Control Time in Naruto Chapter 753

In the trembling gazes of the Spiritual God such as Anku Saram, Kaede’s eyes glowed with pale-gold luster, and the split second gaze penetrated Kaede’s body, clearly understood To the distant past.

Kaede had a clear sight of his past when he froze Kaede in Time Freeze, but Kaede’s past is too far away, and it spans thousands of years and hundreds of millions of years. Time.

At that time, his ability was not enough to clearly understand the distant past, or it could not be done in a short time. Compared with going directly into the world created by Kaos, looking for the world he created The remaining traces of power inside will be simpler.

As a result, didn’t expect that the world created by Kaos is one of the worlds he is familiar with. So he spent four hundred years looking for, half sightseeing, half leisure, and finally came back here. , To analyze the power of Kaos with the original method.

Time retreated quickly in Kaede’s eyes.

In the past, although his eyes could pass things, at most it was tens of thousands of times faster. The history of Kaos surpassed hundreds of millions of years. It is necessary to trace its past, even if it is replaying the past pictures at a speed of tens of thousands. It will take tens of thousands of years to see its end.

But now is different. After getting the ability to scale X, he has changed from a user of time ability to a preliminary controller, and he can already do as one pleases to manipulate the rate of time.

Blink a hundred million years!

In just an instant, Kaede’s gaze was directed towards the starting point of the birth of Kaede. The starting point of his birth was also a life, a race similar to human beings.

Kaede turned the history of Kaede directly to the beginning of its birth, and began to accelerate the re-forward playback of the magnification. What I saw was Kaede’s step by step becoming-stronger from birth to baby process.

“Well, it’s a bit like Poros.”

The looked screen flashed quickly, and Kaede commented.

Kaos also rises on his planet, constantly training to absorb the energy of the planet, and finally becomes stronger and stronger, without opponent on the planet, and then rushes to the interstellar.

In the starry sky, he encountered many powerful enemies, and defeated those people one after another, constantly devouring more power, and gradually gained the power of the hundred stars.

In this history.

Kaede saw that all kinds of worlds were conquered by Kaede.

Time goes back to about a million years ago, when Kaos, who is already the power of a hundred stars, ran across the Silver River Galaxy, traveling boringly and lonely, and then during this trip, he encountered A stronger existence than him!

There was a violent conflict between the two sides. During the fierce battle, Kaos lost to the other side and was almost swallowed by the other side. He fleeed in the Star Domain desperately, while the other side was chasing after him.

As soon as he was about to be overtaken, the star in the sky suddenly moved and turned into a fierce starry life that Kaos had never seen before, attacking him and his opponent!

Compared to his opponent, the energy of this starry sky life is extremely chaotic, chaotic, and unorganized. To spy on it from strength alone, there is at least the power of a thousand stars, far exceeding him and his opponent, but But the other side can’t control these powers well, as if they don’t have wisdom at all, they just use them chaotically and roughly.

Because of this, Kaos finally escaped alive in a mess, and the situation of the enemy who pursued him was chased by the starry life, the situation is unknown.

After experiencing this, he no longer wandered around in the Star Sea indiscriminately, but came to an empty Star Domain, created his own world, and stayed there, rested and rested. , This has been going on for millions of years.

During this period, there were also many unexpected guests coming, including life with black hole energy, but they were all swallowed by Kaos.

“It seems that the starry sky is far more dangerous than I thought… It’s just that it is difficult to meet the crisis on a short time scale.”

Kaede looked at this paragraph After all the history is clearly understood, it reveals a looking thoughtful look.

In the starry sky, there are not only characters with extremely high intelligence like Kaos, but also more powerful but chaotic and irrational starry life.

It’s just that.

The space of the universe is too big, and the distance between galaxies and galaxies is measured in light years, so if the star in the sky is rampant, at least on the scale of’ten thousand years’, It will appear to be dangerous lurks on every side. If it is only for hundreds of years and thousands of years, it is difficult to encounter a sufficiently powerful lifeform to explore dozens of small galaxies.

The history of Kaos fully demonstrates this.

“I don’t know if my Time Freeze can confine the life in the starry sky… If the power of a thousand stars is still possible, the intensity of my time ability is greatly improved after unlocking the scale X, the power of ten thousand stars It should be able to be imprisoned with Time Freeze, and it’s hard to say any more.”

Kaede thought in her heart.

According to his own judgment, as long as it is at the level of the black hole level, it is a million stars or even a hundred thousand stars, and the power of the illusory clock can forcibly confine the other side.

It’s just that the lifeform with the higher the imprisonment energy, the shorter the time he can control, like the time to imprison a small area, and the time to imprison the entire planet, the energy consumed is very different of.

At this level of Kaos, he can be eternally still!

But if it is a thousand-star lifeform, judging by the loss and recovery of time energy, it may not be able to be permanently still, and recovery will not keep up with the loss.

The words of Wanxing may only be imprisoned for a short time.

If you are higher, you can’t judge at all, unless you really encounter it, you can judge.

After a brief thought, Kaede condensed his thoughts and re-looked towards Kaos, calmly stretched out his hand, put his fingers together, and poked at the chest of the other side.


His finger touched Kaos’s skin, causing ripples in the space, and then little by little pierced in.

His own strength level is only 30 stars, while Kaos is 100 stars. The difference between these is probably like two rocks with three times the density, the soft one. Of course it is difficult to penetrate the hard piece.

But when he clearly understood all the past of Kaos and analyzed all the power of Kaos, he seemed to be completely familiar with Kaos’ path.

If you are thoroughly familiar with the situation, of course you can get in no matter how soft.

Even if it is difficult, you have to squeeze in a little bit, but as long as you can get in, you can disintegrate the other side from the inside, extract little by little and strip off its power.

“Let’s get started.”

Kaede looked my own fingers little by little immersed in Kaede’s within-the-body, and after a low murmur, he slowly closed his eyes , His own power split second inspired.

Kaos’s vast and huge Hundred Stars power was broken down by little by little and extracted and stripped away, and little by little swallowed itself within-the-body, making his own power fast Become-stronger.

Thirty stars…

Thirty-five stars…

Forty stars…

Forty-five stars…


The speed of swallowing is getting faster and faster. In a short time, Kaede broke through the power of fifty stars, then crossed to sixty stars, then seventy and eighty stars, and finally leapt to 100 stars!

The energy of Kaos is like a bucket with a hole in it. The water in the bucket quickly dissipates, and aura plummets from Baixing all the way down to thirty stars.


When his strength reached 100 stars, Kaede’s body trembled violently.


He didn’t continue to swallow it, but took a step back, took out his finger, and brought up a white ripple of energy.

In a short time, the amount of Inner Strength surged to Baixing, making him feel that his body has become very heavy and difficult to control. If he continues to swallow it, it will aggravate this situation.

Need to adapt to the second round again.

At this moment, Kaede is not in a hurry, because now he has the power of a hundred stars, and Kaede’s power has fallen to 30 stars, and the power between the two is completely reversed. .

In this case, even if he releases Time Freeze, he can still suppress Kaos with the absolute difference in power, so there will be no more accidents.

When he adapts a little bit, he can completely swallow the power of Kaos.

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