Control Time in Naruto Chapter 768

In the Fairy Tail Guild.


Elisa put down the sharp claw of a huge monster she was carrying with a bang, then looked towards the counter and said: “The commission is complete. Cut off the entrusted monster.”

“It’s amazing, really, truly worthy of Elsa.”

The nearby Grenadas and the others are swallowed saliva. Became the appearance of Hobby.

“Welcome home.”

Makarov greeted Elisa kindly, saying: “Thank you.”

Elisa here The commission executed this time is a commission of SSS-Rank. This commission is difficult even for the S-Rank wizard, but Elisa now has the strength of the Saint Ten Great Demon guide level, which is naturally capable Complete this rank mission alone.

“Wow, has Elsa become so strong?”

Kildas is sitting next to the counter. After he came back, he is still not comfortable with the guild. The change, could not help showing a look of wonder.

Elisa glanced at Kildas and said:

“I will challenge you next week, Kildas.”

Elisa is very interested in becoming the strongest and so on not at all, but she really wants to fight against the expert to sharpen and improve herself. Now the strength of Kaede in the guild is too strong and she can’t beat it, and Laxus and the The others are already defeated by her subordinate, and only Kildas can fight her.

Kildas just happened to be back, and she naturally wouldn’t let it go, but she was a little tired after executing the commission now, and wanted to go to Kaede to relax, so she agreed to next week.

“hahaha, okay, but next week seems to be almost time for the Shinji round S-Rank wizard in the guild.”

Kildas called Haha, the look of Elisa couldn’t help but feel a little sigh and miss. Elisa was a very small Lolita when she first joined Fairy Tail, and now she is a strong fairy queen, and there is a level of the Saint Ten Great Demon. .

Actually, the Magic Council has been considering Elisa’s Holy Ten qualifications recently, and it may not be long before the final Holy Ten qualifications will be completely determined.

Kildas and the others are unwilling to accept the title of Saint Ten, but Elisa is willing. After all, for her, this title is a symbol of status on the one hand and on the other The honor belonging to Fairy Tail, once she gets it, Fairy Tail occupies three quotas in the Holy Ten.

“Then it will be agreed.”

Elisa smiled slightly at Kildas, then looked towards Makarov and said: “President, I will Go back and rest first.”

“Ok, go go.”

Makarov waved his hand at Elsa.

Elisa carried her spoils of war, left the guild, walked towards the place where she lived, kicked the door open, and then threw the spoils of war in the garden.


She looked towards the villa where Kaede lived, and then walked through her small courtyard to the front of Kaede’s house. She opened the door skillfully and walked into the living room.

Then her gaze suddenly stopped.

I see.

In addition to Wendy, there are two little loli in the living room that she doesn’t know at all. One of them is a white long hair, with big eyes like amber and pure and flawless. There is no cute little face. Any expression, just sipping juice without expression, looks like a three-no girl.

The other side is a pale-gold wavy curly hair with two lovely pink feather ears Lolita. She is standing behind the sofa, hugging Kaede’s neck affectionately from behind with her two arms , Leaning around Kaede’s cheek and laughing hehe talking about something.


Elisa coughed.

Although I know that Kaede seems to like children very much, but the unfathomable mystery brought two Lolitas who are similar to Wendy back. This is a bit unsound.

“You are back, Elsa.”

Kaede looked towards the door, smiling and waving at Elsa.

Wendy also looked over and greeted cutely: “Welcome back, Elder sister.”

“I’m back.”

Eliza kept her expression, took off her shoes, walked into the living room, and then looked Kaede with blinking eyes. Although there was no start to talk to talk, she clearly expressed that Kaede was asked to explain Mebis and Lilith. The origin of a little loli.

Kaede looked at Elisa with a calm expression, chuckled, and said: “This is Lilith, my daughter, and this is Mebis…”

“Female …Er?”

Elisa was stunned, showing a trace of stunnedness.

The look of Wendy looked at Elisa, feeling very familiar, and realizing that Elisa was thinking something wrong just like her, she couldn’t help but explain in a low voice: “That’s it, Lilith The elder sister is the life created by the Kaede big brother using magic.”

“so that’s how it is.”

Elder’s sister showed a faint look. The comprehension ability is better than Wendy, and I figured it out all at once, and then looked towards Mebis and said: “So is she?”

Mebis looked towards Elisa, showing a lovely smile , Said: “No, I am not a life created by a teacher, my name is Mebius Viviamílio, I am the president of Fairy Tail First-Kage.”


Elisa was walking forward, and when she heard Mebis’s words, she stood suddenly, and then suddenly looked towards Mebis with a bewildered look.


Elisa’s exclamation sounded in the room.

After a while.

Elisa finally recovered from the shocking news she received, and at the same time she also understood Kaede’s true identity-the teacher of Mebis, the legendary wizard four hundred years ago, The greatest existence that saved the entire continent of Ishugar!

Although she has thought countless times that Kaede’s origins may be extraordinary, but at this time, she really knew it and was still unavoidably shocked for a long time.


When she recovered and completely accepted this fact, she did not at all feel any distance from Kaede because of the exposure of Kaede’s identity.

It doesn’t matter even if it spans four hundred years, because she knows that Kaede is still Kaede, the person she likes and admires, and this will not change.

“By the way, I should keep other people a secret for the time being about my identity.”

Kaede smiled at Elisa and said, “Other people may not be able to Just like you and Wendy accept it so quickly, let them adjust to the arrival of Mebis first.”


Elisa nodded, and then revealed A faint smile.

Wendy ignores it.

Except for Wendy, she is now the only one who knows Kaede’s identity among all Fairy Tail owners, which is naturally a very happy thing for her.

Kaede stretched his body, stood up, and said: “Okay, Elisa, you are here just right, then you can tell your story for Mebis.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

Mebis smiled and gazed Elisa.

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