Control Time in Naruto Chapter 756

After Lisana and the others mischievous, Kaede finally let their behavior go, not at all excessive punishment.

The main reason is that these lively and cute young girls are not annoying. Lisana who always wants to be naughty, Jubia who always likes to stick up, is already twelve years old and a little shy and blushing. Tie, Lucy who can always play the role of Tucao in time, the character body have nothing common with each other young girls, the atmosphere brought together is mostly relaxed and cozy.

Two hours later.

Many young girls walked out of the hot spring area in a light-colored bathrobe with satisfaction, with a little pink stained on their delicate skin, and everyone who was soaked in the hot spring for two hours became very confused. lazy.

Together with Kaede, the entire group came to a clean and spacious guest room. This is the dining room prepared by the hot spring hotel. After Elisa and the others one after another entered , And soon served a variety of seafood dishes.

In addition to the dishes, the hostel also prepares a lot of expensive sake. The alcohol content is very low, only ten to twenty degrees. I don’t know who made the first booze. Young girls shared it. After a glass, only the underage Wendy was sitting next to Kaede, who was prevented from drinking.

Elisa and the others drink very averagely. Everyone only drank half a glass of a bottle of sake, but after the drink went down, she quickly became a little drunk.

Under the hazy and drunken state, young girls’ behavior began to become bold and impudent. Even Reb, who is usually shy, boldly hugged Kaede’s neck from behind, and Li Shanna and the others compete for ownership of Kaede.

At first, Kaede was mixed in with a chuckle, let Lisana and the others mess around, and then young girls pounced on and started fighting, making him helpless shaking ones head, and waving his hand to imprison everyone In the same place, lined up in a row, slapped one by one, gave a lesson, and then left.


The next day.

Kaede slept on a thin blanket, woke up and stretched out.

In the room, Lisana and the others lie down arrogantly, all wrapped in loose bathrobes sleeping on the floor without an image. What you see is all white, and the ground is still scattered Lots of playing cards.

What happened here not at all last night? After dinner, Lisana and the others all gathered in Kaede’s room, mingled with each other to play cards and chat, and gradually became tired but no one wanted to return to themselves Slept in Kaede’s room, and finally fell asleep in Kaede’s room.

Although Lisana and the others all want to sleep next to Kaede, no one can come close this time. With Kaede as the center, there is an invisible soft force in the area about three feet nearby. No one can turn it over in his sleep.

Kaede usually doesn’t come up with this thing to prevent Lisana and the others from approaching, because he doesn’t mind these cute young girls to rest with him, after all, even if they do too much Nothing can be extracted from him, and there will be no danger.

After possessing black hole-level power, unless it is the existence of the same rank or he actively releases his energy to the outside, any behavior is impossible to draw a trace of energy from him.

Even if he doesn’t control his power, Lisana and the others who are too close will be easily drained by him.


It should be more accurate to say that the entire world will disintegrate and be swallowed by his body.

The black hole level is equivalent to the black hole in the universe, except that he can control his own power without swallowing and absorbing it with wisdom.

As for why he can control his power, he still deliberately prevented other young girls from approaching…because there was Wendy sleeping next to him.

Wendy was tired very early last night, and because she didn’t want to go to her room alone, she kept lying next to her and hit yawn, and finally fell asleep unconsciously.

If you want to ask the young girls here which Kaede likes the most, you may not be able to give an accurate answer, but if you ask which Kaede takes care of, it will only be Wendy.

After all, she is only twelve years old, the youngest, and the character is soft, gentle, careful and cute. Even Mila and Elisa and the others who fight each other take care of Wendy. Not to mention Kaede.

So after Wendy fell asleep, Kaede randomly arranged a force field to prevent other people from accidentally waking her up in their sleep.

Wendy sleeping next to her is like an exquisite Princess doll, and her sleeping position is quite cute. Kaede looked at her with a smile.

Wendy is the dragon-killing wizard. Although she is young, she is the most sensitive among all people. In addition, she slept the earliest. This time she has enough sleep, so she quickly noticed the side The movement, wake up.

“Kaede big brother?”

She opened her dim sleepy eyes, and Kaede’s soft smile came into view. After a subconscious call, she rubbed her eyes and sat down. Get up, glanced at the scene in the room, cheeks slightly red towards Kaede’s well-behaved whisper:

“Good morning.”


Kaede stood up, smiled and touched her little head, and said: “Are you sleeping well?”


Wendy is cute Nodded.

In fact, among all people, she is the one who cares the most about the sleeping environment. All aspects of the dragon-killing wizard fit in with the dragon. Of course, the dragon is in the cave, rocky woods and anywhere. Sleep, but this does not prevent Kaede from taking care of her best.

Kaede stood up and walked to the door. After pushing the door open, there was a waiter from the hotel waiting there early in the corridor outside the door.

“Go and prepare breakfast.”

Kaede said casually to the waiter waiting outside.

“Good sir.”

The waiter responded immediately and turned to prepare.

When Kaede returned to the house, what she saw was Wendy who stood up doing stretching exercises. She stepped on the floor with bare feet and stretched her two small hands upwards. The action of stretching, the small body makes this action can only be evaluated by the word’cute’.

Like a lazy cat stretching its body.

After stretching her body, she found that Kaede was looking at herself, Wendy’s movements suddenly paused, and she started to talk in a slightly sorry low voice, saying: “Kaede big brother? What, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “Your actions just now are a little cute.”

Wendy’s cheeks suddenly appeared a little Blushing, his eyes dodged, a little not knowing what to do said: “Yes, are you?”

Kaede couldn’t help but smile when he saw this, and walked a few steps forward, with a little doting eyes Reached out and touched her little head.

No one can resist cuteness.

Wendy’s cuteness is incomparable even to Elisa and the others in childhood. Only Mebis can be compared with her, and Mebis is a more lively and naughty character by comparison. , Different characters are difficult to distinguish from top to bottom.

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