Control Time in Naruto Chapter 755

hot spring in the pool.

Kaede lay comfortably by the pool, half of his body immersed in the hot spring, and the parts above the shoulders were exposed. His shoulders were laid loosely on the edge of the hot spring pool, and his head was leaning against a raised stone. Eyes closed.

He is adjusting the power of within-the-body.

For the existence of black hole level and above, the enhancement of strength is to continuously devour the energy of stars, and constantly create new power systems to enhance their ability to control power.

Under normal circumstances, the become-stronger route is to self-create a new energy system, gradually improve it, and then use the power of this new system to swallow a few or more stars , Raise this system to its limit, and then start new developments.

This is the safest become-stronger route.

It is also the reason why an existence like Kaos creates a world. In fact, the most orthodox way of this route is creation.

Create a world, use a world to deduce your own power system, gradually sort out a new system, and then create a new world, repeat the process.

In comparison.

The power system that directly swallows other people has a certain degree of uncertainty.

The reason is that if it is a power system created by oneself, it must be in a complete fit with the power system that oneself possesses at the time of creation.

In short, it is Kaede with the four world power systems of Hokage, Pirate, Shinigami, and One Punch Man. If you create a world by yourself and create a new power system, this process must be based on your own Built as a foundation.

The power system of the four worlds such as Hokage and Shinigami is like the tower layer used to build a pyramid tower. Every time you want to build a layer, you must make all aspects of the system fit in order to become A solid core of strength.

But directly swallowing the power system of other people is like forcibly removing large blocks of towers and rocks directly from another pyramid. There must be some of them that are not suitable in size and shape. , It must be adjusted by little by little to adjust all these stones to fit.

This is exactly what Kaede is doing.

In fact, with the power of 30 stars, it is a very dangerous thing to swallow an energy and power system that is far more than twice the sum of your own power at one time.

If it was replaced by Kaos, even if he was given the power of a two-hundred star expert, he would inevitably devour it a little bit by cautious and solemn, rather than dare to swallow it all at once.

Kaede dares to swallow that many at once, naturally because he holds the power of the illusory clock. If there is a problem, he can use the ability to reverse time to go back at any time.

So he is not afraid of changes.

“Much more complete and stronger than my power.”

Kaede adjusted these powers while muttering in the heart.

Although he also controls the power of each world very well, and combines them perfectly, after all, he has not been more than ten thousand years since training.

In contrast, Kaos has existed for hundreds of millions of years. After such a long time, the power system of Kaos within-the-body is naturally more closely integrated and more stable. many.

Being able to analyze the existence of such a rank is naturally of great benefit to Kaede. For example, the combination and construction of the power system is what he understands after analyzing the power system of Kaede Something, to know what is the correct training direction.

Adjust slowly.

Kaede is not in a hurry either, it is his power that has swallowed in.

When Kaede closed his eyes to adjust his strength, on the high east wall, a black shadow stick one’s head around to look for stretched out, and a small head was exposed above it.


Lisana saw Kaede lying in the hot spring pool. She grabbed the edge of the high wall with one hand, turned her head and looked towards the lower one Everyone, made a silent hand seal.

Jubia turned into a stream of water, rushing to the high wall, and soon came to the top of the wall, and then Mila leaped slightly and came to Lisana’s side, on the other side Lucy and Lebby climbed up to help each other cautious and solemn.


Elisa did not participate, she was still sitting next to the hot spring pool, looking at the movements of Lisana and the others, slightly Helplessly exhaled.

Wendy also blushed and shrank in the water and never passed. Although she didn’t bathe with Kaede before, it feels completely different from the peek now, but Kaede shouldn’t Will be angry for this kind of thing.

Over there.

Although Kaede is adjusting the power of within-the-body, he is not blind to the outside world. The actions of Lisana and the others are naturally noticed by him.

He eyes opened, looking in the direction of Lisana and the others, a little funny said:

“Do you all want to go to confinement?”

Special separation is because he wants to adjust his power. During this process, the power may fluctuate in the within-the-body. Although it will not escape from the body, even if there is waves in the within-the-body, The same will have an impact on the outside world, just like the previous situation.

However, he has adjusted in the time just now, and the violent fluctuations will not happen again, and the subtle fluctuations will not be as strong as before.


Kaede raised his hand and pointed in the direction of Lisana and the others.

I saw Lisana and the others lying on the high wall, which suddenly changed from entity to illusion, and then Lisana and the others who were lying on the wall all screamed and fell. Going down, the plop plop fell to the ground.

Jubia and Lucy happened to fall at the bottom, and Jubia fell directly into a pool of water. Naturally, he would not suffer such physical damage. By the way, he also helped the people above to absorb shock. Yes, but Lucy has no such ability.

“Ah, it hurts…”

However, Lucy is a wizard after all, and Kaede also softens the ground a little, so she is just being punished by being dropped, not at all Actual injuries.

Mira’s ability was of course too late to react, but she did not react. She also fell to the ground with a plop, but because there was Jubia under her body, she still kept her smile. , Said:

“Ah! I was found, the peeping operation failed.”

“Kaede big brother……”

Lisana was in the sky turned over, did not fall, but landed steadily, and then smiled at Hehe’s looked towards Kaede, and said, “Do you need to wipe your back for service?”

Kaede didn’t speak, and waved away, Li Shanna was brought down by an invisible force, and all the other people were imprisoned by his magic power and pressed to the ground in a row, and Jubia was also forcibly released from the state of hydration.


Kaede raised his hand and volleyed at Lisana and the others.


The crisp voice sounded, and everyone felt a slap on their ass.

“Deserve it.”

Elisa, who looked at this scene in the hot spring pool on the other side, leisurely picked up a glass of juice next to her and took a sip.

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