Control Time in Naruto Chapter 766

God World.

Kaede is back here.

After a period of adaptation, Kaede has completely mastered the power of the Hundred Stars, and now it can be said that even if there is no illusory clock, the status between him and Kaos has been completely exchanged.


Kaede looked back here again. Kaede looked frozen in time and waved his hand flatly, releasing Time Freeze.

“Universe level……you have the treasure of Universe level……”

Kaos still has his face on the split second after recovering from Time Freeze A trace of shock, his memory still stayed at the moment before being frozen.

Without any hesitation, his immediate recovery from Time Freeze stimulated his own strength and wanted to escape from Kaede.


This time Kaede just waved a roll, a terrifying and vast force swept out, and directly forcibly pulled his whole person, making him completely unable to escape.

“How can your power be so much stronger, no…I am weakened, damned! You stand still for time…Steal my power…Ahhh!!!”

Kaos first showed a hint of shock, and then let out an unacceptable roar, as if to fight Kaede desperately, completely exploding his remaining power in a spurt of energy.

Kaede’s expression here is incomparably plain. With a simple wave of his hand, the power of the Hundred Stars emerges mightily and directly suppresses all the power inspired by Kaede.

gu lu!

Like a large black hole, swallowing a small black hole, the faint light entangles the faint light for a while to tear, and then forcibly swallows all the remaining power of Kaos.

After completely swallowing the power of Kaos, Kaede lightly exhaled, as if he was full, burped, and then bends his fingers and nodded toward the void ahead.


The space is shattered one after another.

Behind the broken space layer, I saw a faint streamer madly fleeing to the depths of the universe. It was the Willpower left by Kaos.

As a monster that has survived for countless years, Kaos is naturally very decisive. After confirming that he has been impossible to reverse the situation, he immediately gave up all his power and fled to the depths of the universe.

As long as he is given time, he can train slowly, regain his power a little bit, swallow the energy and stars in the universe, and recover again.

But unfortunately.

Kaede, who has an illusory clock, can almost clearly understand the past and the future, with the power of omniscience and omnipotence when the state is fully on, and Kaede’s actions cannot escape his eyes.

“no! !”

looked Kaede pointed at shatter void, the mighty force tore the void and collapsed, forming a layer of terrifying ripples, Kaede Si let out an unwilling roar.

oh la la!

The space was folded and shattered layer by layer, engulfing Kaos in it, and crushing it all at once, pressing it from three-dimensional to a plane, completely wiped out.

The power of Hundred Stars is not small. The range of space that can be collapsed is extremely large. In a certain area, almost any space manipulation can be done, including transforming the space into a plane, and then pulling the plane back. It is just a snap. Can do.

“It’s over.”

Lilith stood beside Kaede, gazed behind the layers of destruction space, and started to talk calmly with a very clear voice.

Not far away, the gods of the fairy tail world, such as Anku Saram, the god of time, etc., almost all knelt to the ground trembling, not daring to get up.

“Yes, it’s over.”

Kaede was slightly nodded, and then looked towards the world bubbles behind, a little helpless laughter, and said: “Liyana still It’s… I’ve played a bit too much.”

From the very beginning, Liana, who followed him into a parallel world, became a troublemaker and messed up the world. Also played a lot of tricks.

As for the analysis of the power system in these worlds, she did it, but she didn’t take it too seriously at all. Almost all of them were playing, but this time she played it thoroughly.

“Do you want me to get her back?”

Lilith suggested on the side: “Father should imprison her for a period of time. I don’t think she can do anything to Father. Very good help.”

“Don’t go there.”

Kaede looked towards Lilith laughed helplessly, if Lilith went to catch Liana again, the two would fight , I’m afraid I have to toss the entire world out of shape.

After that, there will probably be two legends left in the world. According to the rumors, Ancient Era, a Goddess and a Demoness were born, fighting for faith, and fighting heaven falls and earth rends……

trifling a world.

Kaede actually doesn’t care much. Liana is not the type of cruel tyrant, and it doesn’t matter if it is. For the current level of Kaede, the so-called good and evil in the human definition simply doesn’t make sense.

Because he can collapse the world in one thought, and restore the world to its original state completely in a single thought, and no one can even notice what happened.

This is no longer the difference between humans and ants.

It is like the difference between a programmer and a game. The programmer can easily destroy all the world in the game, and he can also create various settings or restore the original state at will. For him This World is of course how to make it, there will not be the concept of good and evil.

“Father doesn’t plan to leave here?”

Lilith asked, tilting her head when she heard Kaede’s words.

Kaede smiled easily, and said: “It’s no different if you can’t leave as far as I’m concerned. I can collect all these worlds into my within-the-body, and I can also bring them The world shuttles together.”

After the power of the Unreal Clock increases, the changes it brings are too great. In addition to being able to go retrograde in the long river of time, there will be no more people unable to shuttle with other people. Over time, this kind of restriction, as long as it is what he can ingest, he can carry it.

“Father’s plan is…”

Lilith stood there with a cute look, she already had a guess.

Kaede looked and she smiled slightly and said, “Didn’t you have guessed it, yes, I plan to take these worlds with me… But so many parallel worlds are not necessary, only the main world and A few will be fine, Shinigami world is no problem.”

As his voice fell, he stretched out his hand and scratched it gently, and the sphere belonging to the fairy tail master world was silent. He flew over and landed on the top of his palm.

It looks like a crystal clear and near-transparent glass ball, from here you can see the world floating in the glass ball.

For a world ball like this, before he could not take it so easily without causing any damage to it, but now he can do it easily.

“But before that, let’s rest for a while.”

Kaede held the world ball in his hand, a deep rays of light flashed in his eyes, and said, “Go Lilith, don’t stay here anymore. Come with me and go to this world where I have stayed for hundreds of years.”

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