Control Time in Naruto Chapter 761

The top floor of the Paradise Tower.

Intense fighting broke out here.

Elisa completely broke out her strength, she also has some powerful magical equipment given to her by Kaede. It can be said that there is almost no one under the Holy Ten. Ten is still able to fight, but Geral’s strength is not the end in Saint Ten, and it still completely suppresses Elsa, making Elisa fight a very difficult situation.

“You can’t beat me with your strength. I’m one of the Holy Ten…There, I don’t think she can fight me just by her.”

Geral gestured with his hands in a gesture of astral magic, attacking Elisa from a distance, and she retreated from the fight, but he stayed still.

While dealing with Elisa, he looked towards the right, where Kaede was stepping up from below, but after coming up, he didn’t at all intervene.

“Elisa is not as weak as you think.”

Kaede stands with her hand in her hand and starts to talk with an easygoing manner.

There was a haze on Geral’s face, and he said: “If this is the case, then I will kill this fairy queen first, and then try your methods.”

“Celestial magic! Seven stars!”

As the voice fell, he suddenly activated his own magic power. He hadn’t used his full strength before, but now it is spare no effort!

Seven magical light beams fall from the sky, like seven meteorites dropping from the sky, containing destructive power. This is not the level that S-Rank wizard can resist. This is the real power of Saint Ten!

Faced with Geral’s attack, Elisa also felt a strong crisis.

But she is not afraid!

“Magic…is the embodiment of Willpower, the reflection of the soul…”

She showed a cold look, even though the beautiful face was stained with many stains and Dust, even a lot of blood, but still can’t hide her incomparable temperament.

This temperament belongs to Mira, Lucy and the others unable to compare. This is her personal charm and the reason why she is called the queen of fairies.

She heard what Kaede said, and Kaede believed she could win!


She also believes she can win!

Belief is power, which is Willpower, because magic is the embodiment of spirit, so when you doubt yourself, magic will be reincarnation, but when you fully believe in yourself and there is no sluggishness, magic will also be Prosperous for Willpower!

She is Ai Rin’s daughter, within-the-body has Ai Rin’s bloodline, and hidden power belonging to the dragon. This potential is in her self-confidence and tenacious, in her strong Willpower In, was aroused, emerged from the depths of the soul, split second surged.

weng!! !

White light beams rose into the sky.

I can clearly feel that Elisa’s magic power is a lot higher than before, and not only the amount of magic power, but also the essence of magic power have increased to a level!

This is the magic of the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level!



Incarnation Fiend Form, Mila with an enemy stepped on her feet suddenly raised her head and looked above the tower of the paradise. There was a flash of light in her eyes.

“This magic is…Elusa…she did…”

“Really strong, great magic!”

Another side is fighting Lucy also sensed the wave of magic power at the top of the tower of the paradise, showing a little shocked look.

Rebby was also a little surprised, and said: “Such magical fluctuations… I feel like President Makarov, Elisa is really strong…”

With ten levels of magic power, Heaven and Earth changes color!

Magic power is no longer limited to oneself, but when released, the magical power factor between Heaven and Earth trembles together. This is Saint Ten, a completely different level!

Bathed in the trembling magical light, Elisa’s eyes flashed with rays of light. She held the sword in both hands and swung forward suddenly, a sword and seven beams of light touched together.

bang!! !

With an explosion.

The magic factor of the entire sky seems to burst.

Geral’s Seven Stars Sword was smashed by Elisa’s sword edge. When the rays of light dissipated, Elsa could be seen standing there intact, keeping the sword swinging. posture.


Geral’s eyes were gloomy, and he said: “Didn’t expect that you can reach this level. It really becomes a little trickier, but Don’t you think that you can fight me just as soon as you step into this level!”

“Celestial Magic! Dark Paradise!”

Along with Geral’s roar, he Crossed his hands upwards, violent magic surging out, crazily intertwined in front of him, and finally turned into a pitch-black ball of light!

As soon as this ball of light appeared, it showed a terrifying attraction, covering and sucking everything in all directions, and swallowing it toward the center.

Not only Elisa, but also Kaede was shrouded in Geral’s blow. He wanted to use this blow to eliminate both Kaede and Elsa at the same time!

Elisa complexion slightly changed, piercing the sword in her hand into the ground to resist the suction of the black hole, but the ground underfoot still began to shatter a little bit.

another side.

Kaede was standing there completely motionless, as if he hadn’t been drawn by a black hole at all, his expression had not changed at all, his eyes seemed to be just watching a juggling clown.

Geral’s magic is celestial magic, using magic to imitate the attack of celestial bodies. This kind of magic is indeed like a clown performance in front of Kaede.

Seven Stars Sword?

Star crash?

Black hole?

Kaede can really pull stars from the sky, and can really create a sun. The main body has the power of a black hole!

Geral’s magic is naturally like a performance to him.

He didn’t take action, because it was not necessary. Elisa, who broke through to the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level, possessed the same power as before. It was as different as heaven and earth.

At this level, as long as Willpower is firm enough, even in the face of the opponent of Ishgar’s four-day King level, she will be able to fight or even defeat the other side!

For Elsa, the skipping grades to challenge are originally common occurrence.

“You are destined to fail.”

She stared at Geral with indifferent eyes. She drew her sword with both hands, no longer resisting the traction of the black hole, but letting it go Pulled by that traction, he flew towards the black hole.

The whole person flew directly into the black hole like a bunch of meteors.


ka-cha! ! !

It sounded like something cracking.

The horrible attraction of the black hole suddenly disappeared without a trace, and one after another crack appeared on its surface, which spread to all directions, and finally burst into pieces!

“This is impossible!”

Geral’s magic was broken, and he staggered, revealing an unbelievable look. He waved his hands in an attempt to make the final resistance, but did not wait. He acted, and Elisa who had broken his dark paradise rushed in front of him, knocking him to the ground with one blow.

Boom! !

Elisa ruthless, made another foot, and directly stepped Geral’s head into the ground, stomping him into a coma, only then exhaled, and stepped back two steps.

The moment she broke through the dark paradise, she almost exhausted her own magic power. At this time, she completely defeated Geral, which made her feel weak. After two steps back, she was only one. Staggered and tilted backwards.

But not at all, she fell to the ground, but was held by Kaede with her hand.

“How do you feel?”

Kaede’s hands held Elisa from behind, let her lean on her, and smile gently at her.

The dim light of pale-gold flashed, and the sword in Elsa’s hand disappeared. She gently leaned back against Kaede, showing a warm smile, and said: “Have I caught up with you? “

Kaede once cut through the mountains with a single sword, and now she is finally a holy tenth-level wizard. Under spare no effort, she also has the power to smash the mountain top with one blow. For so many years Training, finally narrowed the distance between Kaede.

When I heard Elisa’s words, Kaede laughed a little, and said, “It’s still a long way away.”

The power of the tenth rank is already an expert in this World. But compared with him, of course it is not comparable. Let alone catching up with him, even if you want to be like him, it is still far away, even if it is like Achlea’s level, it can’t bear it.

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