Control Time in Naruto Chapter 749

“Destroy! Destroy under my dragon-killing magic!”

Serena madly released his magic power and turned into violent destruction The power of rushing forward, he has tried his best to defeat Acleya with this move.

The light of magic turned into a devastating torrent, and finally burst out bright and dazzling light, like a nuclear bomb explosion, making the split second at night like day, like the sun shining in the front, let the entire The world is saturated with white light.

The dazzling rays of light made Elisa and the others close their eyes.

“Uh… uh uh…”

closes the eyes can’t cut off the dazzling light, Lisana and the others are even forced to turn their heads and move away Sight.

I don’t know how long it took before that dazzling white light finally dispersed.

Serena has returned to a human form. The magic power on his body has been obviously weakened by a large amount. It is obvious that the magic power has been consumed excessively, and he has already tried his best in the hit just now.

At this moment,

He is staring at the up ahead sky, with unbelievable and unacceptable gazes in his eyes, saying: “Impossible, this impossible… …”

What can be seen is that in the sky where he was up ahead, a hot golden flame is still floating there, maintaining the form of a phoenix.

Aikleiya was so bathed in the flames, floating with her bare feet, her two slender calves were tightly attached to each other, and the toes of her right foot were close to the ankle of her left.

She has an extremely calm expression. She sees no signs of injury from the top and bottom of the whole body. There is not much damage to her clothes, and even with her magic power, there is no change in sense.

Compared with Serena’s obvious aura weakened–

Sit up and down!

“Withstand my attack…impossible……this is absolutely impossible, even True Dragon is also impossible. It can withstand my attack completely……Ahhh……”

Serena Eyes Unbelievable in his eyes, he issued angry roar. He didn’t believe that Acleea’s strength could be so powerful. He believed that Acleea was pretended to be unscathed, and accumulated his remaining magic power in the roar. Acleya strikes over.


Aikleia just raised her little hand and flicked it easily, and the raging Phoenix fire directly drowned Serena’s attack.

“end here.”

Aikleiya looked towards Serena, her eyes were calm and unemotional start to talk, and then her hands were gently closed in front of her, a huge The array of phoenix demons appeared in front of her.

This magical array split second released brilliant golden rays of light, which turned into flame and rushed out, directly entwining Serena’s whole person in it.

“ah …… Ahhh …… No, I do not accept …… how could this be ……”

Serena is the golden flame engulfed, uttered anguished screams, He tried his best to release his remaining magic power to resist, but he was completely unable to resist.

He has difficulty accepting his failure.

obviously he has already comprehend part of the power on the magic ball, and his magic power has completely surpassed before. Even if the eight people behind him led by the Saint Ten Great Demon teamed up, he was confident and easy. Rout them.

But even like this, he still felt an insurmountable gap when facing Acleya, the immortal Priestess, that was at least a rank difference!

He couldn’t accept it.

But it doesn’t make any sense to accept it, and Achlea has no mercy.

Although the temperament is the same as four hundred years ago, she has spent four hundred years after all, witnessing the changes in history, witnessing the ups and downs and decline of human magic, she has also taken actions to kill and destroy She has killed countless wizards. She is Kaede’s maid, but she is also the number one wizard in Ishgar.

In the face of trying to destroy the Fairy Tail Guild, trying to defeat her, Heavenly God Serena, who killed her and stole Kaede’s power, she would not be merciful.


Serena’s screams gradually became weaker, his magic power was burned out, and the remaining powerful body belonging to the dragon-killing wizard quickly turned into a phoenix fire. ash.

The fire of the phoenix gradually annihilated, and finally disappeared in the sky. What disappeared with the flame was Serena’s whole person, which had been wiped out on the world.


looked Serena completely disappeared, Akleia’s expression did not change much, the flame bathed in his body gradually disappeared, and the whole person drifted away from in the sky flies to the ground.

Everyone of the Fairy Tail Guild hasn’t fully recovered yet. Some sluggish looking people, including Makarov, are still standing there.

Acleya glanced at the direction of Fairy Tail everyone.


Her silhouette disappeared in a hurry, and when she reappeared, she had already come directly to the front of the fairy tail everyone, looking towards everyone with a peaceful look.

Makarov woke up and faced this girl who seemed to be only seventeen-eighteen years old, but did not dare to neglect the slightest, so he hurriedly performed a wizard’s etiquette to Akelea, saying : “Thanks to Senior for the help…”

A seventeen-eighty-year-old old man salutes a seventeen-eighteen-year-old girl and calls her senior. It seems that there is a strong contradiction. sense.


Naz looked at Makarov’s actions and address, and couldn’t help but open his mouth.

Elisa next to him immediately reached out and knocked on Naz’s shoulder, and reminded in a low voice: “Don’t be rude, Naz, she’s the wizard of Isugar Ranked 1st, and she masters Phoenix magic. , Has existed since four hundred years ago.”

“Hey?! Doesn’t that mean she is four hundred years old!”

Naz dumbfounded looking towards Ike Leya.

Elisa lowered her voice to remind her, but Naz yelled it directly. This sentence suddenly made everyone present stare, and her forehead instantly overflowed with cold sweat.

Even Makarov’s expression became stiff, and he quickly raised his hand, a fist hammered Naz to the ground, and said nonchalantly: “That, don’t you care…”


“It doesn’t matter.”

Acleya smiled gently.

Discussing girls’ age is of course a taboo topic, especially 400 years old and so on, but she doesn’t really care about it. The reason is simple. Compared to Kaede, her age is simply not counted. What, she didn’t even know how old and long Kaede’s existence was.

She has served a great existence as Kaede up close, and she has the power of a phoenix herself, and has a long and long life. Naturally, she doesn’t care about age.

Makarov saw that the legendary existence of Akeleya was quite good, and he relaxed in his heart. After hesitating for a while, he said: “Senior, that…you know the president of First-Kage Is the whereabouts of the Lord?”

In the history of the guild, First-Kage President Mebis left with Acleea. Acleea possessed Phoenix magic. It was four hundred years ago. The existing wizard, so logically speaking, if there is no accident, Mebis may also be alive now.

“You will know in the future.”

Aikleia glanced at Makarov, and after responding, his eyes passed the fairy tail everyone, who was very injured. The heavy wizard glanced at him, then raised his small hand, and gently picked with his slender fingers, a ball of phoenix fire ejected out, splitting into a few small sparks in the sky.

The flames fell on the wizards of serious injury. After burning on them for a few seconds, their injuries quickly recovered.


Achlea opened her little hand, and the flames returned to her palm.

She closed her fingers, and looked towards the wizard of Fairy Tail again. Her eyes paused slightly on Elsa, Lisana, Mira and the others, and she showed a thoughtful look at the corners of her mouth. A slight arc was revealed.

She has sensed Kaede’s power in Elsa, Mila, Lisana, etc. within the human body. Obviously Kaede has injected magic into their within-the-body.

Compared to other people, Kaede obviously prefers these young girls.

To have a preference also means that there is a feeling of affection in it.

Didn’t expect Kaede such a great existence will also like young and lovely girls, that is to say, although Kaede is a Spiritual God-like existence, it still has a human side, which also makes Ike A smile was raised at the corner of Léa’s mouth.

But she quickly converged her thoughts and returned to a peaceful air, and then her silhouette was entangled in flames, turning into an arc of light and disappearing into the sky.

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