Control Time in Naruto Chapter 751

Just after Achlea disappeared.

“Brother Kaede!”

Lisana’s clear and sweet voice sounded, and she was seen walking in from outside the courtyard.

Alisa, Mira, Wendy and the others walked in with her.

Kaede Xihe smiled and said: “I’m back, what’s the situation?”

Elisa smiled and said: “With the help of that senior, the council did not embarrass us This war has been defined as a unilateral provocation by the Nether Ghost. The ruler of the Nether Ghost is now unilaterally ordered to disband, as are the other two guilds.”


Kaede easy-going nodded.

Lisana came closer and smiled at hehe: “Kaede big brother doesn’t seem to be surprised at all.”

Kaede reached out and touched her little head, smiling lightly He said: “Phoenix Priestess is on your side, of course the council dare not embarrass you.”


Lucy stretched her body, both arms Stretching upward, her slender waist straightened, revealing a perfect girly curve, and she said actively: “It’s finally come to the end of a phase.”

Elisa came closer. , Looked towards Kaede and said with a little regret: “Didn’t expect so many troublesome things happened all at once. The hot spring vacation free voucher given by others just expired.”

“It’s okay, I Here are tickets to prepare for a beach vacation.”

Mila smiled and stood by to start to talk, not knowing where she took out several free coupons for beach vacation.

Then she touched her little hand again, and took out a few free yellow coupons, and said: “There are also vacation coupons at Winkel Manor, all of which are indefinite.”

Element detection!

Elisa looked towards Mila with a pair of big black eyes alertly, and said: “Where do you get so many free vacation vouchers?”

Mira seems to have no sense at all To Elisa’s deterrence, she smiled and said: “It was given by the organizer when I went to shoot the cover of Magic Weekly.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Elisa touched her chin with one hand, wondering if she could try it.

At this time, Mira looked towards Kaede and said with a smile: “Kaede, where do you want to go?”

Kaede carefreely smiled, turned her head and looked towards Wendy and the others, Said: “hot spring, beach, and manor… Which one do you want to choose?”



” hot spring!”

The women raised their hands and expressed different opinions.

Kaede looked at the choices of the women and said with a slight smile: “There are three votes for hot spring, then go to hot spring for vacation. The minority obey the majority.”

Lusa hesitated slightly: “But the hot spring vacation ticket…”

“Don’t care about that.”

Kaede laughed, raised her left hand, and hit in the sky A snap of your fingers.


A bunch of golden rays of light disappeared instantly in his fingers.

Wendy looked at Kaede’s movements curiously and said: “Kaede big brother, you were just…”

Kaede reached out and touched Wendy’s little head, said with a slight smile: “I have asked someone to prepare, and now you can go back and clean up ready to go.”

“Ah… I thought I would arrange it.”

Lucy murmured.

She is the Eldest Miss of Hatfield, and it is of course simple to order a hot spring vacation, just to show her.

Kaede looked towards Lucy, laughed a little, and said: “Next time.”

“Then I will go back and pack my luggage!”

Shanna smiled hehe and waved at Kaede.

The other young girls also waved their hands and ran to their houses to clean up.

Kaede arranges a hot spring vacation. Of course, it is impossible. Some people will refuse. Although if everyone goes together, there are not many opportunities to approach Kaede alone, but if you don’t go, you will give other people a chance. .


Looking at the many young girls who went back to pack up, Kaede gave a gentle smile.

Then he closed his eyes slightly.

Nothing is heard.

A huge golden clock appeared in front of him, it was the universe level treasure illusory clock that was combined with his soul.

Although he has been able to go to this day and possess the current strength, it is more the result of his own hard training in exchange, but the help brought by Unreal Clock is also indispensable.

Previously, Fairy Tail and the Nether Ghost three guilds fought, and none of the future showed signs of “One Magic”, which made Kaede clearly understood that countless future branches still had nothing to gain, which was a little disappointed. , But he is not too disappointed.

Because he did not see the magic of one here, but he came to the fairy tail world for four hundred years, and the illusory clock with his soul fusion has been absorbing the invisible time in the universe in the process Energy, dispel the fog on its scale.

Until before reaching the fairy tail world, Kaede unlocked a total of nine ticks of Unreal Clock, from Time Acceleration on the first ticks to Time Freeze on the ninth ticks.

And four hundred years of time.

The tenth scale of Unreal Clock is finally unlocked!

Can see.

At the position of the’scale X’on the Unreal Clock, the fog has completely disappeared, and the golden’scale X’pattern is clearly reflected.

Kaede maintained a calm demeanor, idea move, toggled the rotation of the pointer, and quickly fell to the position of’scale X’, which inspired this new ability.

“Um…Such an ability?”

After stimulating this ability, Kaede first started for a short time, then showed a looking thoughtful look, and finally let out a laugh. Said: “Interesting.”

Now he has gone a long way on the road to control time, and he is no longer the one who only saw a little bit of time, like a leopard in a tube.

Before the ability of scale X was activated, he really didn’t know what this ability was, but when it was activated, he had only a brief moment, and he had fully understood this ability.

If you give a definition, then this ability can be called——

Time management!

The effect is always present.

It sounds a bit difficult to understand, but if you explain it in another way, it will probably be easier to understand.

If you exercise your space ability to the limit and fully control it, you can do it everywhere, in one point, it can exist in billions of points, hundreds of millions of spaces are connected, and everywhere in the entire universe.

And the scale X of the Unreal Clock corresponds to the “everywhere” of the ability of the space level everywhere, which can exist at any time at the same time!

A brief description.

Elisa, Mila and Wendy are looking for Kaede to date together. The date is set at ten o’clock tomorrow morning, so Kaede can date Elisa and Mila three people at the same time .

It is not the ability to clone, but he can manage time. All the people who exist at the same time are himself. In his personal sense, he has experienced different dates. It can be’simultaneous’ for Ruza and Mira and the others.

It sounds difficult to explain with normal logic, but scale X is such an ability that has been able to break the basic logic of time.

This ability seems to be very useful to scumbags, but is not meaningful to Kaede, but it is not.

The essence of this ability is the ability to surpass Time Freeze, which has completely surpassed the ability of’retrospecting the past’ and’shuttle to the future’. The simultaneous existence means that there is no need to deliberately travel through time and space. Once this ability is stimulated, he will exist at any point in the past and future at the same time.

Beyond time stripping, beyond time rewind, and beyond Time Freeze!

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