Control Time in Naruto Chapter 744

in the sky.

The president of Nether Ghost Joseph Paula and the president of Fairy Tail Makarov are still fighting, and the battle between the two Saint Ten Great Demon guides is still the most powerful in battlefield core.

Of course, both sides are also watching the battle situation below.

Seeing that Fairy Tail still has the upper hand over the Three Great Guilds on its own side, Joseph couldn’t help being slightly frowned. It was Kildas going to execute the 100-year mission, Kaede staying behind in the guild, all S -Rank wizard does not have all the staff to attack.

“Worthy-of is the fairy tail, the strongest guild of Ishurgar, even in the face of us, the Three Great Guilds can have the upper hand together, if Kildas and Kaede are here, I’m afraid we This side will collapse soon, right.”

Joseph hand to hand combat with Makarov, while starting to talk at will.

Makarov snorted, said: “I will only use some little tricks that are not visible, how can I win our fairy tail, this is all you having only oneself to blame.”


Joseph showed an evil look on his face and said, “If this is the case, then it seems that I have to interfere a little bit.”


Hearing what Joseph said, Makarov’s face suddenly changed slightly, shouted: “What do you want to do? Joseph!”

“Of course, it made the battle a little bit more intense. “

Joseph Bola started to talk with an evil face, then raised his hand abruptly, and a surging magic power surged out, turning into a purple black rays of light from his body to Splay out.

A large number of densely packed ghost soldiers flew out of the rays of light, pounced on the wizard of the Fairy Tail Guild below, and rushed into the battlefield!

Black Magic——

You soldiers are here!

Originally, the Three Great Guilds had fallen into a disadvantage and became steadily defeated, but with a large number of ghost soldiers made by Joseph entering the battlefield, the situation was suddenly reversed.

Nether Ghost stabilized the situation and started to counterattack the fairy tail!


Makarov saw this, a flash of anger flashed in his eyes, and said: “Fight against me, you dare to be distracted to intervene in other battlefields Joseph!”

Joseph coldly snorted, constantly defending Makarov’s attacks, and at the same time said: “The battle between the guilds is an overall battle, not an individual victory, Ma Karlov.”

After the release of Youbing, his main body magic power dropped to a certain extent, so the front is basically impossible to beat Makarov, and he can only passively defend.

But on the other hand, as long as he defends Makarov’s attack and withstands the attack, sooner or later the fairy tail side will be defeated by his ghost soldier!

If this happens then, it doesn’t matter if he can’t beat Makarov. Once the fairy tail and other people are all defeated, Makarov is left alone.

“It seems that you are determined…”

When Makarov sees this, he takes a deep breath, a cold color flashes in his eyes, and finally no Plans to continue the stalemate with Joseph.

His body suddenly became bigger in the sky, and the golden light burst out of his within-the-body.

“According to the trial process of Fairy Tail, I will give you three countdowns and immediately kneel down and surrender to repent…”


Joseph was taken aback for a moment, and then showed a touch of ridicule, and said, “Are you crazy? Makarov, let me kneel and surrender, what a joke! You are about to lose! Makarov, a fairy The tail will be over soon! Our Nether Ghost will replace you as the strongest guild!”

Makarov was bathed in rays of light and ignored Joseph, just standing there with his hands together , A golden ball of light was brewing in the palm of his hand.

“Three, two…one!”

After counting down the three numbers, Makarov saw that Joseph had no regrets, so he folded his hands to the center, The golden light group closed in his palm and said: “In that case…”

weng!! !

In an instant, a bright golden beam of light shines through the sky instantly!

The vast magic power surged from Makarov’s body and shone toward all directions. It immediately encompassed the entire battlefield, and even shone the mountains outside several hundred li!

This is super magic.

In this World, the number of super magic can be counted on one’s fingers. Even the Saint Ten Great Demon guide, often not everyone can master a super magic.

The super magic used by Makarov at this moment is the earliest magic created by First-Kage President Mebis-the law of fairies!

“What is this…”

Joseph waved his arm in front of him, covering the dazzling golden light, and at the same time showing a little horror, madly inspiring himself within-the- The magic of the body releases a magical barrier, trying to resist.

But the Dark Barrier he released, in front of the rays of light of the law, seemed like ice and snow melted. It could not resist any minute, so it was completely penetrated by the rays of light and penetrated within-the- body!


In the dazzling rays of light, Joseph made a yelled voice, and he felt the magic of his within-the-body Such as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood are generally crushed, and they will collapse irresistibly.

It’s not just him.

Where the rays of light of the law shine, the wizards of the fairy tail are all safe and sound, and the ghosts released by Joseph disappear one after another, including the wizards of the Nether Ghost, The magic of one after another collapsed and lost consciousness.

Many wizards fighting against the fairy tail are like cutting wheat, falling in pieces in the golden light. At this moment, the golden light of law is like the sun, shining in several hundred li. The range is like daylight!

When the rays of light fade away.

Joseph’s silhouette has turned pale, and the whole person is shaking constantly, falling weakly from in the sky, falling to the ground, unable to get up.

The wizards of other Nether Ghost guilds, as well as the wizards of Black Crow and blood color banners, all collapsed and fell to the ground, or shuddered directly, and all their magic was emptied!

“This…this is…”

Naz and Gray both looked all around in shock, then looked up towards the sky, looking towards that from the sky slowly Makarov falling slowly.

One hit!

All the enemies including the president of Nether Ghost have been solved in one blow!

“It is the law of super magic fairies…worthy-of is the president.”

Elisa also took a deep breath, slowly reducing the shock in her eyes, and Putting away his sword, a smile appeared.

Laxus stood not far away and looked at the Black Crow president who had fallen by the law browses slightly wrinkle, glanced at Makarov, said with a snort: “meddlesome old fogey.”

in midair.

Makarov regained the appearance of Little Old Man and fell to the ground, looking towards the magic collapse, and he curled up there and trembled. Joseph, who could not even sit up, said indifferently: “from now on, Don’t get close to the fairy tail anymore.”


Joseph trembled constantly. He couldn’t even say a word. The law had completely defeated his magic. Also deprived him of all strength.

After starting to talk with Joseph’s indifference, Makarov was about to turn around and greet Elisa and the others to leave. He didn’t intend to kill Joseph. After all, it’s just a war. , The council can still fight for reasons, but if the Nether Ghost is completely eliminated, the council will not be able to say.

As soon as the war ended, Elisa and the others put away their weapons and looked towards Makarov together, waiting for Makarov’s follow-up instructions.


Just as Makarov was about to start to talk to Elsa and the others, a voice suddenly came from behind. It was a clapping sound, which was passed over clearly.

pa! pa! pa!!

“Is that the super magic created by your First-Kage president? It’s really amazing. It solved the Three Great Guilds in one click.”

When I heard this The sound, Makarov’s body suddenly stiffened, and suddenly looking in the direction of the sound, he saw a silhouette walking slowly from the darkness.

Just walking slowly, the magic that diffuses from its body, split second like a mountain oppresses the entire battlefield, letting all fairy tail wizards including Elisa , I almost feel breath stagnation!

“This magic…”

Elisa’s face changed drastically, and cold sweat broke out on her forehead, looking at the walking silhouette, pupils also shrank violently.

Other people, including Mistgang, Laksas and the others, also have pupils shrinking. Almost all of them can clearly feel the horror of the magic power coming from people, like an abyss!

Just the magic that escapes, and Joseph are no longer in the same rank!

“This guy…what’s the background…”

Gray is even a little hard to move under the pressure of that magical power, looking towards the other side with difficulty, his eyes also reveal A little bit of horror.

In the midst of depression, Makarov stared at the incoming person, his face became very solemn and depressed, didn’t expect that there was a secret mastermind behind Joseph!

As one of the directors of the Saint Ten Great Demon, he has not seen the Phoenix Priestess in the first place. Naturally, the other Saint Ten Great Demon directors have seen him more than once. It can be considered very familiar.

second only to Ishgar of the Phoenix Priestess, the second wizard of Ishgar, the head of the four kings of Ishgar-Heavenly God Selene!

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