Control Time in Naruto Chapter 757

The Kingdom of Fiore.


Here is an open plain, the land is yellow and has no vitality, and the earth is dry. It is located in the eastern part of the Fiore Kingdom where water resources are relatively scarce.

On the yellow ground, two silhouettes are walking forward. The silhouette walking in front is a man with purple hair and a ponytail.

He is one of Ishgar’s Baram Alliance, the president of the Eternal Night Church of the Darkest Guild, the most powerful of the four dark guilds-Neinhardt!

Following him is a little loli who looks about twelve years old.

It is Urutia herself.

After Kaede went back in time to twelve years old and fixed her physical changes, she could not be relieved no matter what way she was, she could only be forced to exist in this posture. In the Senate, I used illusion magic to maintain the original appearance.

“It should be here.”

After Neinhardt took a few steps forward, he stopped and looked all around glanced at.

Urutia followed behind him, took a deep breath, a few rays of light flashed in his eyes, looked all around, but not at all noticed something abnormal nearby.

“Did Serena really hide those things here?”

“It must be here.”

The corners of Neinhardt’s mouth evokes A slight arc.

When Heavenly God Serena collected the seven magic balls, one of them was in his hand. Serena paid a great price to exchange them with him, and he only exchanged the magic balls with him. It was handed to Serena, but at that time he also moved a little on the magic ball.

Although the mark he left was later removed by Serena, according to the information he got, Serena should have hidden the magic ball in the eastern part of Fiore.

“Didn’t expect Phoenix Priestess’s strength is so strong, even Serena was wiped out by her.”

Urutia looked forward and whispered.

Serena failed to attack the fairy tail and was wiped out by Acleya. In the process, the Eternal Night Temple has been paying attention to this matter, so the immediately death of Serena in Heavenly God began. Search for the location of those magic balls that Heavenly God Serena has worked so hard to collect.

Neinhardt smiled and said: “Aikleia is a follower of the Lord after all. She has gained power from the Lord, and of course it is not comparable to ordinary wizards. Yes, neither Serena nor me will work, but as long as I can gain the power of the Lord legacy, I will have a chance to surpass her. I am the wizard most capable of serving the Lord.”

Speaking of which.

He turned his head and looked towards Urutia, and said, “I don’t understand time magic, and I can’t dispel the magic from you, but the Lord knows everything from Akatsuki since ancient times. The source of magic, after gaining the power of the Lord legacy, you can easily remove the magic from you.”

“Hoo…Thank you Lord, the president.”

Wu Rutia exhaled.

Although she stays in this state, she doesn’t seem to be old again, or even in a state of not being old bastard, but the problem is that she has no way to train magic, and the magic is completely stagnant, and she cannot become-stronger. It doesn’t make any sense not to be old bastard.

As for the scoundrel who released this magic to her, after she breaks the magic, restores her power and becomes stronger, she will let that guy experience this feeling again!

“Did you find the president?”



“No problem, let Serena will lead the way by himself.”

Neinhardt smiled, then spread his hands lightly, the magic surging, and the void in the sky suddenly has a lot of magic factors intertwined. Converge.

As the president of the Eternal Night Temple, the magic he masters is called the history of corpses!

Simply put, it is able to summon the magic of the dead!

The characteristic of this magic is that it can revive the dead in their pre-mortem form, so that they have part of their strength and memory.

Nothing is heard.

Between the gathering of light and shadow, the figure of Heavenly God Serena is transformed.


The illusioned Heavenly God Serena has almost the same memory and character as before he was alive. He first took a look at his state, and then’cut ‘With a cry, he turned to look at Neinhardt, and said, “You guys succeeded in the end.”

Neinhardt smiled and said with a strange expression: “hehe, don’t want the corpse Say something more, take out the magic ball you have hidden.”


Heavenly God Serena snorted, but as a manifestation of Neinhardt He couldn’t resist Neinhardt’s orders, so he jumped forward and moved forward.

Neinhardt also took steps to keep up, and Urutia followed behind.


Serena took Neinhardt and Urrutia to somewhere, then raised his hands, the earth collapsed in the void, and pulled to both sides.

“The earth cave of the cave dragon!”

rumble! ! !

earth split second collapsed and shattered, revealing a huge and deep cave.

Serena jumped down, entered the grotto, and came to the deepest place. There are five magic balls stacked here, and the five magic balls are quietly suspended in the sky, emitting a little bit of rays. of light.

“Thanks for your hard work.”

Neinhardt followed closely behind, came to the cave, started to talk casually at Serena, and waved his left hand. After releasing his magic, Serena immediately turned into a spot of light and dissipated.

Urutia also followed behind to the depths of the grotto, looked at the five magic balls floating in the sky, and said with twinkling eyes: “Serena has worked so hard to collect the magic The ball fell into our hands, but there are still two balls…”

“It’s okay.”

Neinhardt smiled and said, “Although two are missing , But Serena has already parsed out a little power from it, so I can do the same. The sixth magic ball is saved by the fairy tail. It is not difficult to get it. The seventh one is from Acleya. It’s a bit difficult, but as long as you can get six and get more power, the seventh is not difficult.”

Urudia took a breath and said: “I will get from the fairy as soon as possible. I got the sixth magic ball from his tail.”

At the moment when Urutia’s voice fell.

It is abrupt.

A leisurely voice passed over.

“Oh? What are you going to do?”

“Using the council…”

Urutia immediately thought it was Neinhardt’s inquiry , So subconscious start to talk, but after answering half of it, I suddenly realized that it was wrong, suddenly turned my head and looked back.

On the back of the cave, a silhouette appeared there, with an easygoing and leisurely manner, walking towards this side as if walking in the garden.

It is Kaede himself!

He accompanies Elisa and the others during the hot spring vacation. He accidentally noticed the situation here. He just had nothing to do with him, so he took care of what he had made by the way.

“It’s you!”

The moment Urutia saw Kaede, she immediately showed a look of gnashing one’s teeth, but because she is now twelve years old, So this look has a little loli baring fangs and brandishing claws with a’super fierce’ expression. Not only does it not look fierce, it is rather cute.

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