Control Time in Naruto Chapter 763

“In the regular meeting of the past few days, there was an issue that the actions of the Six Demon General Army became more and more conspicuous, so I couldn’t ignore it, so I decided to attack it.”

“Because the strength of the Six Demon General Army cannot be underestimated, the regular meeting decided to form a coalition, consisting of Fairy Tail, Snake Scales and Azure Pegasus three guilds to form a coalition!”

Makarov stands in front of the many wizards of Fairy Tail, holding a fist start to talk.

Elisa said calmly: “So, where is the candidate on our side?”

Makarov muttered for a moment, and said: “Since it is to form a coalition, then There is no need to attack in a big way, but also cannot be underestimated the Six Demon General Army, still need to dispatch a powerful wizard combination of strength, if the candidate is chosen…Elisa!”


Elisa responded calmly.

Makarov looked towards another side and saw that Naz and Gray were getting together and couldn’t help but shaking ones head.

As I was about to continue naming Naz and Gray, a voice sounded.

“It just happens to be free, let me go.”

Many wizards in the guild are started for it, and then simultaneously look up to the second floor above , I saw Kaede standing inside the guardrail on the second floor, below gazed casually.


Makarov was a little surprised, and then immediately nodded and said: “Well, if you are willing to go, that would be better, it’s up to you There is basically no problem with Elisa, what do you think of other candidates?”

Kaede glanced down at will, and saw Wendy holding a white cat standing behind the crowd. , Smiled gently at her and said: “Would you like to participate, Wendy?”

“Hey? I…can I do it?”

Wendy is a bit weak Start to talk.

There was a mission where Kaede went. Of course she wanted to go, but after all, this time she was cruising against a powerful dark guild such as the Six Demon General Army. She was a little bit unconfident and was afraid that she would be dragged down.

Kaede smiled and said: “Your strength has already surpassed many people.”

This is not to comfort Wendy, it is indeed the case, and it is not It is said that Wendy has his care. Today’s strength is not inferior to the S-Rank wizard. Even without his care, Wendy itself is the most orthodox dragon-killing wizard, within-the-body and Heavenly Dragon Grantini The presence.

It is normal for the power of the dragon to burst out in a critical moment.

“Well, that’s okay.”

Wendy’s eyes dodge for a while, weakly start to talk.

Makarov said in a gentle manner: “Well, Kaede, you, Elsa, and Wendy will go together. Your strength will not be a problem.”

After confirming the candidates, Kaede set off with Elisa Wendy.

Although it is dealing with a powerful dark guild like the Six Demon General Army, if Kaede is a companion, Elsa naturally has enough confidence. In fact, she has always wanted to go with Kaede. Perform the mission and show yourself well.

This time it was just what she wanted.

Although she and Kaede are not the only two, but Wendy’s not at all what it means to follow, among the girls who are close to Kaede, the only thing Elisa doesn’t care about is Wendy.

After all, she is too young and too cute, and she won’t be repulsive in any way.

One day later.

The three people arrived at the meeting point, which is the residence of the president of the Azure Pegasus Guild.

“Fairy Tail, we have been waiting for a long time. We are the crusaders selected by azure pegasus, Hippiki of Hyakuya, Yves of Holy Night, Lotus of Sky and Night.”


Three people should be the most online in azure pegasus, but compared to Kaede, it is still inferior and there is no comparison.

Kongye looked at Elsa and exclaimed: “When we first met, the fairy queen is as beautiful as the rumors.”

Notice that Elisa and Kaede are close At the same time, it is obviously a closer relationship than his companions. Hyakuye said with some envy: “This is the rumored fairy night, the two are really good matches.”

Even with his He had to think that he was inferior to Kaede, and Kaede’s reputation in the magical world was much higher than him. I don’t know how many beautiful girls fell in love with him.

Hyakuye’s words made Elisa’s cheeks slightly red, and she would not be moved by ordinary language, but saying that she and Kaede match well, it will inevitably cause ripples in her heart.

She took a breath in her heart, forcibly maintained her composure, and said:

“Has the people of Snake Ji’s Scales not arrived yet?”

“Not yet Yeah.”

A voice with a pure tone came up from the stairs, and a square-faced man was seen, holding a tone that was seriously inconsistent with his face, walking down the stairs step by step. : “Long time no see, Elisa, didn’t expect you already have a boyfriend, I’m so sad…”

Elisa: “…”

She cornered the mouth twitches, and had an urge to cut people.

Kaede snapped his fingers casually, and the mouth closed overnight, as if stuck with glue, and could not be opened for a while, only a little panicked with a wu wu sound.

“Mr. Yiye? What’s wrong with you?!”

Hyakuye and the others suddenly flocked to him in a panic.

Struggling wildly all night, but still unable to get rid of it.

In the chaos of the living room, the door was opened again, and a few people walked in. The first one was holding a magic wand and looking tenacious. It was sent by the scales of the snake girl. Captain of the team, Jura who is currently ranked last among the guides of Saint Ten Great Demon!

Kura looked towards Elsa and Kaede, showing a friendly smile, and said: “Oh, it’s Elisa Young Lady and Mr. Kaede. There are two of them here. This crusade is very frustrating. People feel at ease.”

“Mr. Jura is too acclaimed, but you are a wizard with the title of Holy Ten.”

Elisa responded politely.

Jura humbly smiled, and said: “Where… Elisa Young Lady has defeated the Holy Ten wizard, which ranks above me. Mr. Kaede has rejected Holy Ten many times before. It’s a name, it’s far behind me.”

Leo walked over from behind Jura, said resolutely: “Please end here first, since we are here There are three holy tenth level wizards, so I don’t think I need to be too vigilant against the Sixth Demon General Army. Just find them directly and defeat them head-on.”

“no, not too small Look at the Six Demon General Army.”

Jura said solemnly: “Each of the six people has a very strong power. Even if our fighting strength is stronger, it should not be too careless. Let’s discuss the battle plan…Well, Mr. Kaede?”

Jura looked to the side in surprise and saw Kaede not at all discussing the meaning with them. Instead, he raised his head above gazed and said Walked outside.

Kaede stopped after two steps, calmly said: “There is no need to discuss the battle plan, they are already here.”

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