Control Time in Naruto Chapter 758


Compared with the anger and irritation of Urutia split second, I can’t wait to come up and fight Kaede desperately, next to Neinha In particular, a completely different reaction was revealed.

He first browses slightly wrinkle, his eyes turn cold, and then his gaze looking towards Kaede suddenly startled, as if he has noticed something, showing a little bit of consternation.

Kaede did not go to see Neinhardt, and at the same time ignored Urrutia on the side, just casually looked at the five magic balls floating in the sky, and walked forward. Go, pick up one and stroke it, then throw it at will.

The nearby space squirmed instantly, and several spatial vortex appeared. Five magic balls split second fell into the space vortex, and finally disappeared.

“What are you doing!”

Urudia was shocked when he saw this. The subconscious wanted to stop, but Neinhardt stood in front of her motionless, He even reached out to block her.

At this time, Urrutia also realized that something was wrong, and stopped.

“Don’t do such unnecessary things, I’m always awake.”

After throwing the magic ball into the space vortex, Kaede turned his head and looked at Nai casually. Inhart glanced.

Neinhardt’s purpose was clear at a glance. The Eternal Night Temple always thought he was in a deep sleep, and the purpose of the entire guild was to wake him up, and then for this World Bring eternal night, bring a world without pain.

But in fact, apart from Mebis and Acleya, no one knows Akatsuki’s situation. He has never been asleep.

“You really are…”

Neinhardt’s eyes trembled, his tone trembled, and there was a hint of fanaticism in his expression.

Kaede looked at him peacefully.

Neinhardt took a deep breath, forcibly stabilized the emotions in his heart, and immediately bowed to Kaede and bowed to Kaede, saying: “It’s very good that you have been awake. I implore you to bring this world Eternal night, let death and pain disappear…”

Kaede gently shaking ones head, saying: “The world without death and pain is a kind of pain in itself. It is not heaven, but Hell.”

“How could…”

Neinhardt took a body and looked up towards Kaede.

A gleam of light appeared in Kaede’s eyes, and he released a Genjutsu to Neinhardt, allowing him to see the scene of hell in the split second.

In the world created by Kaos, there is also hell. As Neinhardt hoped, there is no death or pain, but that world is hell.

Because there is no pain and death, life does not know what fear is, and a world without fear can be imagined!

Neinhardt stood there, seeing the scene in hell.

There was a daze in his eyes.

And another side.

Urutia is wide-eyed and looked at Kaede somewhat unbelievably. Even if she is stupid, she can still understand what Neinhardt’s actions mean, not to mention that she is never stupid, she It is a wizard that can easily play with Geral and the Magic Council.

Kaede looked towards Urutia, chuckled, and said: “The first time I met you, I thought you were funny, so I teased you a little bit. Do you hate me now?”


Urutia’s voice trembled a little, and the development of the matter completely exceeded her expectations, so that her A mess in my mind.

The wizard who teased her many times turned out to be the wizard she admired most until now, and the impact made her incoherent for a while.

“Yes, I’m sorry…I didn’t recognize your identity…You should be punished. Of course you can do anything if you are…”

Kaede looked Ulu Tiya looked incoherent, smiled lightly, thought for a moment, and pointed at her.

A white beam of light at the fingertips split second into her within-the-body.

What magic power is not at all in the white beam, but a piece of magic-related knowledge, all the information about the lost magic “Arc of Time”.

Accurately speaking, this can no longer be called the arc of time, but the real orthodox time magic, without the many restrictions of the arc of time.

“This is the magic of the arc of time in the complete version, and I will give it to you. If you really want to work hard for the advancement of this World, then don’t think about it overnight, use your hands To protect this World and move forward slowly.”

After passing all the information of time magic to Urutia, Kaede looked at her easygoing start to talk and turned to the cave at the same time. Go outside.

Urudia stood still in place, still absorbing the information of the large amount of time magic, turning his head following Kaede’s movements, looking towards Kaede’s back.

“Oh right.”

After walking a few steps, Kaede suddenly remembered something, and then glanced at Urutia, then smiled slightly and said:” You look really cute now.”

After leaving this comment, Kaede’s silhouette faded silently, and finally disappeared, leaving only Neinhardt and Neinhardt still immersed in chaos. Urrutia standing still.


hot spring hostel.

In a spacious and clean room.

Lisana, Mila, Elisa and Lucy are making up a table to play mahjong. Rebbi sits next to Lucy and helps Lucy watch the cards together.

Kaede was lying on the floor next to him. Wendy stomped on his back with bare feet, using her body weight to massage, while Jubia was leaning against Kaede’s In front of him, massage Kaede’s head with two small cool hands.

Just then.

Kaede opened his eyes, stretched his body, then stood up.


Because he suddenly stood up, Wendy who was on his back uttered suddenly, one of them was unstable and fell to one side, but Without falling to the floor, Kaede reached out and hugged him.

Kaede walked forward with Wendy for two steps and then sat down, looking towards the table of Elisa and the others, said with a slight smile: “How? How about the outcome?”

“I’m behind.”

Mila squinted with big eyes, “Lucy learns very quickly.”

Kaede let out a laugh. Said: “Really?”

Lucy looked confidently: “This thing can’t trouble me!”

Kaede looked at the four people’s card, leisurely Said: “Well, it would be unfair if you all bet on your pocket money. After all, there is an Eldest Miss here. That’s good. I will give her a gift for the first person, and I will cook her for the second person.”

Lucy blinked and said: “Huh? Really?!”

Mila smiled and said: “If this is the case, you can’t just hit it.”

Elisa exhaled, the rays of light flashed on her body, she changed from a white bathrobe to a clean and sassy kimono, and said fighting spirit: “Let the horse come here!”

Lisana said hehe and said: “Then I have to be serious.”

A drop of sweat spilled over Lebby’s forehead and said: “Good terrifying…imposing-manner is completely different.”

She gave Kaede a cautious and solemn glance.

Kaede smiled at her and said: “You can fight side by side with Lucy, if you two win, it’s the same.”

“Ah…then you can’t talk about it on paper. “

Lebby was exhaled. Split second also showed fighting spirit. He patted Lucy on the shoulder, sat right next to Lucy, and said: “Keep it up, Xiao Lu!”

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