Control Time in Naruto Chapter 750

The war between Fairy Tail and the Three Great Guilds headed by Nether Ghost finally ended with the victory of Fairy Tail, which shocked the entire magical world overnight!

The Magic Council immediately sent someone to investigate.

Because the council strictly prohibited guilds from fighting each other a hundred years ago, both Fairy Tail and Nether Ghost broke the rules. In addition, the Fairy Tail until now’s behavior that it did not obey orders also made The Magic Council wanted to take this opportunity to suppress Fairy Tail.


When I learned of this guild battle, the Nether Ghost side uses Heavenly God Serena as the behind the scenes mastermind, and at the critical moment, the wizard of Ishgar Ranked 1st, who is not born in a hundred years, is immortal. After Priestess Achlea defeated Heavenly God Serena, the Magic Council was shocked!

Arrest Acleya?

The council dare not!

The ordinary wizard has gone through a hundred years and has not seen Achlea’s shot. It is not clear how powerful this wizard, which has existed for four hundred years, is, but it is clearly recorded in the history of the council. With Aklea’s power, no wizard can fight it!

Apart from the existence of the legendary four hundred years ago, Aikleiya’s strength in Isugar is the absolute strongest, with a single person holding the power to destroy the entire continent.

For such an existence, the council can only respect the first place guided by the Saint Ten Great Demon, and dare not do anything to Acleya.

In addition to the investigation of this matter, Serena was instigated and manipulated behind the scenes, and it was also the Nether Ghost who provoked and shot the fairy tail. So the council quickly concluded the matter. Determined to be a fairy tail in self-defense and fight back without penalty.

Things also come to the end of a phase.


Magnolia small town.

Somewhere in an elegant courtyard, Kaede held a water bottle in his hand, and leisurely watered the flowers and plants in front of him, then carried his hands on his back, bent forward, and took a closer look.

This newly blooming flower is as pure as an immature girl. A little crystal clear and near-transparent liquid can be seen on the fresh petals, and water droplets gently roll down along the petals, making the whole flower bone It looks very attractive, beautiful and fragrant.

No sound and no interest.

A silhouette appeared behind Kaede. It was a young girl, dressed in a Priestess robe, walked over with bare feet and lightly saluted Kaede behind her.

“Lord, it has been processed.”

“Well, the process is very good, so it can be done.”

Kaede put down the shower and turned to look towards Aikleiya, smile at her sunny and peaceful.

He gazed the girl for a few seconds, and then suddenly extended the hand, his fingers lightly stroked the girl’s cheek, and swept down along the skin.


Acleya’s relaxed body suddenly tightened, subconsciously trying to step back, but restrained from standing still , A little light red appeared on both cheeks.

Kaede retracted his finger and smiled softly.

He gave Acleya the power of the phoenix and gave her life that is not old bastard, but not being old bastard in the body does not mean eternal youth in the soul, and 400 years have passed so far. , Akleiya still has not changed much from the beginning.

Although she has experienced countless things, she is not the earliest immature age. She defeated Serena or even killed the other side. She did not have any emotional changes, including warning the magic council. Very plain, but her heart is still pure as a girl.

In the face of Kaede’s sudden behavior just now, she was obviously no different from a teenage girl, a little shy and wanted to dodge but more did not resist.

Kaede didn’t pry into her heart, but she must have raised a lot of weird thoughts, although this is irreplaceable with Achlea’s own admiration and longing for him The degree is related, but the root cause is that 400 years of time have not polluted her mind.


It is worthy of praise.


Aikleiya’s cheeks are flushed, her heart beats much faster, and her heart is the same as Kaede expected, and a lot of chaos emerges all at once. Thoughts.

When I followed Kaede a long time ago, let alone such a simple touch, I just stood naked in front of Kaede and let Kaede touch everything inside and out to study magic, but she It’s not as chaotic as I am at this time.

After all, it was clear at that time that Kaede was only trying to use some magic on her. It was a pure academic study of magic, without any gender connection, but this sudden action was completely different. the behavior of.

“Just observe your reaction, don’t be so panic.”

Kaede looked Akeleya, smiled at her lightly, then walked to the side and sat casually Down and looked at the sky leisurely.

Aikleia approached, stood by, hesitated a little, and whispered: “I…Is my reaction bad? Just because it was a bit sudden, I just…”

“No, your reaction is lovely, I didn’t punish you.”

Kaede chuckled softly.

If you face his touch calmly, you won’t be shy and resist even if you kiss. That kind of reaction will be boring. After all, resisting is the girl’s instinct, and the girl feels the most shocking. Of course, what’s bothering and cute is their contradiction.

A little bit of resistance due to shyness is completely overwhelmed by more willingness and obedience. The beauty that only belongs to girls is the perfection of human life.

And such young girls are shy, and they resist their shyness with more stubbornness in their hearts, and make various or tentative or excessive actions against them, which of course is far more than Simple and primordial creation is much more fun.

Every normal person will like it, and Kaede is of course the same. After all, he also likes normal humans, not abnormal with special hobbies.

“Yes, is it?”

The light red on Aikleiya’s cheeks has become a little deeper, a bit sorry start to talk, because my mind is a bit messy. Changing the subject:

“Mebis hasn’t woken up yet, do you need me to wake her up?”

“Don’t worry, don’t call her, she will almost wake up soon.”

Kaede smiled easily.

Aikleiya nodded, then glanced at in a certain direction, and said: “Someone is coming, then I will withdraw first, don’t disturb Lord you.”

She didn’t ask Kaede why she would act as an ordinary wizard and join the Fairy Tail Guild. Maybe Kaede just wanted to experience for oneself and feel like an ordinary wizard. Maybe she had other purposes. Of course, what she would do as a follower was nothing. Cause trouble to Kaede, not figure out what Kaede is doing.

Her body and soul belong to Kaede, and it is her duty to solve problems for Kaede.


Kaede was easy-going and nodded, and then reached out a little, the space was distorted.

Aikleiya immediately walked into the passage of the distorted space and disappeared beside Kaede.

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