Sky Wheel!”

Elisa, facing Aliya’s attack, issued a shouted In a low voice, with a wave of both hands, she released the dress-up magic and switched the Sky Wheel Armor Kinoe. A large number of magic swords spread out behind her, and then turned into countless flying swords, shuttled around in the entire airspace, and toward Aliya attacked.

Alia released her own wind magic, and fought Elisa in the airspace. The fight was also huge, and many wizards nearby were forced to retreat. .

Elfman and Gray faced off against the other two of the four elements, Mira faced the only wizard in Black Crow that reached the S-Rank level, and Naz was against the other two. After removing an S-Rank level wizard in the blood color banner, he was completely in a melee for a while.

In the melee.

The most powerful battlefield is undoubtedly the battle between Makarov in the sky and Joseph Paula, two real Saint Ten Great Demon leaders.

The wizard of the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level, the magic power is no longer limited to its own within-the-body, but can affect the sky and earth outside. Under the magic shock, it can attract the magic power in the atmosphere. The factors are all agitated, causing Heaven and Earth to change color!

At this moment.

The dim sky became clouded due to the confrontation between the two, one after another lightning appeared in the sky, shining the dark battlefield like daylight.

“Dark Combo!”

Joseph Bola opened his hands, the magic of darkness burst out between his five fingers, and the split second turned into five beams of light and shot towards Makarov. .

Makarov stretched out his hand and pushed forward, the golden magic array bloomed, and a large number of magnificent golden arrows were released from the magic array, colliding with Joseph’s dark magic in the sky.

bang! bang! bang!!

The collisions between multiple high-level light magic and high-level dark magic eclipsed the entire Heaven and Earth, and also caused many wizards in the battle to tremble.

In the fight between Makarov and Joseph Bora, Elsa took the lead to defeat the opponent!

Even without Kaede training her, she can beat Alia Osora, not to mention the situation where Kaede instructs her to train. Her current strength is comparable to Laxus, Bialy Ya is one level higher, so Alia can be completely defeated with only ten moves!

After Elisa defeated the opponent, no one of the three guilds on the Nether Ghost was able to block her directly, and she rushed directly into the crowd alone, unstoppable.

After the Nether Ghost was defeated by more than a dozen people in a row, in the chaos, nearly two dozen wizards finally united to release suppressive magic and control Elsa’s actions.


Originally, the three guilds united, and overall it was slightly stronger than the fairy tail side, and the number of wizards was also more than that on the fairy tail side.

But when Elisa defeated Alia, defeated more than a dozen wizards in a row, and restrained nearly 20 people by virtue of strength of oneself, the situation was instantly reversed!

By the strength of oneself against the Three Great Guilds union, the fairy tail still has the upper hand!

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