Control Time in Naruto Chapter 769

Elisa begins to tell Mebis her story.

Mebis with his big eyes bent, two small hands holding his cheeks, lying on the sofa, tilted up two small and exquisite jade foot, posing and listening with keen interest pleasure.

Here, Kaede returned to the study, put the book in his hand on the shelf, then walked out of the room, greeted Mebis Elisa at random, and opened the door and walked into the courtyard.

Wendy looked at Kaede obediently, and then at Elisa and Mebis. After a short hesitation, she put on slippers and walked to the courtyard door, cheerful Looked towards Kaede, showing a lovely smile.

“What is so happy?”

Kaede picked up the kettle and watered the flowers, and smiled at her.

With a smile on Wendy’s little face, she said, “It’s nothing, just seeing the Kaede big brother here makes me feel at ease and happy.”

“Go out and do the commission alone. It’s still quite stressful.”

Kaede looked she let out a chuckle, approached and reached out and touched her little head.

Wendy was nodded, the two little hands tangled apart, and said: “Yes, if you can’t do it alone, the commission will fail, unlike when you are with everyone So peace of mind.”

Kaede smiled and said, “But you still have to grow.”

When Wendy heard Kaede’s words, she didn’t know what she thought of, and her cheeks suddenly There was a blush, and I didn’t dare to look up for a while, just stood there with my head down, and there was heat from my head.

Kaede didn’t hold back her curiosity for a while, glanced at her inner thoughts, then couldn’t help but smile, and couldn’t help but laugh.

What…I don’t really want to grow up, but my breasts need to grow up…

What…If you don’t grow up, you can only be Kaede’s younger sister…

In short, all kinds of messy thoughts filled her little head.

Kaede laughed while helpinglessly shake one’s head. Little Wendy was finally taken out of the environment created by people like Elisa Mira, not as simple as before.


“As congratulations to you for completing a commissioned reward alone, I can accompany you next time you commission, and you can choose any one by yourself.”

Kaede started to talk to Wendy with a hint of doting.

Although Wendy is not as simple as before, she is still the same cute. Cuteness is the priceless treasure in this world.


Wendy was stunned, the blush on her cheeks faded a little, looked towards Kaede in surprise, and gradually revealed a hint of surprise, saying: “True, Really?”

Kaede extend the hand pinched her cheek, and said, “When will I lie to you?”

“Kaede will not be disturbed Big brother?”

Wendy started to talk a little timidly.

Kaede smiled gently and said: “No, I have nothing to do now, I have nothing to do for a long time. I only plan to take a leisure time and do things like commission as far as I’m concerned. It is also within the scope of leisure.”


The nodded that Wendy understands, as Kaede, the legendary wizard, naturally any commission has no pressure on Kaede and can be regarded as leisure.

Wendy poked her finger and said anxiously:

“Then, I will choose a commission?”


Kaede laughed at her.

A trace of excitement flashed in Wendy’s big eyes, and then she ran all the way out of the courtyard, but forgot that she was still wearing slippers, and fell forward after two steps.

Kaede looked this scene, a burst of helpless laughter, and bending to point forward, so that Wendy suddenly lost gravity when she was about to make intimate contact with the ground, and her whole person was suspended.

“No shoes are changed.”

“Ah…then, that…a bit too excited for a while…”

Wendy settled down again On the ground, showing a sorry look, and then ran into the house quickly, put on his shoes, and then ran out and ran in the direction of the guild.

“Make a commission oh!”

Mebis looked towards Kaede, with his big eyes bent into a crescent shape, and said: “I haven’t made a commission for a long time. Interesting.”

“You’d better be familiar with the guild in a hundred years later.”

Kaede bent her index finger, flicked Mebis’ forehead, and laughed She said: “I will take you next time.”

As soon as she said this, Elisa silently looked towards Kaede.

Kaede looked somewhat helpless, and smiled a little, and sighed said: “Okay, you guys take turns, discuss the order yourself, or you can work together, but only once.”

“Lord First-Kage next time.”

Elisa smiled, but did not compete with Mebis.

Mebis narrowed his eyes, um, nodded.

Kaede slightly smiled, then retracted his gaze, and continued to pick up the kettle, watering the flowers and plants in the garden, and then glanced in the direction of the guild. After watching for a while, the corners of his mouth shook slightly.

“It’s still smart to choose delegates.”


In the guild.

Wendy trot in, first glanced at the bulletin board on the first floor, thought for a while, and then slipped up to the second floor.

Makarov saw Wendy’s movements a bit strange, but he didn’t immediately yell at him. After all, everyone knew Wendy’s character, not like Naz would mess around.


Mila looked towards Wendy curiously.

Wendy obediently said: “Kaede big brother wants to choose a commission, saying that I can take any one. It should be on the second floor.”

“How can I Help others choose a commission…Oh, it’s Kaede, that’s all right.”

Makarov’s expression relaxed.

In this guild, Kaede is indeed a person who is qualified to choose any delegate.

Wendy, who knows the identity of Kaede, also knows that even the hardest 100-year mission has no pressure on Kaede, but what she wants to choose is not the hardest, she is actually very smart, since she can choose Mission, it must be the mission that takes the longest time is the best.

This way you can spend more time with Kaede.

“Um…this should be fine.”

After Wendy chose for a while, she finally chose an S-Rank commission.

The content of this commission is that the merchant ship between East Continent and the West Continent has been involved four times in a row for inexplicable reasons. The commission hopes that a guild can go to the West Continent to investigate this matter.

Wendy didn’t quite clear things about the Western Continent, but since they all left Ishgar, it must be a very remote place, so that it’s not just Kaede who accompanies her as a commission, but also treats it as a time. Distant travel.

“It should be possible.”

Wendy cautious and solemn looked at the commission again, and finally showed a smile. After saying hello to Makarov, Ran out of the guild holding the order.

“The commission from the West Continent…this child…”

After a glance, Makarov narrowed his gaze. Anyway, it was the commission that Kaede was going to accept, and although The journey is far away, but after all it’s just an S-Rank, so don’t worry about it.

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