Control Time in Naruto Chapter 748

“In this case, even you can at least work.”

Serena stood on a huge raised gravel, looking towards In the chaotic area covered by eight dragon-killing magics ahead, the pupil light flashed to himself.

Although this is not his strongest attack, it is also his full shot. With his current strength, no one should be able to firmly resisted his attack unscathed, even Black Dragon Akuno Lokiah should also be impossible to withstand all his attacks in place.


As Serena was observing the attacked area and wanted to see the results of his attack, a blazing flame burst out of that area!

This is the golden flame, which is completely different from the flame of the purgatory dragon released in his dragon-killing magic. It is another kind of flame, which contains not Destruction Strength but Burn everything, the power of reborn from the ashes, life and flame coexist!

A loud cry.

As if the call of a phoenix resounded across the sky, you could see the golden flames blooming and opening instantly, turning into a phoenix converging with flames, spreading its wings and shaking off Serena’s dragon-killing magic , Completely repelling his magic power to the distance.

Sense to this vastness and hugeness, like the ocean, the magical power that cannot be peeked into the margins ripples up. Elisa and the others in the distance are a bit shocking looking this scene.

“This is…Phoenix magic…”

“What a powerful magic power…”

Elisa gazed away from the golden phoenix , With a little tremor in his heart.

oh la la! !

The dragon-killing magic of various attributes such as water currents, storms, etc. was swept away, and the head of the phoenix composed of golden flames appeared, and the silhouette of Akelea appeared.

She was floating there quietly, not at all too many movements, magic power gathered outside her body and turned into a golden flame phoenix, accompanied by her whisper, the flame split second solidified Finalized, turned into a phoenix coat exuding pale-gold rays of light!


She raised her little hand and waved forward slightly.

The phoenix form outside of her body was accompanied by her movements, and she also made a posture of spreading her wings. With a flap of her wings, she waved towards the front Serena.

Under this wave, a golden flame was directly brought up, accompanied by the vast ocean-like magic power, instantly pouring down towards Serena, and the magic power of the dragon-killing magic remaining in the front Sweep it all away, scouring the entire up ahead of the earth!


Serena was swallowed up front by the flame, waved his arm to block him, and made a yelled sound in the impact of the flame.

He stood up to the phoenix fire released by Acleya, gritted his teeth, and said: “The magic of this level…worthy-of is you, but only this one wants to defeat It’s not that easy for me, I am the Serena of the Eight Dragons!”

weng!! !

With the fall of the voice.

He no longer resisted Akleia’s Phoenix fire, but stretched out his arms, and with his chest, he took the invading phoenix flames. At the same time, he was in the flames, directly Turned into a ball of rays of light.

The light split into eight beams, the colors have nothing common with each other, and it is the crystal of the dragon extinguishing demon embedded within-the-body that carries his magic power!

rumble! !

Eight rays of light rose into the sky and turned into eight intertwined dragons, exuding violent magic power, and combined into a huge monster, roaring in the fire of the phoenix.

The Serena in the form of the eight dragons has become the same size as Acleya who has released the phoenix coat, and both sides exude magic power as if they can destroy heaven extinguishing earth.

At this level, in the case of spare no effort, one blow is enough to destroy a country!

“Before I could not easily control this form, but now I have been able to fully exert the power of the eight dragon-killing magic, and based on the power of the eight dragon-killing magic, I It can also release the strongest Destruction Strength.”

The Serena who transformed into the form of eight dragons gazed in front of Acleya, and from the mouths of the eight dragons, the roar sounded like an earth-shattering sound. , The violent magic power began to gather madly.

“Under my power, turn into dust! Phoenix!”

“Eight Dragon Mode-Secret Art of Destroying Dragon!”

“world ……Bang Bad!”

bang!! !

I saw eight dragons with magical powers of different colors, entangled and gathered together. Simultaneously opened their mouths, the violent magical powers gathered and interweaved, and finally condensed into one bunch!

The magical power of the eight colors blended in this beam of light, entangled and surrounded, clashing wildly with each other, and finally turned into an abyss-like gloomy color, impacting Acleya.


Aikleiya’s eyes remained unchanged, and her two small hands were held into fist, gently touching the front of her forehead in a resisting posture.

Following her posture, the wings of the phoenix also stretched out, intersected in front, and released a hot golden flame, colliding with the impact of the Secret Art of the Dragon Extinguisher.

bang!! !

The earth-shaking roar swayed towards all directions.

The air is rippled like the surface of the water, and the entire earth is also split second, which seems to be turned into the sea surface, presenting wave-like ripples and chipping inch by inch, spreading toward all directions.

Everyone who has retreated to the fairy tail nearly a kilometer away is still affected, and they all uttered a scream, trying their best to resist the aftermath, but there are still a large number of people who can’t resist it. The impact flew towards the distance.

Elisa and Mira and the others unite to release magic, resisting the aftermath with difficulty, but still feel like a boat in a violent tsunami, on the verge of collapse.

“It’s just the aftermath…”

Lisana’s eyes trembled in front of gazed, and said: “What a terrifying power.”

Elisa Changing into the armor of Vajra, standing there with the shield of Vajra hard on her side, she could no longer see the battlefield situation there, and could only do her best to resist the aftermath.

She carried the swaying shield hard on her shoulders, her eyes trembling constantly.

“The magic power of these two people has far surpassed the president. This is the battle between the first place and the second place in the Great Demon Guide…”

While barely resisting the aftermath, Kaede’s silhouette flashed through her heart.

As one of the people closest to Kaede, she knows that Kaede’s magic power should be stronger than Makarov, because she has carefully sensed Kaede’s magic power at close range, sense What we have reached is the abyss and the vastness with no end in sight.

Even though both Makarov and Kaede have more magical powers than she is now, at least she has been able to sense to the limit of Makarov, but Kaede’s she cannot feel it.

The feeling that Kaede gave her was very similar to that brought to her by Acleia and Serena. It was the kind of magic that could not be sensed to the end.

“I don’t know if Kaede has reached their level…”

Elisa whispered in the heart.

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