Control Time in Naruto Chapter 764

They…have come?

Hyakuya and the others looked at each other in blank dismay for a while, and then heard a roar, as if something fell from the sky, and the entire earth was shaking.

This violent movement also changed the expressions of everyone in the entire living room.


Leo loudly shouts and rushes out immediately.

Jura is also holding a magic wand, and directly following it, Elisa also waved her hand, the rays of light flashed by, holding a magic sword, and rushing outside at the same time.

Instantly between.

Many wizards in the entire living room came outside one after another. What you saw was the wreckage of an airship, collapsing on the outside of the building.

The airship is the signboard of azure pegasus, the magical airship is a great move used to attack the Six Demon General Army, but it has not been used at this time, it has been shot down by the Six Demon General Army!

Look forward.

I saw the six Demon General army headed by Bu Laien, a total of five people appeared in front of the wreckage and lined up. Their faces were either sneered, contemptuous, or proud.

The only thing that didn’t appear was Angel Angel from the Six Demon General Army, and the Allied Forces and Kaede did not walk out of the building either.

“Six Demon General Army!”

Elisa looked at the Six Demon General Army ahead, her eyes were cold, and she said: “It seems that you are taking the lead Ah.”

Bu Laien indifferently said: “After all, you are the Three Great Guilds teaming up. Of course we are impossible to let you arrange. Unfortunately, we have heard all of your plans.”

“In this case, it seems that there is only frontal combat.”

Jura held the magic wand, gazed Bu Laien and the others started to talk in a deep voice.

The two wizards both put on a fighting posture, and the battle was triggered instantly!


At the same time.

In the lobby of the villa where you assembled.

Kaede didn’t go out at all immediately, but deliberately fell to the last place, and fell to the last place with him, and one night.

“Mr. Kaede, hurry up, it looks like something went wrong outside.”

I came to Kaede’s side overnight and started to talk nervously.


Kaede nodded, go out.

And at this time, the cold glow flashed in my eyes all night, and a bottle was suddenly opened, and the strange smell suddenly diffused.

This is a special poison that can make people lose their fighting strength!


I took out a dagger overnight and stab Kaede directly from behind. The split second penetrated Kaede’s body from behind, accompanied by a spatter of blood.

“Oh…what are you…what are you doing?”

Kaede spits out blood, start to talk shocked and incredible.

A weird smile appeared on his face overnight, and in the white smoke, it suddenly turned into two cute little elves holding hands.

The zodiac sign, the protoss of Gemini!

Its ability is to copy the power of the people you come into contact with, and even the memories of the other side can be read at the same time, making it an almost perfect imitation!

“Ah, didn’t expect the fairy night in Dingding Daimyo, it’s only this.”

Inside the villa, a silhouette turned out.

She has short white hair with bangs, a blue hairband tied to her head, an angel-like halo decoration on her head, and a playful smile on her face.

Angel Angel, one of the six Demon General army!

“No matter how powerful a character is, there are times when he can relax his vigilance, but this one night is indeed a loser. It easily reveals the weak spot and was knocked down by me, and then I copied it.”


Angel wandered and came to the side of Kaede, showing a condescending gaze, reaching out to squeeze Kaede’s cheek, and saying: “It’s really as handsome as the rumors, so I can’t bear it. That’s it.”


Just when her finger touched Kaede’s cheek, the panic expression on Kaede’s face suddenly stopped, and then Angel’s finger was suddenly empty!

That is a phantom!

This suddenly changed her face.

“Oops, it turned out to be fake, where is the main body…”

She showed a look of shock, and quickly looked all around, trying to find the main body of Kaede , But before she could move, she felt a cold in her lower abdomen.

Shit! !

Something was inserted directly into her within-the-body from behind her!


She let out a cry, then little by little looked down, and she saw a blade protruding from her stomach , The blood was dripping along the blade’s edge.

That was the knife she used to stab Kaede back before, now it pierced her own within-the-body!

“Is it fun?”

Kaede stood behind Angel, lightly opened the dagger, and then reached out and patted her on the shoulder, and directed her easy-going start to talk.


Angel staggered forward, coughed, blood spilled from the corner of her mouth, and then fell to the ground, looking towards the station with some horror Kaede there, said: “You…”

Kaede stepped towards her, Angel’s eyes were full of fear, she moved back on the ground a little bit, Kaede every time she moved forward With one step, she moved back a bit.

The severe pain in her stomach pierced by a dagger clearly conveyed to her feelings, causing her forehead to overflow with a lot of cold sweat. The pain and fear caused her to fall into double torture.


She retreated to the position of the wall and couldn’t retreat anymore.

Kaede also stopped, then slowly squatted down in front of her, learning her previous movements, reaching out and pinching her cheeks, and said: “It’s still pretty, and the soul is not Evil, don’t find your younger sister Yukino, what will you do to stay in the Six Demon General Army?”

In the Six Demon General Army, except for Bu Laien, all the other people used to be the Tower of Paradise and were arrested. One of his children, Bu Laien, exchanged five people from Geral, and then raised them.

This one.

Angel Angel, also known as Sora Nao Aguria, is Xue Na’s elder sister. She was separated from the younger sister due to the capture of the Black Magic Order. She became a member of the Six Demon General Army. I was looking for Xue Na, but never found it.

At this point in time, Xue Nai has not yet become the wizard of the sword-biting tiger, and is not very famous. She should not be able to find it.

Among the six Demon Generals, the only person with the best nature is Angel.

In the original work plot in Kaede’s memory, the person who snagged Angela’s sneak attack was Jura, but it only caused Jura to temporarily lose the combat capability, not at all killing Jura, which also caused After the recovery of Jura, he made a big shot of Kamui and defeated Bu Laien, the leader of the Six Demon General Army.

Angel here is the same. When he started, he didn’t have the killing-intent, just wanted to make him lose the combat capability.

Of course.

Look at her, after letting him lose the combat capability, he may do other excessive things, but this is forgivable.

After all, he knows how irresistible his temperament is for the girl. In addition, Angela is still pretty, and his heart is pure, so he doesn’t mind, punishing her and experiencing being The feeling behind the sneak attack is almost the same.

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