Control Time in Naruto Chapter 765


An Jieer coughed, and a puff of blood spilled from the corner of her mouth. She looked at Kaede with a look of shock on her face. Said: “Xuno…how do you know this name…”

Kaede smiled easily and said: “Everything about you, I am perfectly clear.”

“You, you know Where is Xuena? Where is she…”

Angel struggling forward, reached out and grabbed Kaede’s trousers, looking towards him eagerly.

Kaede faintly smiled and said: “Of course you know, but you should find it yourself.”

With the voice falling.

Kaede turned around and walked towards the outside of the villa.

Angel stayed for a while, and then struggled to catch Kaede, but the pain from her stomach forced her to stop and lay on the ground feebly and gasp for breath.

She took out the Protoss key from her body with difficulty, released the Protoss magic, summoned the Protoss of Aries.

“What’s your order?”

“Help me…heal the wound…”


Aries The Protoss started to talk weakly, and then stepped forward to treat Angela.


another side.


The battle between the Six Demon General Army and Elsa and the others has been turned on fire.

Although the coalition forces were plotted against overnight and lost their fighting strength, unlike the plot in the original work, Jura was not plotted against. As one of the directors of the Saint Ten Great Demon, he did not In an injured state, he even has the ability to one against two, able to fight against Bu Laien and Heteai, the leader of the Six Demon General Army.

On the other side, Elusa’s strength is far better than that of original work. She is also the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level, even stronger than Jura!

including Wendy’s strength are extremely powerful!

After years of training by Kaede, Wendy has even been able to take the initiative to display a trace of dragon power. Although she cannot fully enter the dragon power mode, she can stimulate a trace of dragon power. His fighting strength will also increase directly, reaching a level close to the Holy Ten.

In addition to her own fighting strength, because she is the person Kaede takes care of the most, so she has a lot of magic equipment, and they are all extremely powerful!

Including the ones that can summon hundreds of millions of soldiers, those that can resist Saint Ten’s attacks, and so on. In the case of frontal combat, she can play even stronger roles than Saint Ten!

There are such three existences leading the team.

The Six Demon General Army naturally fell into a bitter battle, completely unable to gain the upper hand, and was even completely suppressed. The battle became increasingly difficult situation.

“Why Angel hasn’t appeared yet, hasn’t she been successful in plot against?”

Seeing that the battle can’t be won, Bu Laien looks so ugly that he can’t help but start to talk .

Now if Angel rushes over, with her strength, after joining, there should be hope to regain some situation and be able to fight Elsa and the others more.


Just at this time.

Kaede’s silhouette walked slowly from not far away, calmly said: “Don’t wait for your companions, she has been dealt with by me.”

“Fairy Night!”

Bu Laien was surprised and angry.

Seeing Kaede appearing unscathed, Elisa suddenly relaxed slightly. After knowing that she had no worries in the future, she began to completely let go of the fight. The dark night in the Sixth Demon General Army was a blast.

Kaede didn’t participate in the battle, so he just stood on the sidelines and watched the battle. He just watched the battle and put a lot of pressure on the Six Demon General Army, which made Kebra and the others dare not even give full play.

If this happens then Six Demon General Army is naturally more difficult to support.


Elisa found the weak spot of Dark Night Magic, and defeated Dark Night powerfully.

Jura also cooperated with his teammates, defeating Heteai and Bu Laien successively, and then Wendy defeated Poison Dragon Kebra with the dragon-killing magic.

The last Lisa was defeated by Leon and other wizards.

So far!

Six members of the Six Demon General Army, all defeated!

“Cough…cough cough…damned, you guys…don’t think this is over…”

Bu Laien knelt on the ground, spits out blood in his mouth, and coughed Two times, looking hard towards Elsa and the others start to talk, with a clenched look on her face.

The traces on his face began to fade away quickly.

That is the seal of the living body, used to seal his within-the-body’s other personality, that is, the true leader of the Six Demon General Army-None!

Strength is ferocious and cruel, far above Bu Laien!


When those seals completely dissipated, Bu Laien closed his eyes, and when his eyes opened again, the pupils of his eyes suddenly became scarlet, and a violent magic power rose to the sky.

The Elusa and the others seen in this scene are complexion slightly changed.

“What’s going on?”

“The seal on his face… The true leader of the Six Demon General Army, whose name is Wu, is the personality of Bu Laien, this The strength of his personality is much stronger than that of the Six Demons.”

Kaede stood not far away, explaining with an easygoing manner.

Elisa and Jura and the others changed their eyes, but they weren’t worried. They only watched the past calmly. After all, including Kaede, there are at least three fighting strengths above the Holy Ten. No matter how strong the personality of Bu Laien is, it is impossible to reach the sky.

“I will leave it to you.”

After Kaede glanced at Bu Laien’s personality, he didn’t even have any interest in making a move. He left a sentence and turned around. Disappeared in place.

Seeing Kaede leaving directly, Elisa startedled a little, but she didn’t care. She was absolutely confident about her current strength, not to mention that there were that many companions beside her.

“Have you all defeated the Six Demons?”

“You did it…It’s really rare. If that’s the case, then you all will be buried here!”

Bu Laien’s inner personality, after the leaderless appeared, he immediately started to talk with an evil and terrible chill, and then burst out a turbulent magic power, attacking Elsa and the others .

Elisa took a breath, without any retreat, she put on a new set of armor Kinoe, and then attacked.

Jura raised his finger and released magic remotely to assist in the attack.

Wendy added various buffs of sky dragon-killing magic to Elisa from a distance, while the other sky and night Leon and the others circled and used messy magic to harass.

No strength is the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level, but it is only a little better than Jura. It is difficult to win one-on-one against Elsa, let alone Elisa. There is a nanny behind, and a companion next to her, and she is almost suppressed by her own wind.

After dozens of rounds.

Elisa used a fairy sword to smash the leaderless magic and defeat it completely!

At this point, the six Demon General Army, a corner of the Baram League, was also destroyed, and Bu Laien and the others were captured by the Magic Council and imprisoned.

Only one of the six Demon General army that has not been captured is Angel.

Kaede left the scene midway, just returned to the villa, released a space magic and let her go, but not at all sent her to the place where her younger sister Yukino was, after all, she joined In the Sixth Demon General army, she has done evil no matter what.

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