Control Time in Naruto Chapter 762

A few days later.

The paradise tower incident ended safely, Elsa also has the strength of the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level, but because her qualifications are still a little short, she did not immediately replace Geral’s Saint Ten The title of Great Demon.

But she doesn’t care about this either. After all, she already has a strength at the Saint Ten level. Sooner or later she will be rated as the Saint Ten Great Demon Director as long as she wants to.

In the following time, there was no more chaos in the magic world, but the atmosphere inside the fairy tail gradually became more and more acute.

It is mainly Laxus.

Originally being overwhelmed by Kaede and Kildas, although Laxus was very unwilling, he was still able to accept it. After all, Kaede had refused the invitation of Saint Ten.

But now, Elisa has defeated a Saint Ten Great Demon leader one-on-one, and has even been regarded as a new Saint Ten Great Demon leader, whose status is completely above him. !

This is a little hard for him to accept!

On the one hand, Elsa was originally weaker than him. When he became the S-Rank wizard of Fairy Tail, Elisa was just a young wizard in Fairy Tail.

But now Elisa is above him in the eyes of other people. How can this make him accept it, so she started to create friction in the guild.

In just half a month.

The meeting between Elisa and Laxus was almost in a few sentences without speculation. The hostility between each other emerged, but was blocked by Makarov and other people in the guild.

But this kind of blockage is obviously only a temporary blockade. Makarov also knew this. So one day after half a month, Elisa and Laxus finally set a duel. Promise!

The two have to divide up!

Laxus must first defeat Elsa, then Mistgang, and then challenge Kaede. He must become the strongest wizard of Fairy Tail!

At this time, Laxus is still a short distance away from the Saint Ten Great Demon guide. It is of course conceivable to face Elisa, who has completely entered the Saint Ten level.


In the courtyard.

Kaede took the shower and watered the flowers leisurely. There is only Wendy in the courtyard besides him. Here Wendy can sense the battle place between Elsa and Laxus in the distance. The magical fluctuation caused, holding a doll and looked towards Kaede:

“Kaede big brother, don’t you want to take a look?”

“Don’t go.”

Kaede slightly smiled and said: “Elisa will definitely win.”

Wendy looked into the distance, Sense fluctuated with magic, and said: “I also think Elisa can win. , But… The magic of Laxus seems to have broken through the realm.”

“Well, but he still can’t win.”

Kaede put down the kettle and touched it. Di’s little head.

Laxus is also the wizard of Fairy Tail. It also has the ability to break through itself in adversity. In the process of fighting Elisa, it also broke the barrier of Saint Ten at the limit. The magic breakthrough reached the Great Demon of Saint Ten. Guide level, but even so, I still can’t beat Elisa.

After all, whether it is background, current strength, or equipment, he can’t compare with Elisa, so how could he win.

“If you want to see it, please go see it.”

Kaede glanced at the outskirts of Magnolia where Elisa and Laxus were fighting, and directed at Wendy Smile gently.

Wendy kind of wanted to see it. Lucy and Mira and the others went to see it, but she also wanted to stay with Kaede a little bit, just staying quietly is good Up.

This made her feel a little tangled.

After all, it is a rare time to spend time with Kaede.

Kaede saw her thoughts, couldn’t help but smile, picked up the watering can and sprinkled it randomly. Some water droplets fell in the sky, condensed into a water curtain, and Elisa appeared directly on it. Battlefield with Laxus.

Wendy let out a cry and looked over immediately, showing a little nervous look.

breakthrough Laxus, who had the magic of Saint Ten, and Elisa played a little hard to separate, but no matter what, he couldn’t beat Elisa. After many attacks were invalid, he finally chose Released the super magic’Law of Fairy’.


The law of the fairy must deal damage to the identified enemy, and Laxus in the heart does not regard the people of the fairy tail as the real enemy, so after the release of the law of the fairy, he will Sha has no effect at all.

“It’s… the fairy law, it’s awful…”

Wendy first stretched out her hand to cover her mouth, her face became a little pale, and she started to talk in panic. But immediately after seeing the golden light flashing by, Elisa was not a hero. Suddenly said with some surprise: “There is no effect…Why is it like this?”

Kaede stood beside, a Putting his hands on her shoulders, with a slight chuckle, said: “The reason is very simple. Laxus is just a noisy child. To describe it in another word… Well, it’s probably called dead arrogant and pampered. “

“Dead arrogant and pampered?”

Wendy stayed for a while and chewed on the word. Although it was the first time I heard it, she still understood the meaning. Can’t help pu chi smiled.

Kaede waved his hand to break the curtain apart, then turned and walked into the room.


The battle between Elisa and Laxus finally came to the end of a phase with Elisa winning.

In the eyes of many people.

Elisa is not actually a real win. After all, if the law of Laxus’s fairies takes effect, it is difficult to say whether Elisa can resist it.

Including Elisa herself, it is also unclear whether she can resist the law. After all, it is the super magic created by the president of First-Kage. Makarov once used this trick to be the same as the Holy Ten Joseph.

The only thing that is clear is Kaede.

He knows that Elisa can resist the law, because Elisa has a lot of props he has given, plus the power of the dragon lurking in the depths of her bloodline, it can resist the goblins Legal.

But he not at all said that although Laxus failed in this battle, it still retained a powerful concept. No one thought that Laxus really lost.

This is also a good thing.

After this duel, Laxas finally realized his heart. After all, the law of the fairy is invalid. Everyone can see what is going on. No matter how he pretends It was fierce, and I couldn’t disguise it anymore, so I chose to pick up an SSS-Rank mission and went out far away.

Without Laxus in the guild, the following time became much smoother. I started a mission and then came back to rest and then went to the daily life of the commission.

It is worth mentioning.

Elisa, Mila, Lisana, including Lucy Jubia and the others, began to take turns to do missions with tacit understanding, and would not perform missions at the same time, nor would they stay all In the guild.

Although there is only one Kaede, even if this is done, it is still not enough for them to share, but there is always more time to be alone with Kaede, and occasionally everyone will get together.


In about 1 month later.

The Magic Council issued a commission to Fairy Tail, which broke the calm of Fairy Tail. This commission required the three guilds including Fairy Tail to form a joint army to eliminate Bara. One of the six Demon General Army of the League of Nations!

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