Control Time in Naruto Chapter 746

“Don’t think about it!”

Makarov yelled, his hands pressed together in front of him, the golden rays of light gathered together, and it was still he released before The law of the fairies!

Because he has used the fairy law once before, and he has to fight against a character like Heavenly God Serena, he must put all his magic power into the fairy law, and he is likely to release his life afterwards. Will die because of this, but it must be done at this moment.

“If that super magic is used by you again, it may be a little troublesome, so please stop it, Makarov…”

Serena looked towards Maka Luo Fu, a cold glow flashed in his eyes, and then he raised his hand and slammed it in the direction of Makarov, accompanied by the vast magic power pouring down.

“The deadly winter of the Frost Dragon!”

bang!! !

The surging magic power of split second poured down, and instantly flocked to Makarov, and at the moment when Makarov was able to gather the magic power of the “fairy law”, he directly frozen his whole person In the same place, together with the sea behind are split second frozen into ice!

It’s like coming from summer to winter!


Seeing this scene, Elisa, Mira and the others couldn’t help but scream out simultaneously, and there was a mixture of surprised and angry in their eyes look.

On the other side, in the Fairy Tail Guild, Lucy, Wendy and the others who watched the battlefield from a distance through the curtain released by Kaede also exclaimed together.

“Ah! President!”

Wendy held a cat in her arms, screamed, panic in her eyes, looked towards side Kaede, and said:” Kaede big brother……”

Kaede cast her a reassuring look, reached out her hand and gently touched her little head, and looked towards the curtain peacefully, and said:” Don’t worry, it’s okay. Someone who can deal with him has already rushed over.”

“The one who can deal with him…”

A surprise flashed in Wendy’s big eyes. , I turned my head and looked towards the projection curtain, and seeing the picture that appeared next, a stunned little face suddenly appeared.

Rebby and Lucy almost both made synchronized movements, raised their hands to cover their mouths, and let out a silent exclaim.

See you!

On the battlefield that was frozen into a winter by split second, Makarov was frozen in the ice, and the fairy law was blocked by split second.

At this time, a fiery flame fell from the sky, and the split second fell on Makarov’s frozen silhouette. The flames intertwined and wound all the ice outside Makarov’s body. Unblock.

The flames entangled Makarov, but did not burn Makarov’s body. Instead, the Power of Ice Cold that infiltrated his within-the-body was also instantly between. Get rid of clean.


Seeing that the magic he released was released by split second, Serena’s gaze was startled first, and then immediately looked towards the sky, the pupil light flashed. : “This magic is…”

Elisa and Mira and the others all showed shocked eyes when they saw this scene, and then followed Serena’s movements, they all looked up together Look to the sky.

Just see.

At some point in the sky, a fiery flame appeared. In that flame, a silhouette was suspended in the center, and phoenix-like wings spread out behind it.

With the phoenix-like wings spreading gently, that silhouette slowly flew down from the sky and fell to Makarov’s up ahead. The flames around him quickly converged, revealing a young girl Silhouette of

The flames and the wings behind them flocked silently between the girl’s eyebrows, where they gathered into a pale-gold phoenix pattern, and the palpitating magic gradually faded.

“You…you are…”

The silhouette that appeared in front of him, Makarov was stunned for a while, and then immediately thought of something, his tone suddenly became a little bit suddenly Tremble.

Although he doesn’t know the girl in front of him, the magic used on the other side, the phoenix-like pattern, is definitely the legendary phoenix magic!

This magic, in the historical records of the magic world, only two people can use it.

One is Priestess Aikleia of Phoenix who has been the leader of Saint Ten Great Demon hundreds of years ago, and the other is Maby, the first-kage president of their fairy tail. S!

Although Makarov has not seen Mebis, he has seen the statue of Mebis, so he knows that the girl in front of him is not Mebis, so there is only one explanation for the identity of the other side .

Holy ten Great Demon guide first place, the only president of the Phoenix Heart Guild, who has a deep relationship with the fairy tail, Phoenix Priestess-Aklea!

“Didn’t expect you to come out.”

The expression of Akleia in front of Serena gazed finally lost her previous calmness, but became solemn and peaceful. Seriously a lot, start to talk slowly.

Aikleia glanced over Elsa and the others, and noticed the Fairy Tail Guild badge on Elsa and the others, and said: “You want to destroy the Fairy Tail? “

Serena snorted and said, “I don’t mean at all, I just hope they hand over something, but if they don’t hand it over, then I can only take tougher measures.” Now.”

Achlea asked calmly: “What do you want?”

Serena stared at Aclair and said slowly: “I What you are pursuing, of course, is Supreme’s magic. You should know the most about the thing that was left behind. I know that there is one fairy tail hidden, and the last one left…should be with you.”

Aikleia was not surprised, and said: “So you want to get the magic of Lord legacy, you guessed it, I do have one of them.”

Serena grinned and said: “It seems that I didn’t guess wrong, so how do you want to hand over that magic ball?”

“I’m sorry.”

Achlea said calmly: “Lord let me guard it forever, so I won’t let it be acquired by anyone.”

Serena was frowned, his face changed, and finally his eyes turned cold. Snorted lightly, said: “In this case, there is nothing to say…Anyway, even if I get the one with the fairy tail, I will still get the last one from you.”

weng!! !

As the voice fell, an immense magical power burst from Serena’s body, pressing across all directions, like a substantial imposing-manner, making his underfoot earth like a spider The web is generally broken piece by piece.

This terrifying magic power far surpasses Makarov and Joseph Bola. The oppression given by pure magic power makes Nazgray and the others almost suffocated!

Even Elisa and Laxus and the others felt stagnant breathing.

“This…what a terrifying magic…”

Elisa looked at Serena, with a trace of cold sweat on her forehead, and a look of shock in her eyes, this magic Between them is simply as different as heaven and earth!

The fight with them on the other side just now, I’m afraid it was just a random joke. It didn’t really move at all. Even the shot against Makarov was probably just a casual shot!

At this moment.

Although Serena, who burst out of magic, did not use words to explain his intentions, this action has already expressed his intentions very clearly-he wants to challenge Acleya!

If I defeat Acleea here, then he can get the magic ball in Acleea’s hands, and finally, easily get the one hidden by the fairy tail, he can Gather seven magic balls and get the magic of the legendary wizard!

After that…

He will be able to defeat Black Dragon Akunorokia and let everything decay in front of him!

The only person in the field who faces Serena’s magic and does not change his expression is Acleya, who stands opposite Serena.

She has followed Kaede for many years, and the power she feels in Kaede is far from what Serena can compare. Serena’s magic power is not weak compared to her. , But compared to what she had felt from Kaede, it was simply not insignificant.

A drop in the ocean!

A piece of Kaede’s hair has a weight that she can’t bear. A drop of Kaede’s blood has a life force that she can’t match. She has seen such a shocking power from Kaede. Naturally, Na’s magic power will not be the slightest surprise.

“You guys step back a little bit.”

After Achlea glanced at Serena, she looked sideways at Makarov and the others.

Elisa and the others don’t even know Acleea, because of the oppression brought by Serena’s magical power, at this time, hearing Acleea’s words, there are still some physical problems. Involuntary shivering.

Gray couldn’t help but say: “Are you…who?”

Makarov shouted to stop Gray, and said: “Shut up Gray! Everyone does what she says Quick! All the staff back away!”

Makarov’s words made the uncertain Gray and the others forcibly suppress the surprise in his heart, and followed Makarov quickly to retreat far away. , Leaving only Acleya and Heavenly God Serena to stay in place.

Serena not at all to see everyone in Fairy Tail.

It doesn’t matter whether the fairy tail runs or not. As long as he can defeat Acleea, then the fairy tail is impossible to stop him, and now only needs to defeat Acleea alone!

“Since I became the at first of the Holy Ten, you have always been above me. No matter what I accomplish, you can’t shake your position. After all, you are the undead Priestess who has survived for four hundred years. , I have always thought that my magic power is not as good as you… But now it is different!”

Serena gazed Aikleia opened her arms, the palms of both hands were filled with magic power, hey Said: “I got five magic balls. Although I can’t crack the seal above, the seal also allows me to see a higher level of magic. Now I am stronger than ever!”

“You really have a magical innate talent.”

Aikleia started to talk softly and said: “It’s amazing to be able to resolve higher level magic from the magic ball made by Lord. , But unfortunately, you still don’t know how big the world is.”

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