Control Time in Naruto Chapter 745

In the Fairy Tail Guild.

A curtain-like projection appeared in midair, and what appeared on the projection was the battlefield where the fairy tail and the Nether Ghost were located.

It can be seen in the screen that after Heavenly God Serena appeared, the atmosphere in the entire field was solemnly cleared, even if he was not on the scene, through the magic projection, it seemed to be vaguely felt From the imposing-manner and oppression from Heavenly God Serena.

“That…Is that who?”

Lucy stood beside, looked at Heavenly God Serena, a flash of surprise flashed in her eyes, and said: “Everyone What’s wrong…”

You can see that in the screen, Elfman and the others who are closer to Heavenly God Serena are all figure solidified and stiff, while those with slightly weaker strength follow Heavenly God Serena stepped, and one by one fell directly on the ground, trembling violently all over.

Kaede stands with his hands in his hand and looks at the image in the easy-going looking projection, saying: “The magical pressure is too strong. It is difficult for a wizard of ordinary strength to stand in front of him.”

“Magic oppression?”

Lebby showed a little shocked gaze. She knew what magic oppression meant. When the magic gap between two wizards was huge, the powerful wizard was based on magic alone. , The weak wizard that can be oppressed shuddered and was unable to move.

Kildas once showed such fighting strength. He did not use magic, and only relied on magic to crush several weak wizards. When the other side all fell.

But the problem is…

The picture in the projection can’t even bear the magical oppression of the other side, even Elfman, even Naz or even Elisa and the others , Seems to have been under tremendous pressure!

Lebby looked at the Heavenly God Serena in the projection, and said with a trembling voice: “Is he…is stronger than the president of Nether Ghost?”

” Un.”

Kaede lightly nodded and said: “Probably two levels strong.”

“Two levels?!”

Lucy all at once A little sluggish, a little unbelievable: “How come… the president of Nether Ghost seems to be the same as our president, a wizard of the Saint Ten Great Demon level.”

Kaede looked at it. She glanced at it, smiled casually, and explained indifferently: “The Saint Ten Great Demon directors are also divided into strengths and weaknesses. The next five and the first five are one step behind, which is probably like the gap between you and Elisa. Then the third place and the second place are by a notch, which is probably that big difference.”

There was a little shock in Wendy’s big eyes, and said: “That means that person is… “

Kaede folded his arms in front of him, and looked at the silhouette of Heavenly God Serena on the projection screen, and said: “He is the Wizard of Ranked 2nd in the Holy Ten Mile, Heavenly God Serena. “

Holy ten second!

Heavenly God Serena!

The rankings and titles made Wendy, Lucy and the others shocked. After a few people glance at each other, they couldn’t help showing a little panic.

Lucy looked towards Kaede a little feel ill-at-ease, and said: “That guy is stronger than our president, such an enemy… But he is only one person now, Elsa and Laxus are here, the president and they should be able to block it.”

“It’s difficult.”

Kaede calmly looked at the picture on the screen, said : “At his level, the number of people is basically meaningless.”

Actually, Serena confronts Fairy Tail. From the strength of the confrontation, Fairy Tail should be impossible anyway. Defeated Serena.

Although Serena did not go to the Western Continent and did not get the strength improvement after going to the Western Continent, he got six of the magic balls that Kaede had left behind. The strength has also been improved, and the current strength level is equivalent to the twelve shields of the Western Continent.

This level is already the apex of humanity.

Going up is Dragon Race.

Elisa’s mother, the dragon queen Ai Rin is a higher level of existence, strength is equivalent to the True Dragon types of Heavenly Dragon and Grantini, and the next level is Black Dragon. Kunolokia, that is, the culmination that all creatures can reach except the’god’.

Heavenly God Serena’s strength meets the fairy tail at this time. It can be easily crushed, but Kaede only said that it’s difficult, not necessarily unstoppable. The reason lies in the fairy tail. It is a group with uncertainty, and they have the probability of using the “Magic of One”!

Once the magic of one comes out, even Black Dragon Akunorokia can only be killed by’plot’. Of course, Trifling Heavenly God Serena can’t stop it.

“Then…what should I do?”

Rebby and Lucy and the others both showed a little panic and worry.

At this time, Kaede would not at all answer them again, but a faint golden luster appeared in his eyes, and a phantom clock was spinning in the depths of his eyes.

His future picture is clearly understood.

There is no plan to stop Heavenly God Serena immediately, but he wants to see if he can take this opportunity to get a glimpse of the power of the “Magic of One”, and he who has the ability to predict the future can easily see Through the infinite possibilities of the future, everyone who doesn’t even need a fairy tail really exerts the power of one magic, as long as there is that kind of probability, he can see it!

In Kaede’s gaze, countless pictures flashed by at an extremely fast speed, with countless changes and countless possibilities in every minute and every second.

He saw the scene of Heavenly God Serena one hit instant kill everyone.

He saw the scene where Heavenly God Serena easily defeated Makarov.

He also saw Heavenly God Serena kill Naz in seconds, making Fire Dragon King Igunilu forced to untie the seal, come out of Naz within-the-body and kill Heavenly God Serena The picture of…

Countless kinds of future probability one after another flashed.

But unfortunately, even after seeing several millions of possibilities, several millions of scenes, he still did not see the fairy tail winning by the power of’One Magic’.

And when Kaede is clearly understood in the future, in the magic projection he created in the guild, he can see that Heavenly God Serena has already handed over the fairy tail.

Shua! ! !

Elisa released her dress-up magic, swung her big sword and attacked from the side of Heavenly God Serena, while Mira was incarnation Fiend Form, attacked from the other side, and both of them broke out With the magic of S-Rank wizard, darkness and golden light converge towards the center.

Faced with the attacks of Elisa and Mira, Serena just raised his hands contemptuously, brought her index and middle fingers together and waved at will.

ka-cha! ! !

The finger touched the blade in Elsa’s hand, and the blade was smashed by a sudden blow. On the other side, Mira’s magic was also generally broken by crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood.

Both of them flew backwards at the same time.

“Are you sure you don’t plan to hand over the magic ball? Makarov.”

Serena opened his hands to both sides, releasing the invisible magic power, and directly volleyed. Placing Mira and Elisa in the air, she said: “If I don’t hand it over, I will kill all the wizards in your guild one after another.”



“Let go of Elisa to me!!!”

Naz’s roar came from behind Serena, and accompanied by a surge of magic power, it turned into flames Invaded towards Serena.

At the same time, Laxas not far away also released magic. The magic of the two people is exactly the same, only the attributes are different.

“Fire Dragon’s roar!”

“Thunder Dragon’s roar!”


The flame and lightning are intertwined, turning into a beam of thunder flames, and rushing towards Serena.

Serena brow raised, dissipating the magic power, causing Elisa and Mira who were controlled in the sky to fall to the ground, then turned their heads, grinned, and said: “It’s rare to meet dare The dragon-killing wizard who attacked me, why should I say hello…”

As the voice fell, he took a deep breath, and the wind was flying instantly, as if the entire sky was swallowed by him. , The vast magical fluctuations interweave surgingly from his within-the-body.

“Storm Dragon’s wind and moon!”

bang!! !

A violent storm burst out instantly, crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, and crushed the roars of Naz and Laxas, and the two directly struck out and smashed After shattering the Nether Ghost’s building, he flew a long distance.

Looking at this scene, Elisa, who had just landed, showed a look of shock, and said: “This is… the magic of slaying the dragon?!”



Heavenly God Serena looked towards Elsa, gently spread his hands, and said: “It seems that you younger generations don’t know my previous title…”

Maca Love sullenly stared at Serena, and slowly said: “The Serena of the Eight Dragons, within-the-body the wizard that hosts eight Dragon Demon Crystals…You are indeed very powerful, but I will never hand over the things that President First-Kage told us to protect!”

Hearing Makarov’s words, Heavenly God Serena’s coldly-snorted eyes became Leng Li, said: “On this continent, no one can stop me except that woman. You should know this very well. If you still persist in your own wrong doings, then I can only take you All members are buried here, and then go to your guild to dig three feet to find it!”

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