Control Time in Naruto Chapter 760

“Imposing-manner is quite good, it is indeed a lot of pressure to fight against you two at the same time.” Madara Dove stood there, holding a katana in his hand, and started to gracefully talk.

Her words started Elisa slightly.

“Two people?”

First, a trace of doubt flashed in her eyes, and then she noticed something. When she looked sideways, she saw Kaede’s silhouette walking down the stairs. step by step

Kaede raised her head and glanced at upwards, then looked towards Elsa, and said calmly at her: “Go up, Elisa, the enemy above is very suitable for you to experience you .”

Because he interfered with the plot, Elisa and Geral have no intersection, and the two sides don’t even know each other.

Let Elsa go up to deal with Geral, it’s not that he has any evil intent to Geral, and wants someone who should like him to kill him, but it’s just that Geral is a The right object to sharpen.


Elusa looked towards Kaede.

Kaede pointed at her slightly nodded and added: “The enemy above is one of the Saint Ten Great Demon guides. Your strength is only a line from the Saint Ten level, and the only difference is you. Willpower, he is a very suitable enemy for you.”

Because of his interference, Elisa’s current strength is almost the apex of the S-Rank wizard, which is almost the same as the level of the Saint Ten Great Demon guide. Not much, only a thin line apart, and although Geral is not the weakest among the Saint Ten, but not at all reaches the level of the Four Heavenly Kings, at this time Geral is still just the strength of the normal Saint Ten Great Demon.

Kaede doesn’t really care how strong Elisa’s strength can grow, because he casually gifted the girl a little life energy, which is enough to transform her into a existence beyond the phoenix.

It’s just that there is nothing to appreciate about that kind of growth.

He looked that Elisa grew up from little loli little by little. Every growth is worthy of appreciation. The growth process is the most important thing.


Elisa heard Kaede’s words, her eyes quickly revealed a touch of firmness, without much hesitation, she went straight down the next staircase Go to the top of the Paradise Tower.

Madara Dove not at all tries to stop, because she knows that she alone is impossible to block both the Queen of Fairy and Night of Fairy, especially Kaede in front of her. According to the information she has learned, this Man’s strength bottomless!

“Didn’t expect to meet the fairy night that is no weaker than the Saint Ten Great Demon guide here. The little girl is polite here.”

Madara Dove lookeded towards Kaede, keep an elegant smile and start to talk.

Strictly speaking, she is not a wizard, but a Demon Sword. It’s okay to say that she is a pure Swordsman. What she trains is not magic, but Kenjutsu.

Because she is a Swordsman, even if she knows that Kaede’s strength is very strong, perhaps above her, she will not deny herself, and still dare to draw her sword!

“It’s been a long time since I met Swordsman.”

“I’ll give you a chance to make a sword.”

Kaede looked towards Madara Dove, With a little bit of nostalgia, start to talk, it is really rare to encounter a pure Swordsman in this magical world.

Although Kaede’s tone reveals a feeling that makes people seem difficult to cross, Madara Dove is angry because of this. She gently held the hilt and pulled out the sword. , Said:

“Thank you very much.”


As the voice fell, a ray of light flashed in her eyes, and the whole person took a step forward, between silhouette instant and Kaede criss-crossed.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

Madara Hato stands up slowly and moves towards Looking from the back, I saw Kaede still standing on the spot, with a simple sword edge in his hand.

It is this sword that completely and completely resisted all her attacks during the an instant. The split second she felt from Kaede was not a huge magic power. It is similar to her and belongs to Swordsman’s sword intent!


Compared to her sword power, Kaede just stood there, barely making too many movements, what she felt was like a Sword Peak piercing the sky, unable to cross!

“This is…sword dao…”

Madara Dove’s eyes showed extremely surprised eyes, and there was a slight tremor in her voice, she was completely surprised Kaede will use Kenjutsu instead of magic.

Kaede looked calm and peaceful, looked down at the sword in his hand, with a trace of remembrance, and said: “I haven’t used the sword for a long time.”

“Please… …Enlighten me…”

Madara Dove took a deep breath and started to talk slowly.

Can’t win!

Just a simple confrontation just now, she knew she couldn’t beat Kaede.

The gap she felt was really too big. Kaede didn’t know how much she was ahead of her on the sword dao, and the sword momentum of converging but not firing gave her a whole The fear of being cut in half.

But even so, even if fear was born in her heart, she still did not flinch, because as a pure Swordsman, she can see a bigger sword dao, which is more important than victory or death.


A little appreciation flashed in Kaede’s eyes.

If it were in the world of One Piece, he would not show such a look, because a sword tyrant who was drawn out there would not be much worse than Madara Dove’s sword dao.

But it’s different here.

In the fairy tail world, in the magic world, if you can walk Path of Sword Dao with a firm Willpower, it is equivalent to going against the trend, which is very difficult.

The other side happens to be another woman, still a very temperament and charming woman, it is even more rare, like a tiny gem shimmering in countless sand grains.

Kaede holds a sword.

The sword is condensed and not sent.

He didn’t have any extra moves, nor did he have any gorgeous postures. The process of swinging the sword did not involve a trace of fireworks. He looked extremely simple, but he reached the top of Kenjutsu!

Shua! ! !

In this sword light an instant, the sword raised by Madara Hato passed by, cut through her body, fell instantly from her top of the head, and the sword edge finally stopped under her body. .

Madara Dove’s movements solidified there, and a crack appeared silently on the blade in her hand, then it broke into two pieces, and half fell to the ground.

“This is…sword dao farther away…”

At this moment, she did not have any pain, but showed longing, joy and a little regret, and then Slowly closed his eyes.

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

The feeling of pain does not at all appear.

She opened her eyes a little bit dazedly, and reached out to touch her body.

oh la la!

Following her movements, the cherry-colored kimono she wore was silently split in half from the center, along with the bun and hair band that bound the hair, all split, and slipped to the sides. .

But what made her a little dazed was that she stretched out her hand and touched her body, not at all. She felt any wounds. From the middle of her forehead all the way down, there was no pain in her skin, and no drop came out. blood.


There was a look of uncertainty in her eyes, and she looked forward, but Kaede’s silhouette had long since disappeared, as if she was waving that one. After the sword, he left directly.

She closed her eyes slightly, flashing memories of the sword in her mind, and finally revealed a touch of shock.

Kaede’s sword severed her sword, slashed her clothes, literally cut into her within-the-body, and penetrated her body from top to bottom.

But this sword did not cause harm!


To be precise, Kaede’s sword has been cut to the most basic structure of the body, cut through the cell gap, and cut her body tangibly, but it didn’t hurt. And any basic structure of the body.

If it hadn’t been for her sword to be broken, and her clothes and hair band were cut off in the middle, she might not have noticed the fact that she was cut off!

Stick into the within-the-body and then pull it out, without leaving a trace…

Such Kenjutsu, this sword dao.


After realizing this, Madara Dove’s mind was completely blank for a while. This is the height of the sword dao that she can’t understand at all, and that man’s sword dao has reached this point!

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