Control Time in Naruto Chapter 767


“I’m back.”

Wendy opened the door with the key, walked into the living room, said start to talk in the room, and then took off at the door He removed his shoes, exposing the white socks and stepped on the floor of the living room.

After walking a few steps forward, she suddenly stopped, opened her mouth slightly, revealing a somewhat surprised look, looked towards the sofa in the living room.

I see.

A young girl with snow-white hair, a pair of amber eyes, and her age is sitting on the sofa, looking at her with a pair of cute eyes.

“That…that…hello, may I ask if you are…”

Wendy met the stranger and started to talk a bit timid and weak for a while.

At this moment, Kaede’s voice came from the study.

“She’s Lilith, and she is my daughter.”


Wendy suddenly stared wide-eyed.

All kinds of messy thoughts flashed through her mind, such as Lilith is the daughter of Kaede and who, why are they about the same age as her, definitely not a girl in the guild, etc., and then a little messy Not knowing what to do.

Kaede walked out of the study with two glasses of juice in her hand. One of them was handed to Wendy, and the other was put on the table and picked up by Lilith.

“It’s not what you think.”

Kaede looked towards Wendy, noticing the change in her expression, couldn’t help but laugh at her, and said: “Um… Lily Silk is the life I created, you can understand it like this.”

“The life created, the created life…”

There was heat from Wendy’s head, a picture The small face instantly turned into a ripe apple.


The misunderstanding is even greater now.

Kaede laughed helplessly, walked to the sofa and sat down, looked Wendy and said: “You know the devil, you have encountered it before.”

“Know, know .”

Wendy responded weakly.

Kaede nodded, said: “Those demons are the life created by Jeff, the product of magic, and the product of the condensation of Jeff’s power.”

Hear Kaede Wendy opened her mouth, and the blush on her little face gradually faded, revealing a faint look, and said: “Then, she too…”

“Well, almost.”

Kaede pointed at her slightly nodded and said: “Lilith is the crystallization of my strength, this is the relationship between me and her.”

Wendy gradually calmed down, and then a little curious Looked towards Lilith.

Lilith took a sip of fruit juice, stared at her with a pair of big amber eyes, and after two seconds of facing her, she said: “It seems you are very fond of Father.”


This sentence made Wendy not know how to respond for a while, tangled for a while, cautious and solemn said: “That, my name is Wendy Ma Bell, please treat me kindly.”

Lilith was holding the juice cup with her small hands, looking that she didn’t speak, and the atmosphere fell into a cold field.

“Lilith’s character is relatively cold, and usually doesn’t communicate with others too much, but her actual age is older than you. You can call her elder sister.”

Kaede smiled easily at Wendy.

But if Wendy called Lilith elder sister, it would be a bit weird, because she called herself the big brother, and the name was a bit messy.

Wendy was a bit entangled in how to call Lilith for a while, and she couldn’t call her niece anyway. This felt stranger than calling her elder sister. After thinking about it, she chose to call her elder sister.

Anyway, the relationship between Lilith and Kaede can be defined as father-daughter and siblings. This can be ignored, so she can call Kaede big brother and Lilith elder sister.

“What happened recently?”

Kaede sat on the sofa and asked Wendy casually.

It’s been a little half a month since the fall of the Six Demon General Army. During this period, Kildas left the guild for three years and finally returned. It also brought the news of the 100-year Mission Failure. Nothing too big happened again.

Wendy has recently begun to work hard to complete the commission alone.

Wendy’s well-behaved nodded, her voice softly said: “Well, I have encountered a lot, I will take a bath first, Kaede big brother, wait for me.”

The voice fell off ,

She ran back to her room, found clean pajamas, and then ran into the bathroom holding the pajamas. After washing off the dust on her body, she had a pair of bare white feet wrapped in pale pink The bathrobe came out with a little moisture on his head.

The small bathrobe is very tightly wrapped. Although I have been with Kaede for a long time, including bathing in hot spring and so on, I often have it, but now I am over 12 years old and I am gradually growing up. Wendy will still be a little shy.

“Kaede big brother, have you eaten dinner yet?”

“Not yet, Mila came back just now. She did it.”

” I went out to execute the commission this time, and I met a very meddlesome love…”

Wendy came to Kaede to sit down and began to tell about the journey of this time out, and Kaede should just listen to the story. Drink a cup of coffee and listen with a smile.

And while he was listening.


As if he had noticed something, his eyes were slightly stopped.

Because Wendy is observing Kaede, and she is a dragon-killing wizard, she has a keen sense ability, so she noticed the change in Kaede’s attitude, so she paused in her statement and said:

“How Yes?”

“It’s nothing, you can keep talking.”

Kaede looked towards Wendy and smiled.

He was a little surprised just now because he was awakened. She is the first-Kage president of Fairy Tail and the only dísciple of Kaede——

Mayby Vivianiou.


In the Phoenix Heart Guild.

In the ball of light in the sky, the whole body is naked, with small hands clinging to the knees, and the curled up Mebis floats there, with pale-gold hairs floating.


Her eyelashes flickered, and then slowly opened her eyes. There was a brief period of confusion in her big eyes, and then she gradually recovered a little sanity and fell from in the sky to the ground.

“It is already, when is it?”

She rubbed her sleepy eyes, glanced at all around.

At this time, Acleya’s silhouette turned out from the back of the palace, looked towards Mebis with a gentle smile, and said: “You are awake, Mebis.”

“Elder sister Elder Sister.”

Mebis waved his little hand to say hello.

Achlea took a few steps forward, and handed her a light-colored long skirt and a piece of clothing, and said: “A hundred years have passed, I woke up earlier than you Some.”

Mebis took over the clothes and said: “Where is the teacher?”

Acleya slightly smiled and said: “Lord is now the fairy tail you created The wizard of the guild seems to have hidden his identity and joined in, and is enjoying it.”

“Hey, teacher…has joined the fairy tail?”

Mebis reveals A surprised look.

Aikleiya gently nodded and said: “Yes, Lord hasn’t left yet, so I should still be enjoying it. I suggest you go to Lord quietly.”

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